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Submerged Plant List Page

Last Updated: 3/19/12

Hardy Submerged Plants (Zone 7+, minimum zone varies)

Submerged plants are also called oxygenators. They provide oxygen during the day but actually use oxygen at night.

Before reading this list, see the key, how to use this list, and how to contact the nurseries that are listed by visiting my plant list page.

For general information on submerged plants especially anacharis, visit my submerged plant page.

For information on aquarium plants including more information on anacharis, hornwort, etc., see my Aquarium Plant Page and aquarium plant species page.

I am not sure which species of submerged plants are native to the Eastern USA and which are not as pond catalogs do not mention such "unimportant things." If you know, please let me know. Many people have asked me which are native so they can make the right choices and not contribute to the introduction of non-native species to their area.

Hardy Submerged Plants

Common Name Latin Name Type Native to Eastern US? Depth to Plant in Inches Height of Plant in Feet Zones Sun Preference Color(s) of Flowers Price at Lilypons 2007 Price at Aquamart 2007 Price at MD Aquatic Nurseries 1997 Price at Lilyblooms 1997 Price at Paradise Water Gardens 2005 Price at That Pet Place 1998 Price at Crystal Palace Perennials 1999 Did or do I have this plant?
Anacharis or Elodea Elodea canadensis and/or Elodea densa or Lagarosiphon major? submerged   1 to 10 feet endless (up to 6 feet) 3 to 5+ partial to full white 1.99 (must get 10+) 1.50 2.20 1.40 2.50   0.99 Yes
Anacharis Egeria densa (see anacharis dilemma above) submerged Yes 1 to 2 feet endless 5 to 8+ (may be tropical-like) partial to full white             0.99 No
Bacopa (lemon?) Bacopa caroliniana submerged       7+   purple   No longer carry 8.30   2.50 7.99   Yes
Cabomba Cabomba caroliniana submerged Yes 1 to 2 feet a few feet 6+ full white 1.99 (must get 10+) 1.25 2.20   2.50     Yes
Fanwort (may be called cabomba too) Cabomba canadensis submerged   1 to 10 feet a few to 6 feet 6+ partial to full               0.99 No
Foxtail Myriophyllum canadensis and similar species submerged   1 to 8 feet 1 to 6 feet 3 to 4+       No longer carry 2.20       0.99 Yes
Hairgrass Eleocharis acicularis submerged                     2.50     No
Hornwort or Coontail or Coon's Tail Ceratophyllum demersum submerged Yes 1 to 2 feet endless (8 to 10 feet) 5+       1.50 2.20 1.40 2.50   0.99 Yes
Hygrophila Benard Hygrophila Benard submerged                       7.99   No
Hygrophila Difformis Hygrophila Difformis submerged                       7.99   No
Hygrophila Polysperma Hygrophila Polysperma submerged                     2.50 7.99   No
Milfoil Milfoil pinatum submerged                     2.50     Yes (looks like foxtail to me!)
Moneywort Lysimachia nummularia submerged   .5 to 1.5 feet a few feet 4+       No longer carry     2.50     Yes
Pondweed Potamogeton crispus and similar species submerged, leaves may float   1 to 15 feet a few feet 3+ partial to full white             6.99 No
Sagittaria, Dwarf Sagittaria subulata and related species submerged   3 to 12 inches (CPP says 1 to 15 feet!) 6 inches 5+ partial to full white         9.00 (for a dozen)   6.99 Yes
Sagittaria, Senensis Sagittaria senensis submerged                     1.25     Yes
Tape Grass or Sagittaria Sagittaria natans submerged   1 to 15 feet 4 feet 5+ partial to full white             6.99 No
Valisneria, Corkscrew Valisneria spiralis and related species submerged   1 to 10 feet 4 to 20 inches 6+ partial to full           10.00 (for a dozen)   6.99 No
Valisneria, Giant Valisneria gigantea submerged                     9.00 (for a dozen), 1.00 each     No
Val(lisneria), Jungle Vallisneria americana and related species submerged   1 to 2 feet 6 feet 4 to 6+       1.50   1.40     6.99 Yes

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