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Master Index to all Robyn's Web Pages

Last Updated: 7/3/24

Here is a list of all of my html files. That way you can just go to the page of interest without going through the other indices, or if you have a problem loading an intermediate page. I am currently slowly working on moving most of my pages to their own subdirectories so the main directory will be much smaller in a few years (or never).

Current number of functioning informational pages on this web site on the main directory (subdirectory files not included, shown below) = 85!
Current number of additional pages not relating to the main site, off site, Pond Showcase, two Fishpondinfo stores, error page, donation page, amazon ordering, web tip pages, pdf file, list of moved pages, Fishpondinfo Facebook Page, Fishpondinfo Classifieds, Fishpondinfo Forum, etc. = ~28
Current number of html files no longer in use (most moved) = 76
Current number of html files in subdirectories (see below for details) = 808

Subdirectory Files in alphabetical order:
Current number of amphibian files = 28
Current number of animal files = 27
Current number of AquaBaby files = 9
Current number of bird files = 39
Current number of cat files = 19
Current number of cavy files = 16
Current number of comment files = 17
Current number of crustacean files = 11
Current number of fish files = 39
Current number of fish care files = 14
Current number of hedgehog files = 9
Current number of insect files = 19
Current number of marine files = 48
Current number of mollusk files = 16
Current number of my aquariums and ponds files = 65
Current number of newsletter files = 113
Current number of note files = 11
Current number of old web site files = 9
Current number of photos = unknown, over 1000
Current number of plant and algae files = 51
Current number of pond blog files = 179
Current number of pond files = 8
Current number of rabbit files = 20
Current number of sailfin lizard files = 6
Current number of turtle files = 32
Current number of video files = 7
Current number of videos on Fishpondinfo = 100
Current number of videos on You Tube = 34 (plus the 100 above)

Files in the main directory:

It was my intention to move (and refurbish) almost all of these files into their appropriate subdirectories but then my time ran out.

advert.htm - Advertizing Information
animal.htm - Animal Index
articles.htm - Pond Articles
awards.htm - Awards that Robyn's Web Pages have won
barb.htm - Rosy Barbs
betta.htm - Bettas
blizzard.htm - The Blizzards of 2010
blunt.htm - Bluntnose Minnows
book.htm - Robyn's Pond Book
breed.htm - Fish Breeding and Fry Care
bristle.htm - Bristlenose Plecostomus
calc.htm - Java Calculator/Converter
catalogs.htm - Pond Catalogs
chem.htm - Water Chemistry - the nitrogen cycle, test kits, chemical table, and more
contact.htm - Contact Information
contribute.htm - Contributing Articles
convert.htm - Instructions for the Java Calculator/Converter
cory.htm - Panda Cories
dace.htm - Southern Redbelly Dace
daily.htm - Daily Fun Things to Do
danio.htm - Zebra, Blue, Orange, Leopard, and Related Danios
darter.htm - Orangethroat Darters
dawn.htm - Dawn Tetras
egg.htm - Pond Egg Identification Guide
farm.htm - Farm, Large, and Earthern Ponds
fcare.htm - Aquarium Feeding, Water Changes, Water Additives, Why Bowls are Bad, Filtration, and Filter Comparisons
fcare2.htm - Tearing Down Setups, Vacationing, Dealing with Unwanted Fish, The Secrets of Pantyhose, Common Household Supplies that Aquarists Can Use, and Power Outages
feature.htm - Articles Featuring Robyn and Her Ponds
fire.htm - Fire Bar Danios and Glowlight Danios
first.htm - Tips to Setting Up Your First Aquarium
fish.htm - Fish and Aquarium Index
flyer.htm - Pond Book Flyer (click here for pdf version)
fsource.htm - Fish Books, Newsgroups, Catalogs, and Links
glossary.htm - Glossary of Fish and Pond Terms
glow.htm - Glowlight Tetras
guestbook.htm - Guestbook
guppy.htm - Guppies
habro.htm - Cory Habrosus
health.htm - Fish Health Page One
health2.htm - Fish Health Page Two
health3.htm - Fish Health Page Three
health4.htm - Fish Health Page Four
health6.htm - Fish Health Page Six
honey.htm - Honey Gouramis
index.htm - Main Page
index2.htm - Homepage
indoor.htm - Indoor Ponds
install.htm - Pond Installation
interact.htm - Interactive Stuff
intro.htm - Introduction and information about Robyn, her web pages, and how she got started keeping fish, ponds, etc.
master.htm - Master Index (you are here)
misc.htm - Miscellaneous Fish
misc2.htm - North American Native Fish
mosq.htm - Mosquito Fish
neon.htm - Neon Tetras
news.htm - Pond Newsletter
oldguestbook.htm - My Old Guestbook Entries
orfe.htm - Orfes
orgpond.htm - The Organic Pond
otto.htm - Otocinclus
ozark.htm - Ozark Minnows
parad.htm - Paradise Fish
pcare.htm - Pond Feeding, Filtering, Cleaning, Dealing with Wasps, Power Outages, and Surface Foam
pictures2.htm - Pond Pictures from Other People
pond.htm - Pond Index
pondclub.htm - Pond Clubs
pondfun.htm - Pond Fun
prius.htm - My 2007 Toyota Prius
psource.htm - Pond Books and Newsgroups
resume.htm - Robyn's Cover Letter and Resume
rosies.htm - Rosy Red and Fathead Minnows Page One
rosy2.htm - Rosy Red and Fathead Minnows Page Two
sae.htm - Algae Eaters - Siamese, false Siamese, Chinese, and Flying Foxes
search.htm - Search Page
setup.htm - Pond Building Tips and Stocking
shiner.htm - Red Shiners
shop.htm - Fishpondinfo Stores
sites.htm - Pond Web Sites
story.htm - Pond Anecdotes
talk.htm - Pond Talk
teri.htm - The Missing Fish: A Teri Cole Watergardening Mystery
tubpond.htm - Tub Ponds
wcmm.htm - White Cloud Mountain Minnows
wildpond.htm - The Wildlife Pond
winter.htm - Pond Winterizing and Seasonal Care


I no longer list all the file names on this one page. Each subdirectory has its own master index of files. The directories below are in various states of completion with some done and with a few just having newly-created pages put there to save on future work and file moving. The subdirectories are in alphabetical order.


frogs/index.htm - Amphibian Directory
On 8/19/06, put up a few new amphibian pages in the amphibian directory. It took almost four years but I finally finished the amphibian pages for now and linked them in on 7/3/10! There are currently 28 pages in this subdirectory on frogs, toads, salamanders, and newts. For a master index of the amphibian files, go to the amphibian master index.


animals/index.htm - Animals Directory
The animal pages were finally moved (linked in) to a new subdirectory on 9/13/08, 14 months after I started! There are currently 27 pages in the animals directory. These pages are for animals that do not fit in to one of the other categories. For a master index of the animal files, go to the animal master index. The animal pages include the pages on pond mammals and other animals, microorganisms, anoles, chameleons, curly-tail lizards, dogs, hamsters, zoo photos, and wildlife.


On 4/14/06, I moved the AquaBabies-related pages to this this page. There are currently 9 pages in this subdirectory. For a master index of the AquaBabies files, go to the AquaBabies master index.


birds/index.htm - Birds Directory
The bird pages were finally moved (linked in) to a new subdirectory on 7/6/07. There are currently 39 pages in the birds directory. For a master index of the bird files, go to the bird master index. The bird pages include the pages on chickens, turkeys, aquatic birds, and more.


cats/index.htm - Cat Directory
The cat pages were moved to a new subdirectory on 2/10/06. There are currently 19 pages in the cat directory. For a master index of the cat files, go to the cat master index.

Cavies/Guinea Pigs:

cavies/index.htm - Guinea Pig Directory
The two guinea pages were moved to a new subdirectory on 3/18/06. There are currently 16 pages in the guinea pig directory. For a master index of the guinea pig files, go to the guinea pig master index.


comments/index.htm - Comments on Robyn's Web Pages
There are currently 16 files and an index in this section which includes many comments people have sent me regarding my web pages.

Crustaceans (subdirectory shrimp):

shrimp/index.htm - Crustacean Directory
The two shrimp pages were moved to a new subdirectory on 4/21/12. There are currently 11 pages in the crustacean directory. For a master index of the crustacean files, go to the crustacean master index.

Fish (Species):

fish/index.htm - Fish Directory
I have begun moving fish species pages to this directory starting with goldfish, koi, and common plecostomus. There are currently 39 pages in the fish directory. For a master index of the fish files, go to the fish master index.

Fish Care:

This directory will eventually contain all the fish and aquarium care related pages. For now, there are 14 pages there. I made a page of fish books and an index page. Then, I made a page on water and a water comparison table. I added a page on acclimating fish and one on general treatment for sick fish. I added a page on salt (for treating fish, etc.). Finally, I added a page on sick fish photos which then links to six more pages with the photos.


hedgehogs/index.htm - African Pygmy Hedeghog Directory
The two hedgehog pages were moved to a new subdirectory on 10/29/06. There are currently 9 pages in the hedeghog directory. For a master index of the hedgehog files, go to the hedgehog master index.


insects/index.htm - Insects Directory
The nine insect pages were moved to the insect subdirectory which already had six pages on it on 11/16/13. There are currently 19 pages in the insect directory. For a master index of the insect files, go to the insect master index.

Marine/Saltwater Aquariums:

marine/index.htm - Saltwater Aquarium Directory
I am just delving into saltwater with my first marine tank which is a "12 gallon" Nano Cube reef tank. I later got a 6 gallon Nano Cube reef tank too. There are 48 files in this directory so far. For a master index of my saltwater aquarium pages, go to the marine master index.

Mollusks (snails and clams):

snails/index.htm - Mollusk Directory
The three mollusk pages were moved to a new subdirectory on 4/21/12. There are currently 16 pages in the mollusk directory. For a master index of the mollusk files, go to the mollusk master index.

My Aquariums and Ponds:

myfish/index.htm - My Aquariums and Ponds Directory
The pages about my aquariums and poonds were moved to a new subdirectory on 2/22/14. There are currently 65 pages in the my aquariums and ponds directory. For a master index of the files, go to the Robyn's aquariums and ponds master index.


news/index.htm - Newsletter Archives Directory
There are currently 100 old pond newsletters up from July 2001 to October 2009 and 9 Fishpondinfo newsletters up to Fall 2011. I will not list all those file names here to save space but they follow the format of month and year so the first file for July 2001 is news/0701.htm for example for the old newsletters. The new newsletters are fall2009 and so on.


notes/index.htm - Comments, photos, stories, etc. posted by visitors to this site that are relevant to various pages.
So far, this directory contains the page to add a comment, a page to list the note pages, a thank you page, and 8 pages with comments for a total of 11 files. Note: This feature of my site was discontinued due to dozens of forms I was getting with lists of porn sites. Once again, a few sick people ruin things for many.

Old Web Site:

On 5/15/07, I decided to put up the oldest version of my web site that I could find on floppy disk. It is even older than the oldest version found at archive.org which is from 1999. This version of my site was as it appeared in July of 1998. There were nine pages on my site which is how it started in the Fall of 1997. There are nine pages in this subdirectory, and no more will be added. This is purely for enjoyment. I did remove my resume page though for privacy; that page has a link to the new page. The only other change I have made to the pages was to link to the location on my site where the same photos are today so you can see those photos. I also changed the "E-mail Robyn" to link to a page explaining things instead of e-mailing an e-mail that no longer exists in case someone falls into the old site. The links off site, most of which no longer exist, were not altered as was any of the text. Enjoy this pond history. To enter the old web site, click here.


photos/ - Photo Index
Beginning on 10/30/04, I am slowly moving all of my photos off the main directory to the photo directory. You can go there to see photos separately from the web pages. The links in the web pages will slowly be altered as photos are moved over the next few years. Visitors should not see a change. The only problem becomes if a photo is directly linked to as it will eventually move as I move all the photos. Update: 2/8/05 - things are going MUCH slower than I thought. All new photos go into the directory but only a small percent of previous photos have been moved but I am working on it on occasion, just not every week as I had planned.


plants/index.htm - Plant and Algae Directory
The algae and plant pages were moved to a new subdirectory on 5/6/06. There are currently 51 pages in the plant directory. For a master index of the plant files, go to the plant master index.

Pond Blog:

pondblog/index.htm - Pond Blog Directory
In September of 2009, I started a pond blog with weekly updates on what is going on around and in my ponds. So far, this directory has an index page and blogs from September of 2009 to July 2024 for a total of 179 pages.


This directory will eventually contain all the pond-related pages that do not fit into other subdirectories. For now, there are five pages over here: pond index, pond care page two (covers some newer questions), storms and ponds, bogs, a contributing article about preformed ponds versus liner ponds, and short contributing article about pond fountains and pond bridges.


rabbits/index.htm - Rabbit Directory
The rabbit pages were moved to a new subdirectory in October of 2005. There are currently 20 pages in the rabbit directory. For a master index of the rabbit files, go to the rabbit master index.

Sailfin Lizards:

sailfins/index.htm - Sailfin Lizard Directory
The sailfin lizard pages were moved to a new subdirectory on 2/24/08. There are currently 6 pages in the sailfin lizard directory. For a master index of the sailfin lizard files, go to the sailfin lizard master index.


turtles/index.htm - Turtle Directory
The turtle pages were moved to a new subdirectory on 2/4/06. There are currently 32 pages in the turtle directory. For a master index of the turtle files, go to the turtle master index.


videos/videos.html - Video Index
There are now 100 videos in the video section plus now I am uploading videos to You Tube! See my animals in action! The link above is for detailed descriptions of the videos. Go here to see a quick listing of all the videos. There are currently 7 pages in the video directory.

Other Web Pages:

I have a site called Pond Showcase at http://www.pondshowcase.com which is a site where people can put up small, free web sites on their ponds or pay a small fee to have a larger web site. All of the pond pages on Pond Showcase can be seen in a list on this page. There are currently about 30 showcase pages. Included on Pond Showcase are these pages of photos that I have taken:
Ladew page - 57 photos of mostly ponds
Dutch Wonderland page - 18 photos from Dutch Wonderland
Lilypons page - 8 photos from Lilypons
National Zoo page - 85 photos from the National Zoo
Cylde's Restaurant page - five photos from the pond there
Catoctin Photos - about 45 photos from Cunningham Falls, the Cozy Inn Pond, and the Catoctin Zoo.

amazon.htm - General Amazon.com Ordering

A pdf version of my flyer page is found at flyer.pdf. It is out of date with my web site move.

The fishpondinfo message board about aquariums and ponds can be found at http://s2.invisionfree.com/Fishpondinfo/index.php. You have to join to post messages but anyone can view them.

The error page is oops.htm.

The page to donate to this site is at donate.htm and the thank you page if you do is at thanks.htm.

I created a subdirectory/subsite that went up on 4/1/06 about web sites as some people wanted web site tips from me. The main page is webtips/index.htm, and there are seven pages total in that subdirectory.

I started a subdirectory in early April 2004 for a site on Josh Groban. The main page is at Josh/index.htm, and there are seven pages on that subdirectory so far. This is almost a separate web site having nothing to do with my main site. It is only listed here so the search engines grab it!

New Off Site Pages 2009:
Fishpondinfo Classifieds
Fishpondinfo Facebook Page

Pages No Longer In Use:

I am moving some files to their own subdirectories. For that reason, the list of now defunct pages is growing. I have moved the list to its own page. Those pages now refer to the new pages.

moved.htm - Moved web pages

Pet Link Banner Exchange:

There have been 51,181,002 file views (file views since 2006, page views before that) to Fishpondinfo from December 1, 2003 through August 17, 2019 (stats lost after that).
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