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Robyn's Aquarium Algae Index

Last Updated: 4/18/12

Animated Bubbles

The aquarium algae information has been divided onto four separate pages.

On this page:

Aquarium Algae Information

Algae-Eating Animals Comparison Table

Algae Types

On my pond algae pages:
Algae prevention, algae eaters, UV Sterilizers, etc. as they pertain to ponds.

Pages on algae-eating critters:

Algae is not all bad! In fact, many kinds help to filter the water and make aquariums safer for fish. A tank with algae is more likely to have spawning fish and healthy fry. My pond algae page lists a bunch of pros and cons of algae in ponds (but most also pertain to aquariums).

Algae Web Sites

These links were last checked on 4/13/06. I could not get the second link to open (but it did not come up as not existing either so it may have just been down).

Algae Gallery - algae photos

Algae Information and Photos

For pond algae links, go to my pond algae links section.

Pet Link Banner Exchange:

Go to the main plant page (full index).
Go to the aquarium algae index.
Go to the pond algae index.
Go to the aquarium plant index.
Go to the pond plant index.
See the master index for the plant pages (quick index).

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