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Robyn's 50 Gallon Aquarium Page

Last Updated: 9/15/20

Photos and Videos
Other Animals

I need to update my tank pages. It is on my agenda!

The 50 gallon tank was redone (torn down, cleaned, etc.) on 3/17/07. See the tank redo page for more information.

50 Gallon Tank Photos and Videos

50 gallon glass tank with goldfish setup since 3/29/96 and redone in May of 2001 for smaller fish. It was redone again on 3/17/07. As of 8/13/20, this beautiful 24+ year old aquarium is still going strong but it is way past due for a total cleanout!

My 50 gallon tank on 6/19/05. You can see lots of rosy barbs and the real Siamese algae eater.

Photos and videos are listed from newest to oldest. To see a few older, short videos of the tank, go here.

50 gallon tank on 9/12/13. I took the photo for my cat, Tinkie, who likes to sit on top so this photo was not really meant to showcase the tank.

50 gallon tank on 5/24/13.

50 gallon tank on 7/3/10.

These photos are from 5/19/10:
Red ludwigia and rosy barbs.
Sign on my 50 gallon tank.
Anubius or are they crypts?

My cat, Tinkie, likes to sit on my 20 gallon tank and stick her foot in an opening in the 50 gallon tank. She is hoping to catch a rosy barb. Here she is fishing on 5/29/09:
Tinkie fishing in the 50 gallon tank

Fish Room - 4892 KB, mpg movie.
This movie from 6/21/08 shows all of the aquariums in the laundry room. It starts on the just set up 3 gallon tank which was cloudy as a result, then to the 12 gallon nano reef where most of the corals were closed because I had just changed the water out, then to the 20 gallon freshwater tank, then the 50 gallon freshwater tank, close up on a leopard cory, pull back and then walk back to the 12 gallon nano reef ending on Nemo and a hermit crab who was not in focus.

50 gallon tank on 1/13/08.

50 gallon tank on 1/8/08. This photo was to show the new Anubias barteri and baby tears plants.
Baby tears on 1/8/08. This photo was to show the new baby tears plants. My Queen Arabesque pleco is also in the photo in the upper right.

50 gallon tank on 12/29/07.

These photos are from 3/17/07 and 3/18/07 (the last two) when I redid the tank (emptied it, moved it out from the wall to fit a new filter, and set it back up again; see the tank redo page for more details).
Photo - 50 gallon tank before I started work on it.
Photo - another of the 50 gallon tank before I started work on it.
Photo - 50 gallon tank a few hours if it was done with the renovation. It was a little cloudy.
Photo - 50 gallon tank the next day, 3/18/07.
Photo - 50 gallon tank the next day, 3/18/07.

Photo of the 50 gallon tank fish on 2/28/04 - mostly rosy barbs and the real Siamese algae eater; to see more photos, go to the pages about the specific animals in the tank.

My 50 gallon tank on 9/22/03. You can see the real Siamese algae eater and some of the rosy barbs.

Photo of my 50 gallon tank on 10/14/01. The net breeder is in the upper left of the tank.

Photo of my 50 gallon tank on 6/3/01. See how much smaller the plant growth was!

50 Gallon Tank Fish

Fish that used to be in the 50 gallon tank:

6 Leopard Cories - 6 were added 1/18/08. One died on 1/24/08. Another was removed dead on 5/21/11. I removed a dead leopard cory on 8/25/12. I found and removed a dead leopard cory on 1/12/13. There were at most two left. I last saw a leopard cory in the spring of 2013. They are presumed dead. See the leopard cory page for details.

My last otto was found dead on 6/13/09 after eight years. Eight ottos (short for otocinclus) were added on 6/1/01, most were missing the ends of their tails, and one was missing an eye! By 7/19/01, I could only see a few at a time. I think some of them must have died but unlike other fish, when ottos die, they vanish! The few I saw were plump as there was lots of algae to eat. Their tails all grew back. On 8/1/01, I saw five of the ottos at once (including the one without an eye) so I thought that was how many were still alive (in fact there had to be six then). Apparently, ottos do not last long after dying (unlike the other fish in the tank). They must be extra tasty to the other fish and shrimp for some reason. Thus, I had seen no dead ottos up to that point. On 9/1/01, I saw an otto with a huge gut (I suspected tuberculosis) that died immediately after I performed the weekly water change (when the oxygen levels drop for a short time since it is well water). On 1/02/02, I removed a dead otto. Another died on 1/22/02. Yet another with a huge abdomen (tumors) died on 2/2/02. There was one left by 3/12/02 that had fin rot. I do not know what happened to the other one or why only the ottos are so sick when the other fish thrive. Despite having little fins, that one surviving otto survived until 6/13/09 when I found its little body.

My 5" real Siamese algae eater died on 11/4/07. I had had him since 3/16/01.

The panda cories have all died except for one which I moved to the 20 gallon tank to join the other panda cory on 3/17/07. Here is the history of the panda cories in the 50 gallon.

Panda cories - original three females and two males as parents (some may have died) and about 9+ of their babies - adults added 6/1/01. By 6/20/02, I count just 15 (I may have missed some) cories (4 died soon after). I raised five of their babies born around 8/24/01 and 9/2/01 in a net breeder, and three made it to be released so far. These babies will be the first successfully raised panda cories if they make it. I had some live to about a month old years ago but never large enough to join their parents. The babies were raised on dry sinking foods including freeze-dried brine shrimp and sinking shrimp pellets. On 10/6/01, the baby born about 8/24/01 was released into the main aquarium. There was also another baby in there who made it on his own! Two more babies born about 9/2/01 were released on 10/13/01 at about half an inch long but after three days, their tails were bit off (probably by the rainbow shrimp), and both died. The net retained one baby born about 9/22/01 as well as four smaller babies and some eggs added weekly. I was surprised on 11/3/01 to discover three larger babies in the main tank at once! Since they all have tails, it looks like two of them made it on their own! I was even more shocked on 11/8/01 to see four babies in the tank at once! And, need I say it? I found five at once on 11/17/01! Then, I saw six at once on 11/28/01!! Oh no! I saw 8 on 11/30/01! Where are they coming from? It is a baby panda cory factory now, albeit slow! If only I can keep them from being eaten by the shrimp or squashed in the net! Then, I will have too many! By 11/16/01, the largest baby is now half as long as the parents and should live to full adulthood! On 1/26/02, there were 6-8 babies (well, they are full grown now) in the main tank and 9 babies in the net. The oldest babies are almost as big as their parents (at least the males)! On 2/9/02, I let five more babies out of the net. There were six more in the net still. On 2/16/02, two young dead cories were removed from the tank and only three babies were in the net. So, some are dying. I have lost track of how many I have! On 2/23/02, I put the remaining two in the net (the others must have died and disintegrated) into the five gallon tank which has three baby rosy barbs and/or longfin blue danios in it. I can now count about 12 adult and sub-adult panda cories in the main tank. Most/many of the small ones are now dying. I guess the tank has hit its threshold for panda cories! I moved five baby panda cories from the five gallon tank to this tank on 4/6/02. A young cory was found dead on 7/16/02. Another young one died on 7/20/02. A larger one died on 8/6/02. Yet another big cory died on 8/13/02. So, I need not have feared having too many! Another small one that had not been growing up as fast as it should have was removed dead on 1/11/03. Most of the cories have now lost their barbels. This started happening after the rosy barbs overpopulated the tank. I keep the tank clean but it is not good enough for them somehow. There are some 11 cories total left now (the most I counted at once in July 2003). Oops, another young cory died on 12/1/03 and another on 12/13/03 leaving 9 left. On 1/10/04, I found a baby cory in the water removed for cleaning! This is the first in almost two years. He went into the net breeder in my 20 gallon tank which has glowlight danio fry in it. A medium-sized panda cory died in my 50 gallon tank on 5/20/04. They have lost all their barbels. Even though the tank is well maintained, the overcrowding must have caused this. The baby is doing great by himself in the 20 gallon and has his whiskers. I removed a dead panda cory from the tank on 2/12/05. I removed a dead panda cory on 6/11/05 and just the skeleton head of another one on 6/17/05. I do not know if any remain. As of 9/24/05, I did see at least one left recently. I found and removed a dead panda cory on 7/30/06. I think there is one left. The baby is still fine in the 20 gallon. I saw the surviving panda cory in the 50 gallon on January of 2007. I am pretty sure there is just one left in the 50 gallon. The one in the 20 gallon is now three-years-old and yet I still think of him as a baby. He is fine. On 3/17/07, I moved the last panda cory from the 50 gallon tank to the 20 gallon tank.

These are the white cloud mountain minnows that I used to have in my tank. As of 9/24/05, there appear to be none left. So many died that were never found. I see no more but there could be one lurking somewhere.

21 White Cloud Mountain Minnows which are 7 males and 14 females and one baby distributed as follows from two different locations. Note: As of 12/3/04, only half a dozen or so white clouds are still alive and what follows below is a mess!:

Former goldfish in this tank:
My last indoor goldfish, Quinn, died on 5/3/01 from a tuberculosis infection and dropsy. For information and to see pictures of my deceased tank goldfish, go here. This tank was disinfected with bleach and re-set up as a tank for white cloud mountain minnows and other fish. Updates will be made over time.

Photo of my 50 gallon tank on 9/27/98. From left to right, the fish are Fair (died 4/17/01), Quinn (died 5/3/01), Ziggy (died 5/5/00), and Wade (died 4/12/01). For more goldfish photos, go to my goldfish pages.

50 Gallon Tank Other Animals

A total of 7 shrimp were in the 50 gallon tank by 6/16/01 and were distributed as follows:

Update 8/4/04: Boy, this is so out of date! I have not seen any remaining shrimp in my 50 gallon tank in over a year! They are all long gone!

I finally added some new shrimp to the 50 gallon tank on 11/25/16:

3 Wood shrimp added 11/25/16. On 2/15/19, I found half of a wood shrimp with flesh (not a moulting) so at least one of them has died. I hope I have at least one left! I have not seen a wood shrimp since 2/15/19.

On 3/23/19, I received two live and two dead Blue Velvet shrimp from Live Aquaria which are a color variant of the red cherry shrimp, Neocaridina davidi. I put the two live ones in my 50 gallon tank which is full of java moss and other plants. As of 3/29/19, I have not seen them again (and I never did)!

50 Gallon Tank Plants

I set the tank up for my other fish since the goldfish are gone. The following live plants were added on 5/13/01:
1 anacharis, 1 giant jungle val, 1 dwarf onion, 1 cabomba, 1 ruffle sword, 1 wendi green, 1 rotala indica, 2 dwarf sagittaria grass, 1 anubias nana, and 1 java fern. I also moved some java moss and Italian val from my 40 gallon tank and some java moss and hornwort from the basement pond. The anacharis and val died off mostly from the dilute bleach treatment to disinfect them. They may come back.

On 6/1/01, 3 rotala indica, 1 crypt red wendtii, and 1 anubias frazeri were added. The rotala indica does the best in my tank for some reason.

By 9/25/01, the tank is dominated by rotala indica and jungle val but the java moss, java fern, various crypts and anubias, and duckweed are also doing pretty well. The anacharis, cabomba, and sagittaria grass all died while the onion and sword are just hanging on.

By 7/26/02, the tank was mostly hair algae with a little rotala indica, crypts, anubias, java moss, and valisneria left. The surface is 90% covered with frogbit. On 7/27/02, I added two new rotala indica plants to the tank.

Update on 8/4/04: The tank is full of java moss and frogbit with a few anubias hanging on. That is it!

The tank has previously had anacharis, onion plant, dwarf crinum, and a few other plants but all were eaten and/or destroyed by the goldfish.
A bunch of anacharis was added to the tank on 3/16/01, and they had eaten it all within a week or so (there were still three goldfish then).

Update 9/22/07: After I put the new filter on the tank on 3/17/07, the frogbit which had covered the entire tank slowly died from the increased current. As of this week, not a single plant remains where there were once hundreds. I miss the frogbit! I tried to save it by putting some in another tank but it did not grow there. The tank now has a ton of java moss and a few anubias barely surviving.

On 1/8/08, I added two new plants to the 50 gallon tank. I put in a large Anubias barteri and a colony of baby tears attached to a rock. The rosy barbs immediately started picking on the baby tears (there were scuds in the plant bag and maybe some left in there that they wanted to eat) so it is falling apart. The Anubias is doing fine but does not want to stay put. The tank is full of java moss and not much else. By 1/13/08, the rosy barbs have removed all the baby tears from the rock so it is floating all over the tank in little pieces. That was an expensive toy for them!

On 5/19/10, I got an order of submerged plants for my ponds, and they sent one free plant. Since it was a red ludgwigia which I do not consider to be a pond plant, I put the red ludwigia in my 50 gallon aquarium. Here is a photo.

By 2011, that ludwigia was all gone, uprooted too many times.

On 4/14/11, I added a sunset hygrophila that another aquarist sent me.

50 Gallon Tank Equipment

Filter - Emperor 400 filter (replaced the Magnum 350 Pro canister system with two biowheels (350 gph) that had been running since 1996 on 3/17/07). The Emperor filter was having more and more problems so I replaced it with a new one on 5/11/19.
Heater - On 5/13/17, I removed the heater as the tank was at 80 degrees F with the heater set to 65 degrees F, and the air temperature at 68 degrees F. Something was certainly wrong with it! It had condensate inside. This was a Visitherm so the last replacement was not noted. 150 W Aqueon Pro heater added on 4/25/13 and set to 72 degrees F to replace 250 W Visitherm heater added on 8/20/11 to replace recalled Stealth heater set to 75 degrees F (previously set to 66 degrees F for the goldfish). [On 2/24/07, I put in the new Stealth heater replacing a 300 W Visitherm heater that had condensate inside it.]
Lid and Lighting - Glass lid with Aqueon Modular LED 36" aquarium light with three removable "bulbs". I changed to the LED lamps on 8/8/20. Formerly, a (added 5/12/01) double strip light holding two 30W fluorescent plant bulbs was used.
Gravel - Natural colored gravel- reset up with Flourite under the gravel for new setup on 5/12/01.
Aeration - Air bar run by half an Airpod (which has battery backup when the power goes off).
A few knick knacks!
Two pieces of slate holding a big piece of driftwood, a small piece of driftwood, petrified wood, and a small clay pot.

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