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Robyn's Pond Page

The Huge, Practically Complete, One-Stop Pond Information Site!

Over 74,000 Visitors from 1997 to 9/27/03!

Last Updated: 2/28/14

This is my large pond on 5/27/01, taken from the roof! Notice the two frogs eating flies at the upper left of this page that my brother made. If you miss the old July 1997 photo that was here, click here or visit my pond pictures page.

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Click on the links below to go to the almost 100 web pages (which average 12 pages long each) I have written about hundreds of pond topics! That is like 1000 pages of information! How did I write all that? I should have been paid!

Check out my new site, Pond Showcase where you can see photos of various people's ponds and/or make a small free pond web site of your own (or a larger one for a small donation). The site also has sections for commercial pond companies and pond clubs to have mini web sites.

Pond Index

My Ponds:

General Care, Information, and Maintenance:

Aquarium-Related Topics of Interest to Ponders:

Pond Sources and Links:

Pond Plants:

On 5/6/06, I moved the pond plant-related pages to their own subdirectory and divided them into many more pages. In order to save room, I will not list all the many topics here so visit the plant index for details:

Pond Fish:

All fish sites include all sorts of detailed information, links, care, breeding, and more.

For information on many species of tropical fish like white cloud mountain minnows that can live in ponds in warm areas or during the summer as well as information on other fish-related topics, see Robyn's Fishy Page.


I have now moved my 9 insect pages to their own subdirectory and expanded the number of pages. To save space, I will not list them here. For a quick index of the insect pages, go to the insect master list page.


I have now moved my 11 turtle pages to their own subdirectory and expanded the number of pages. To save space, I will not list them here. For a quick index of the turtle pages, go to the turtle master list page.


I have now moved my 6 amphibian pages about frogs, toads, newts, and salamanders to their own subdirectory and expanded the number of pages to 28. To save space, I will not list them here. For a quick index of the amphibian pages, go to the amphibian master list page.

Mammals, Birds, and Snakes:

Other Pond Animals:

Most of these animals are species found near Maryland (native and introduced) but many have wide ranges all over the continent and even the world.

Summary of possible pond scourges:
Algae | Raccoons | Herons | Snails | Mosquitoes | Other insects

Pond Web Rings

If you have a web site that contains information on any pond-related animal, you can join my Pond Critters Web Ring found at the very bottom of this page (so that the java script does not interfere with the rest of the page when Webring is having problems).

The Internet Pond Society (IPS) web ring is on my homepage.

The Alternative Home and Garden Web Ring (run by a ponder), the Watergarden & Pond Super Information Store Web Ring, the Ponders Pages Web Ring, the Back Yard Pond Web Ring, the Backyard Wildlife Habitats Web Ring (see my wildlife page for more information on backyard wildlife habitats), the All Koi Pond Tour Web Ring, the Water Garden Web Ring, the Pond Owners Parade of Ponds Web Ring, the Ornamental Pond Enthusiasts Ring, the New Ponds by Private Homeowners Ring, the Pond Happy Web Ring, and the Pond and Garden Web Ring can be found at the bottom of this page. Also, the Round Robyn Web Ring is there which is for people named Robyn (it has nothing to do with ponds.).

Robyn's Pond Banner

You can put this banner on to your web site to link to mine. Just right click on the image which is pban.jpg to download the image and then put the following html code onto your page (do not cut and paste; write it down and re-type it):

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Robyn's Pond Page

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I received the following award (web site addition) for my pond web pages in May of 1999.

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I received the award below on 2/16/02.

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The "'Cool Site' in the DMOZ Netscape Open Directory Project" award below was given to me on 5/14/02.

Please visit the five sites below where you can help save a small piece of rainforest, help the big cats, help the oceans, help the primates, and help pets in need at no cost to you!

Robyn's Pond Newsletter!

For more information and back issues of the newsletter, go to the pond newsletter page.

Robyn's Pond Book!

Robyn's Pond Book is now available! Finally! See my pond book page for tons of information about my book! Also, see my Pond Book Flyer. The 1350K e-book and 8.25" x 11" softcover book can be purchased at 1stbooks.com for $4.95 and $16.95 respectively. Their site also has some information on the book. The book is a 292-page (body or 319 for all pages), text-only conglomeration of all my pond-related web pages (as of 9/01) plus a few extras!

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Robyn's Pond Page had a counter at its old location but none here. The final count from 9/25/00 to 9/27/03 was 55335.

The server reset the counter on 9/25/00. The last recorded hits was 14218 on 9/1/00 since March of 1999.

The server reset the counter sometime in early March of 1999 for an unknown reason. The last recorded count of visitors to this page at that time was 4320 between 10/3/97 and 1/14/99.

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You can search through all of my pages for a word or phrase. Just enter the word in the box at the top of any of my pages, and you will find quick results. See my search page for additional information.

In addition to searching my web site as above, you can also search through my pages and many other pond pages using the following search engine. BUT, the results will be for my OLD web site which is gone. They crawled it back in 2000 or something so it is also old. You will have to just use the last word.htm part and attach it to fishpondinfo.com to get to the correct page. This engine is better used if you want to search all the sites in their database.

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