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Robyn's Shrimp, Crayfish, and Crab Page

Last Updated: 1/30/12

Here is Shrimpy, one of my ghost shrimp in my 40 gallon tank on 9/15/00. More photos can be found under ghost shrimp.

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Copepods - cyclops
Daphnia - water fleas

Hermit Crabs

Red Cherry Shrimp - an article written by Dan

Crustacean Books, Photos, and Links

See the algae-eating animals comparison table to see a comparison of the various algae-eating shrimp.

There are many other freshwater shrimp species about which I know very little. If/when I learn more information about those, I will add them to this page. There are brief mentions of other species of shrimp under the link to Frank Greco's page. If you are interested in rare beautiful shrimp, check out his site.

This page is about freshwater crustaceans. I also have the following pages on saltwater crabs and shrimp in the marine section of my site:
Hermit crabs
Emerald mithrax crabs
Unknown crab
Sexy shrimp
Peppermint shrimp

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