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Plant Pages Master Index

Last Updated: 5/9/24

In February 2006, I moved the 13 plant pages to their own subdirectory and divided them up into 33 pages. The pages were all read, edited, expanded, and updated. I did not finish and link them in from the main site until 5/6/06!

Here is a list of all the pages in the plant subdirectory.
There are currently 51 pages in the plant subdirectory.

algae.htm - Aquarium Algae Index
algae2.htm - Pond Algae Index
algae3.htm - Pond Algae Information
algae4.htm - Pond Algae Introduction and Links
algaeinfo.htm - Aquarium Algae Control and Information
algaetable.htm - Algae-Eating Animals Comparison Table
algaetypes.htm - Algae Types
aplants.htm - Aquarium Plant Species
barley.htm - Barley Straw
decor.htm - Aquarium Plant Index
decor2.htm - Aquarium Plants and Driftwood
float.htm - Floating Plants
floating.htm - Floating Plant List
gardens.htm - My Terrestrial Gardens
hardy.htm - Pond Plant List Information
index.htm - Plant Index
iris.htm - Pond Iris
iris2.htm - Iris List
lilies.htm - Water Lilies and Lotus
marginal.htm - Marginal List
marginals.htm - Pond Marginals
mulch2007.htm - Mulch Records 2007
mulch2008.htm - Mulch Records 2008
mulch2009.htm - Mulch Records 2009
mulch2010.htm - Mulch Records 2010
mulch2011.htm - Mulch Records 2011
mulch2012.htm - Mulch Records 2012
mulch2013.htm - Mulch Records 2013
mulch2014.htm - Mulch Records 2014
mulch2015.htm - Mulch Records 2015
mulch2016.htm - Mulch Records 2016
mulch2017.htm - Mulch Records 2017
mulch2018.htm - Mulch Records 2018
mulch2019.htm - Mulch Records 2019
mulch2020.htm - Mulch Records 2020
mulch2021.htm - Mulch Records 2021
mulch2022.htm - Mulch Records 2022
mulch2023.htm - Mulch Records 2023
mulch2024.htm - Mulch Records 2024
overwinter.htm - Overwintering Pond Plants
plant.htm - Pond Plant Index
plant2.htm - Pond Plant Care
plant3.htm - Pond Plant Information
plantlink.htm - Aquarium Plant Books and Links
plantmaster.htm - Plant Master Index (this page)
plantpests.htm - Plant Pests
plantsource.htm - Pond Plant Sources and Links
submerge.htm - Submerged Plant List
submerged.htm - Submerged Plants
tropical.htm - Tropical Plant List
uv.htm - UV Sterilizers

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Go to the aquarium algae index.
Go to the pond algae index.
Go to the aquarium plant index.
Go to the pond plant index.
See the master index for the plant pages (quick index).

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