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Last Updated: 1/4/21

First, thanks for visiting my site. If you have a question that you do not mind others reading, please post it in the Fishpondinfo forum which I check daily.

Robyn's e-mail is help 'at' fishpondinfo.com

Replace the 'at' with @ in the above e-mail before you send it (or click on it, and it does that for you). You can send me questions (please put questions that you are comfortable sharing into the Fishpondinfo forum), comments, technical problems, errors, etc. or ask me to link to your page. Please see the Guidelines and FAQ section below before sending an e-mail (if you have time). Thanks!

Questions relating to animals, fish, and ponds can be put in my Fishpondinfo forum to share with everyone. I try to reply daily to all new forum posts. Just be sure to check back in a day or so! By posting in the forum, not only can others read our exchange but they can give you their input as well.

Additional Links of Interest on Robyn's Web Site
Guidelines for Sending Robyn E-mails
Robyn's Site and E-mail FAQ
How Can I Help Robyn?

Additional Links of Interest on and off Robyn's Web Site

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Important Notice:

I have not had time to read and/or completely edit all of my over 149 separate web sites (well many more now, 749 as of 4/3/14!). There is just too much information for me to re-read it all. Thus, some things are out of date or need to be updated or fixed. I do not know if I will ever get to them. I have not had time to check for off-site link validation either so many links to other sites are bad. If you find errors or things that need to be changed, please e-mail me.

Guidelines for Sending Robyn E-mails

Someone complained to me that I had some gall to provide e-mail guidelines and must think highly of myself (they used more colorful language). I actually have a very low self esteem. I do not think I do much of importance. I provide the guidelines simply because you will get faster and better responses from me this way. I get a lot of e-mails a day so it is hard to keep track. Besides no one said you HAD to follow my guidelines anyway. Most people do not.

Robyn's Site and E-mail FAQ

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions:

How Can I Help Robyn?

You want to help me and my site? Thank you so much!

I added a donation option to my site so if you want to donate money directly to my site and animals, check out the donation page.

I began my site in the Fall of 1997. As of 5/25/05, I estimate that I have spent, from the Fall of 1997 to 5/25/05 (~7.6 years), 17,784 hours at my paying job or commuting, 22,192 hours sleeping, 14,470 hours taking care of the animals/fish/ponds/land, 3040 hours answering about 36,800 e-mails from my web site, 1383 hours writing and updating my web site, spent $30,000 at the various vets, and spent $76,000 on animal/fish/pond supplies and foods. How much money did I make from my web site? Try -$1000. That is right, I lost money paying for traffic and web space. I begged for advertisers with no luck. Finally, I found a way to make a little tiny bit of money off of my site using something that I had to remove from mention here because it is against their policy to mention it so I cannot even say anything more. Phooey. I also used to have a few advertisers in my rotating banner in the header which did cover the basic hosting costs of my site. Update 3/19/09: I made some money from my web site affiliates. Update 2013: Since the economy crashed, I no longer make extra money from my web site, just enough to pay for the hosting. By 2016, I made zero money so all the costs for the site are out of pocket.

I have little time anymore to add much new information to my site but if you have any animal/fish/pond articles, information, photos, etc. that you want to share with the world, I would be happy to put them up on my web site with full credit to you. Thanks.

If you purchase things from Amazon, they are affiliates on my site with links in the footer below. You can also directly order from Amazon on my site here, and I get 5% of the order at no extra cost to you. Thanks again! Drs. Foster & Smith and Live Aquaria did have affiliate programs but they ended them on 2/22/10 so there are many non-functional links on my site until I can remove them. Thank you to everyone who ordered from them through my site in the past. That Pet Place approved me as an affiliate on 3/2/10 but they ended their progam as well Wind & Weather and PetsMart approved me on 3/3/10, and they are at the bottom of my web pages. A week later, Dutch Gardens approved my site; they sell bulbs. In June, Miles Kimball asked me to be an affiliate, and they carry lots of nifty things. In 2013, I added the Only Natural Pet Store. Update 2014: Lest you think I am pulling in the dough, I have had zero purchases from any of the above except a few dollars a year from Amazon (gone a few years later), and a few from That Pet Place who then stopped their program in 2015. No one has ever ordered through the other banners listed. I took a net loss from my web page "business" in 2013. After 2013, I had to pay taxes on the tiny bit I made but could no longer factor out the costs of the web site because you cannot take tax losses year after year. By 2021, I make nothing and pay all the hosting costs out of pocket. I will have to stop doing that sometime; I am getting too old and need to save money.

I had an Amazon A store but those eventually ended around 2017.

I set up a page with a list of the stores that give me a percentage on the shopping page.

I had an Ebay page and a Amazon page and began selling things around the house when I was unemployed including animal and pond supplies. I pretty much stopped once I got another job. They also deleted my sites without telling me.

Pet Link Banner Exchange:

There have been 51,181,002 file views (file views since 2006, page views before that) to Fishpondinfo from December 1, 2003 through August 17, 2019 (stats lost after that).
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