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Last Updated: 1/4/21

I personally do not sell anything regularly including supplies, animals, fish, plants, etc. I did sell select items on Ebay and Amazon. I was an affiliate at a few stores which meant that if you order something from them, I was supposed to get about 2 to 5% of what you pay at no extra cost to you! Check out these options. Thank you if you participate.

Update 1/4/21: In almost all cases, my various "stores" and affiliate programs in which Fishpondinfo participated were ended without informing me, and I made $0 for most of them but a few dollars for affiliates that are all gone now. Fishpondinfo outlasts all other web sites and programs it seems. I've had my web site now more than 23 years which is forever in internet terms.

Items That I Am Actually Selling:

I am not currently selling anything so I have removed the links.

My Ebay Account - I was selling things around the house including excess animal/aquarium/pond supplies but not anymore.

My Amazon Account - these were items that I am actually selling from my home, not to be confused with my Amazon A Store which sold things from other merchants until they cancelled it. There are currently no items for sale. I think they deleted my site.


Affiliates are companies that will pay you a small percentage of their sales if that sale was made via clicking through a link on your web site.

Update 8/28/19: For the first time in years, there is a new affiliate program that works for my web site. Ever since Drs. Foster and Smith was ended (folded in to Petco), I have had to do my animal/aquarium/pond orders from a combination of That Pet Place, Amazon, Aquamart, and I started using Chewy. So far, so good with Chewy. They do not yet have the vast variety of supplies that Drs. Foster and Smith used to have but they are working on it. So, they are now an affiliate as shown in the banners at the top and bottoms of my web pages. I only get credit for new customers so, as of 12/31/20, in the last 16 months, I have made a huge $0 from their affiliate program! So, as usual, I do lots of work and just end up giving away free advertising.

Ok, most of the affiliates below have ended their programs, most without even telling me. I will leave them here for now but am trying to remove them from my headers and footers. Some links might work but I have not seen a penny in many, many years.

I forgot to note all affiliates here. Plus, many of them keep ending their programs.

In 2013, I added Only Natural Pet Store. The banner is in the footer below.

Animal Den since 6/12/12 - Neato presents for animal lovers! This affiliate ended without even one purchase.
Animal Den - Gift Shop for Animal Lovers!

PetsMart Affiliate since 3/3/10 - Well known in the world of pets! They ended their program in January of 2018. I never made a single cent in that time from the program.

Wind & Weather Affiliate since 3/3/10. They not only sell weather supplies but some neat stuff for your garden and for around your pond. Yep, I never made a penny.
Wind and Weather

Pet Food Direct Affiliate since 3/9/10. I personally bought almost all of my cat and rabbit food there until they went out of business in 2017. They always had coupon specials. They ended their program at an unknown time years ago and did not inform me.

Dutch Gardens Affiliate since 3/15/10. They sell bulbs.
Dutch Gardens, Inc.

Miles Kimball since June 2010. There are a few garden supplies in their vast catalog of useful, inexpensive things.
Miles Kimball 75th Anniversary Banner - 468x60

Café Press Fishpondinfo Store-
This store was one in which I uploaded photos that were attached to shirts, mugs, coasters, etc. My biggest (okay only) client was me! Not one person bought one item from the store, except my mother bought one thing for me! They deleted my account circa 2020 without informing me, due to inactivity.

Robyn's Pond Book -
This goes to the page on my pond book which you can order from Author House. When the book was new, I sold a few. I may have even gotten close to making back the money it cost me to publish it.

Amazon.com -
This is a general portal into Amazon.com from my site. If you search for something from here, whatever you buy from Amazon, I would get a percentage. Theoretically anyway. I have yet to see one penny so I think it does not actually do anything.

I used to be an affiliate of Drs. Foster & Smith and Live Aquaria but they discontinued the program on 2/22/10. There are still links up to their site that are now non-functional. I am sorry that I do not have time to remove them.

In 2013, I added That Pet Place as an affiliate. Sometime in 2015, they ended the program without letting me know. There may be non-functional links on my site with them as well. I still buy a lot from them.


Pet Link Banner Exchange:

Dutch Gardens, Inc.

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