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Robyn's Fishy Page

Over 79,000 Visitors from 1997 to 9/27/03!

Last Updated: 5/17/23

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Swimming Fish Swimming Fish Swimming Fish Swimming Fish Swimming Fish Swimming Fish

Animated Bubbles

Quinn (left), Ziggy (top), and Fair in my 50 gallon tank, 11/6/97.

This page is for freshwater aquariums. I recently started my first saltwater aquarium. Go here for what little I have on saltwater aquariums.

Fish Index

My Fish and Setups:

Aquarium Care, Maintenance, and More:


Aquarium and Pond Critters:

Fish Species:

Information on descriptions, care, sexing, breeding, and more!

Note that you should read all information under your fish of interest. Sometimes, something about one topic may be under more than one heading. Certain fish may even be discussed under other fish based on the interactions of both species together in my tanks.

Go to the fish index for fish species lists by common name, scientific name, and family.

Quick Information listed after the Latin name:
Key first letter: c = catfish, m = minnow, l = livebearer, h = cichlid, o = other
Key second letter: a = Asian, e = European, n = North American, s = South American, f = African
Key third letter = l = livebearer, g = egg scatterer, d = egg depositor, b = bubble nester

Animated Bubbles

Animated Bubbles

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Boycott AquaBabies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go to the these links to learn about these torture cells and what you can do to help. If you own one, the information will help you properly care for them.

AquaBabies Care Page and Boycott Information
AquaBabies Poll

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This site won the following award in September of 2000.

The Barnyard Award for Excellence in Aquarium

This site and my goldfish page got this award in April of 2004.

Goldfish-Care.com - The Golden Website Award

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Robyn's Fishy Page

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This site used to have a counter at its old site. The final count from 1/14/99 to 9/27/03 was 55636.

The server reset the counter on 9/25/00. The last recorded hits was 19148 on 9/1/00 since March of 1999.

The server reset the counter sometime in early March of 1999 for an unknown reason. The last recorded count of visitors to this page was 4247 between 9/22/97 and 1/14/99. The visitors have multiplied greatly since then.

Visit my new interactive page where you can add a link to your fishy page, fill in a funny aquarium story, and more!

Do you have or want a pond? Then, visit my pond pages!

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