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Sailfin Lizards

Last Updated: 11/12/13

Einstein on 10/4/99.

Sailfin Lizard Index:

General Care and Maintenance

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The Sailfin Lizard Showcase

of photos and information about other sailfin lizard whose owners sent me photos after viewing this page.

Einstein's Page

My female Philippine's sailfin lizard, Hydrosaurus pustulatus on her own web page:

Other Pages on This Site of Interest to Those with Sailfins:

Notice: On 2/5/08, Einstein died. I updated and renovated this page and my other sailfin pages in memory of her.

Banner Exchange

Here is my banner:

The Captive Herp Banner Exchange was ended on 6/1/00 but you can use my banner above to link to this page if you like.

Pet Link Banner Exchange:

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