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Robyn's Chicken Page

Last Updated: 4/23/19

New Henrietta (left, died 3/7/02), Pepper (middle, died 3/7/02), and Salty (right, died 3/24/04), on 3/5/02, just days before two of them died. See more photos on the chicken photo page.

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These sections pertain to chickens, turkeys, and other large birds:

Bird Shelters - cages for chickens including my Chickentopia

Catching Birds - ideas on how to catch chickens

This web site is dedicated to the fourteen chickens we have lost. First to our sweet chicken, Henrietta. She died instantaneously on 12/14/01 when our over-zealous rooster, Pepper, accidently broke her neck against the fence while trying to mate with her. Then, to new Henrietta who was taken by hawks on 3/8/02. To Mr. Peppness (Pepper) who died the same day from hawk wounds saving Salty's life. He was a gorgeous rooster and a hero. Salt and Pepper were inseparable. Then, to Salty and my precious rooster Beebee who I hatched myself. They were killed on 3/24/04 when a fox got into their cage. Then, to Clarice who seems to have died of natural causes on 10/13/04. And next to little 19-day-old Sprouty who vanished on 7/27/05 presumably eaten by a snake. To Spicey who died on 9/2/05 after an illness. Then Sugar, who died on 7/16/09, presumably from old age. Poulet died on 2/18/10 after six months inside (she was lame). Pondet (mother of Speckles, Chickie, and Petunia and my only broody hen ever) died on 5/8/13 at nine years old. Petunia died on 1/3/15 at only five years of age. Her father/half-brother, Speckles, died on 1/15/15 at 9.5 years of age. My last chicken, Chickie, died on 9/30/15. I bought fertile chicken eggs in 2018, and I again had chickens on 4/21/18 after four little ones hatched. See my chicken page two for all their stories and my chicken photo page for their photos.

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