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Plant List Information

Last Updated: 2/21/14

1800 gallon pond, facing south, watercress in foreground on waterfall, parrot's feather to the right, water hyacinth, lilies, and marginals in the distance, 8/11/99.

See my pond pictures page for more pictures of various pond plants.

Plant List Information - READ THIS BEFORE visiting any of the plant lists

Nurseries Listed in the Plant Lists

Searching Through Plant List Information - also READ THIS BEFORE visiting the plant pages

Plant Lists:

For more information on plant care, visit my plant care page.

Plant List Information

This is a list of all of the aquatic plants sold by seven companies. I am not affiliated with any of them. The MD Aquatic Nurseries and Lilyblooms prices are from Spring of 1997 while the That Pet Place prices are from Spring of 1998, the Paradise Water Gardens prices from a February 2005 catalog, the Lilypons prices are from a February 2007 catalog, and the Crystal Palace Perennial prices are from a February 1999 catalog. The Aquamart prices are from their 2007-2008 catalog that I got in early April of 2007. Thus, many of the prices are out of date. Some companies only produce catalogs every few years.

Important note 5/17/08: I have received a 2008-2009 Aquamart catalog and a 2008 Lilypons catalog. Unfortunately, I have not had time to go through them and make any price updates or changes in what they sell in my plant lists.

That Pet Place had a minimum $60 order for non-potted plants and minimum 10 plants for potted plants. Paradise Water Gardens had a $15 minimum plant order (but free plants too!). Some other places may attach an additional charge for smaller orders.

The information is correct to the best of my knowledge and based solely on the information in these seven catalogs at that time and some personal knowledge. Please E-mail any mistakes, and I will correct them as soon as possible. Buying larger amounts often resulted in a lower price or free additional plants (especially through Paradise Water Gardens).

Some of the plants in the hardy list may be tropicals as some of the catalogs do not provide this information and only give a common or even just a Latin name (as in TPP where half the Latin names are spelled wrong too). I suggest that if you have a name to find, use the word search to find it in this list. For example, salvinia is under water velvet since it goes by both names. If your system does not have a search option, you can search all of my pages by going to my search page.

Note: Empty spaces indicate information not found or the place does not sell that plant. Also, varieties of lily and lotus are not included in the list. There are just too many (thousands) varieties, colors, and prices of lily and lotus to list. I have added the water iris (in these catalogs), of which there are 1100 varieties! A few dozen varieties are listed in the iris list. Most are Louisiana iris. Some Japanese and Siberian iris can also survive in ponds but prefer to be damp and not submerged.

Another Note: While the plant lists on-line are not complete, the ones in my pond book are complete (up to when it was published). The lists in the pond book do not include prices however, as they change too often. For more information on Robyn's Pond Book, see this page.

Nurseries Listed in the Plant Lists Information

These are the catalogs to which I refer:

Lilypons = the Lilypons in Buckeystown MD, 1-800-999-5459; mostly lilies, high prices.
Aquamart = AAA Pond Supply in Florida, 1-800-245-5814; small selection, great prices, great service.
MD Aq. Nurs. = MD Aquatic Nurseries in Maryland, 410-557-7615; huge selection, high prices.
Lilyblooms = Lilyblooms of Ohio, 1-800-921-0005; small selection, good prices.
Paradise Water Gardens = Paradise Water Gardens in Massachusetts = 1-800-955-0161; huge selection, moderate prices.
That Pet Place = That Pet Place in Pennsylvania, 1-888-THATPET; small selection, moderate prices.
Crystal Palace Perennial = Crystal Palace Perennial in Indiana, 219-374-9419; huge selection, high prices. Note: As of 2003, Crystal Palace Perennial no longer sells pond plants. They are no longer in business but the owners are busy doing other pond-related activities.

Other catalogs that contain live plants that I have yet to add to the lists (and may never due to lack of time but note that many of these ARE included in the plant lists in my pond book):

These links were last checked on 4/27/06. Perry's Watergardens apparently went out of business and was deleted. Louisiana Farms changed their URL so I fixed that.

Quality Koi Company, Inc. - sell about 40 different hardy marginals, 40 different tropical marginals, 11 different floating and lily-like plants, 2 submerged plants, 7 lotus, 30 some hardy lilies, and 30 tropical lilies; 215-988-9723; PA.

Waterplants.com in Colorado has some of the most inexpensive aquatic plants of which I know. They sell water lilies (84+ hardy, 47+ tropical varieties) and lotuses (11+ varieties), Louisiana irises (85+ varieties), and a few marginals (16+), floaters (5+), and submerged plants (4) as well. The hardy marginals they carry are pickerel weed ($2.50), 4 cattails ($1.50 to $6.50), burhead ($0.75), spike rush ($1.50), horsetail rush ($1.00), pennywort ($2.00), parrot's feather ($1.50), arrowhead ($2.25), and water celery ($1.75). The hardy floaters they carry are duck weed for $1.50 and frogbit for $0.75. The submerged plants they carry are anacharis, cabomba, hornwort, and valisneria (species not specified) for $0.75 each. The average cost of one of their lilies or lotuses is about $15 (range of $5 to $19)! I ordered an iris, a lotus, a lily, some water hyacinth and water lettuce, and some submerged plants from them in the spring of 2000. The plants arrived in as good a shape as any of the places I have ordered from before. Their phone number for orders only is 1-877-752-6979. Go to their web site to request a catalog which is also on-line.

Louisiana Iris Farms, LLC - they sell many varieties of Louisiana iris.

Willow Pond Aqua Farms sells all sorts of aquatic plants. You can call 1-800-854-8945 for a free catalog.

William Tricker, Inc. in Ohio sells lilies, marginals, floaters, and submerged plants. The prices are pretty good or even low for some of the plants (most of the marginals) but high for some others (most of the lilies). Their catalog costs $2. Call 1-800-524-3492 or use their web site.

Springdale Water Gardens sells lilies, lotus, marginals, submerged plants, and more. The prices are moderate and the selection is good. Their phone number is 1-800-420-5459.

Drs. Foster and Smith sells three submerged plants, 13 bog plants, 3 floaters, 12 water lily varieties, and 3 lotus varieties. I think they have many more nowadays. They have a $25 minimum order. Their phone number is 1-800-381 7179. Live Aquaria is their live animals and plants division - LiveAquaria.com: The Trusted Source for Pond Plants .

Pond Mart in Maryland sells about 26 water lilies, 8 lotuses, 5 irises, 4 floaters, 2 submerged plants, and 20 marginals. Their toll-free phone number is 1-877-844-7663.

Additional Web Site Sources for Pond Plants:

Water Tropicals
Tropical Pond
Ponds, Plants and More
Freshwater Aquarium Plants - sell pond plants too

Searching Through Plant List Information

Look up multiword plants by the main word (for example, pickerel rush is under rush, pickerel). To find plants by scientific name, use the search option in Netscape or similar systems. You can also search all my web pages by entering the word into the search box at the top of any of my web pages.

A particular plant may fall under multiple categories so check them all (especially if you do not know which type it is). For example, parrot feather is listed under marginals but it will also grow submerged and floating.

Please let me know of any mistakes on my plant charts. I am sure there are many since there are so many plants!

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