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Robyn's Turtle Page

Over 67,000 Visitors from 1999 to 9/27/03!

Last Updated: 2/21/14

Information on freshwater turtles and outdoor ponds for turtles.

In November 2005, I began dividing up these turtle pages from 11 pages in the main directory to 26 pages in their own directory. I moved the pages to their new directory on 2/3/06. Be sure to visit all the pages.

Turtle Master Index - faster than the full index below

This is a female red-eared slider that appeared at a fellow watergardener's pond in California in January 2001.

Turtle Index:

On This Page:

Turtle Introduction:

Turtle Books

Turtle Links:

Feeding Aquatic Turtles:

Turtle Care Page:

Turtle Health:

Turtle Sexing and Breeding:

Turtle pond article by Lori Green, includes many turtle links. This article can now be found at this site as well.

Hatchling Turtles (caring for baby turtles):

Hatchling Turtles: Introduction and Legalities

Hatchling Turtle Care:

Baby Turtle Photos:

Turtle Tank Page:

Turtle Tank Article by Jon Andrews

Turtle Ponds:

Collection and Release of Turtles From/To the Wild:

Turtle Supply List:

Freshwater Turtle Species (species not covered on their own pages):

Box Turtles:

Box Turtle Information:

Box Turtle Care:

Painted Turtles:


Snapping Turtles:

Snappy (a common snapping turtle I had):

Tator (a red-bellied turtle I have):

Randy's Turtles - photos of painted turtles, a yellow-bellied slider, and red-eared sliders.

Also, see my pond pictures page and pond pictures from other people page for some turtle photos. Most should be somewhere on various turtle pages as well.

Four Indoor Turtle Pond Setups

Comments on Robyn's Turtle Pages

Turtle Web Rings

When I moved my site, I tried to contact this ring that follows but the e-mail bounced back so I guess they are defunct.

Turtle and Tortoise Webring

This webring is owned byJamina Oomen

This site is owned byRobyn Rhudy

Click hereto join the turtle and tortoise webring, dedicated to the quality care and conservation of turtles, tortoises, and sea turtles.
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The Turtle Lovers Only Webring, Mike's Turtle and Tortoise Webring, and the Aquatic Turtle's Webring are at the very bottom of this page (so that when the Java does not work, it does not interfere with the rest of my page). Here is the graphic too for the Turtle Lovers Only Webring:

Please visit the five sites below where you can help save a small piece of rainforest, help the big cats, help the oceans, help the primates, and help pets in need at no cost to you!

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The server reset the counter on 9/25/00. The last recorded hits was 12560 on 9/1/00 since June 12, 1999.

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