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Robyn's Interaction Page

Last Updated: 1/27/20

So, what is there for you to do on Robyn's web pages at fishpondinfo aside from read, read, and read some more? There is a bunch of stuff! I found out about sitegadgets.com and bravenet.com and had to add some of the neat things that they have! Plus, I already had some interactive things on my site. I thought I would put them all on this one page. First are the new things and then the old ones.

New Interactive Things to Do at Fishpondinfo:

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Due to massive amounts of horrific spam that should make the culprits feel mighty ashamed, I had to delete most of the links to various pages I had including a classified section and a create your story page as well as a free links page. Believe me, you do not want to see the horrible things people wrote on there!

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Here are a few short stories where you fill in a few words to make it your own weird version. We did this as kids, and the laughing was painful!:

Fill In A Pond FunLib!

Fill In An Aquarium FunLib!


I had to delete the interactive story due to the tons of SPAM that was being dumped into it. I accidently deleted the first three postings when I tried to clean up the SPAM which I had to do one by one. I give up so here is what was written when I ended the interactive story. I have not fixed the spelling and grammar which are atrocious!

[Posts 1 to 3 accidently deleted.] 4. Then, Robyn flew to her pond and ate all her fish. Then, she turned back into herself. And, she hated herself even more. 6. She then wanted her cat to turn into Brad Pitt so she put some the pondwater in the cat's dish. Unfortunately the cat turned into Jihnny Depp. 7. As if things weren't bad enough now Robyn had Johnny Depp running around the house acting like a cat! "Well." said Robyn, "It's not Brad Pitt, but I can live with this. At least it's not Sylvester Stalone". And she petted Johnny over his head. 8. Then her cat turned back into a herself and walked off. Robyn went back to her pond and just as she was about to take her step outside she saw her dog was drinking the water and Robyn yelled Kyia and dog looked up and then Kyia turned into a wolf. Robyn was shocked that now she had to explain to her mom that kyia had turned into a wolfand wasn't a dog anymore. Then Kyia ran up to her, Robyn expected to be teared to shreds by all Kyia did was lick Robyn's face and then Robyn got Kyia's leash and then went to walk her wolf-dog. 9. they they all died 12 . Actually they weren't really dead but were under a secret spell placed on them by the wicked water witch. Fortunately they fell into the magical pond and slowly opened their eyes, swam to the surface and crawled out onto lilypads. To their surprise, they had turned into beautiful fairy mermaids with golden wings and flowing gossamer tails.


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Old Interactive Things to Do at Fishpondinfo:

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