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Robyn's Pond Links Page

Last Updated: 2/20/18

(The above butterfly was obtained free from the Waterford Gardens web site.).

Links to Pond-Related Web Sites:

Commercial Companies Whose Catalogs I Have
Other Commercial Companies
Canadian Pond Companies
USA and UK Pond Building Companies
Pond Organizations, Clubs, and Tours
Pond FAQ's
Pond Magazines
On-Line Pond Newsletters
Links to Pond Links
Personal Pond Pages, Some Pond Links, and Miscellaneous Pond Information Sites
Other Fish and Animals
Pond Web Rings, Banner Exchanges, Search Engines, and Discussion Boards/Forums
Other Links

Aquatic and Pond Plant Links can be found on my plant page.

If you have a web site that you would like me to link to, please contact me if you want it on this page or fill out the free links list from my interactive page if you want your site up right away on that page.

Please note that due to people moving their sites, many of the following URL's are no longer valid. If you know where any have moved, please let me know. I plan to renovate this page if I ever get the time (my site is huge and links are not really a priority over content!).

To visit a site that no longer works, try archive.org. Enter in the URL you get when you run the mouse over the link that no longer works. They have been taking regular snapshots of most web pages (unless the creators deny access) for many years. Almost all of the links on my web pages that no longer work can be found in their old state in the internet archives.

Yes, I know that this site needs to be updated (links checked, page separated, etc.) like most of my web pages. I just wish I had the time!

Commercial Companies Whose Catalogs I Have

These companies sell pond related supplies and/or plants. For more information (phone numbers and information on their catalogs), check out my pond catalogs page.

Aqua-Mart - sell plants and supplies. They are now being run by AAA Pond Supply
That Pet Place - sells supplies
MD Aquatic Nurseries - sell plants and supplies
Lilyblooms - sell plants and supplies
Webb's Water Gardens
Lilypons - sell plants and supplies
Live Aquaria - part of DFS, sells live plants and fish.
L.F.S. Cultures - sells micro-critters like daphnia
Aquatic Eco-Systems, Inc.
Aquatic Creations
Kellyco Water Garden Center - sell supplies.
Fairfield Garden Center
C & S Garden Pond, Construction and Landscape Company - sell filters and C & S Aquaculture (no longer exists; you can buy BZT which is CSA from United-Tech, Inc..).
Crystal Palace Perennial - sold plants and supplies; out of business as of 2003.
Resource Conservation Technology, Inc. - sell liners and more.
Al Zimmer's Ponds & Supplies - sell supplies.
Aquatic Dragon- a fledgling company that sells a few plants, snails, frogs, toads, etc. Their web site may not be functional.
M & S Ponds and Supplies - sell supplies and some lilies.
Quality Koi Company, Inc. - sell supplies, live plants, live koi and goldfish.
Waterplants.com - sell inexpensive water lilies, lotuses, and other pond plants.
Reeds n Weeds - sell pond hardware like pumps and filters. As of 2001, they have changed their name to waterponds.com.
Willow Pond Aqua Farms - sell all sorts of fish, amphibians, water plants, fountains, and some pond supplies.
William Tricker, Inc. - sell plants, goldfish and koi, snails, tadpoles, and pond supplies.
Perry's Watergardens- sell lilies, lotus, and marginals.
LaBrak's Garden Path & Pond- sell water lilies, supplies, fountains, pumps, pond kits, bridges, water wheels, stepping stones, and benches.
Springdale Water Gardens- sell lilies, lotus, marginals, submerged plants, and more.
eponds.com - sell supplies.
Pond Mart - sell supplies and some plants.
The Pond Guy - sell supplies, farm pond stuff, turtle trap, plant poisons. This is not the same as the other "pond guy" site that no longer exists.
Paradise Water Gardens - sell plants and supplies.

Other Commercial Companies (some are on-line only)

I do not support any of these web sites nor have I looked them over in detail to see how "good" they are. A lot of these were link requests.

Daydreamer Gardens
Van Ness Water Gardens ($4 catalog)
Bend Tarp and Liner - sell liners, etc.
Pond liners - sell liners, links, etc.
Lilyponds - not on-line yet as of 9/26/98; I looked on 5/14/05 (see how often I happen to read something on my own site!) to see that this site is just one of those generic sort of link sites with no real content and more about gardening than ponds at all.
Blue Iris Water Gardens - in Spokane, Washington.
Signature Ponds - sell pond edging, rocks, etc.
Waterfall Creations - prefab waterfalls, rocks, etc.
Gardenhaus - sell equipment, information on veggie filters, 1-800-646-6112
Pond Plants - for sale and plant information and pondsai
Zone information - map tells you what plant zone you are in if in USA
Waterscapes.com - Brett's Fish Farm (koi) and Nelson Water Gardens
Kenco fish - sell goldfish, koi, orfe, and some plants
Waterford Gardens - pond supplies in New Jersey, $5 catalog by calling 201-327-0721.
Nature's World - sell various pond animals like snails, bullfrog tadpoles, golden orfes, goldfish, koi, and rosy red minnows.
Pondgirl.com - sell plants and pond supplies in Texas.
Gardenponds.com - sell pond supplies and more in New York.
PondsOnline.com or Pond USA - same company, sell supplies, etc.
Garden.com - sell pond kits and plants (have to search the site for them)
Watergardenshop.com - sell supplies
Ponds2go.com - sell supplies
Patio Garden Ponds - sell supplies and plants
Pond Market - sell supplies and plants and have interesting pond stuff like pond e-cards
Ponds & Plants - sell plants
Premier Ponds - sell supplies and bridges
Water Wych - the Water Wych is a box with carbon, rocks, silica, etc. that is supposed to keep ponds clear
Watertropicals.com - sell plants and fish
Tropicalpond.com - sell plants
The Water Garden - sell lots of pond stuff and plants
United-Tech, Inc. - sells BZT Aquaculture which is a mix of bacteria and enzymes to help keep ponds clear (also previously known as CSA). To get a smaller amount, call 1-918-610-5205 and ask for the "Ponder's Special." Tell them Robyn sent you (I do not work for them but they know who I am.). It costs about $41 with shipping. I and many others swear by this stuff. I use it in my ponds and aquariums which are all gin clear and low on wastes.
Koi Gardens - sells equipment and other goods for koi enthusiasts
The Pond Doc - a Georgia-based store that sells koi stuff and has an interesting newsletter (not free)
Water Ways Nursery - in Virginia, they sell some waterlilies and marginals on-line
Koiclay.com - sells calcium bentonite clay for koi ponds
Pond Kits - Aquascapes pond kits
Hemphills Online - pond store in Maryland.
Dakota Wind Aeration Systems - sell windmills to aerate large ponds
Freshwater Aquarium Plants - also sell pond plants and some pond stuff
North Bay Ponds & Water - a California-based internet pond store
Seepage Control - sells a liquid polymer, ESS- 13 (which can be added dry or into existing natural ponds), as well as other products that can be used to seal ponds, based in Arizona
Loch Ness Water Gardens - sells aquatic plants, koi, and pond supplies
Garden Supermart - sells pond kits and some supplies
Tranquil Outdoor Fish Ponds - supplies
Pond Land - pumps and supplies
Exotic Aquatics - sell Aquascapes pond kits
American Aquarium Products - sells some pond filters (link request)
PondBiz - sell pond supplies and live plants
Collections, Etc. - do NOT sell pond supplies but sell all sorts of neat, cheap dewhickeys for the garden around your pond.
Jeannies Gifts - presents relating to goldfish and koi (like plates).
Floating Island International - a Montana-based company that sells floating islands. Unlike most I have seen, these are big and can support a good amount of vegetation. They are ideal for adding plants to a large koi or farm pond and/or as islands for turtles or water birds. The islands are made of recycled plastic.
Richdeer3 Pond Supplies
It's Paradise At Home
Just Liners - sells not just pond liners but other pond supplies too
Pond Mega Store
Pond Algae Solutions
Pond Liner- pond supplies
The Pond Outlet
DIY Watergardening
Garden and Pond Depot
Dragonfly Aquatics
Play It Koi

Canadian Pond Companies

Rittenhouse - sell pond and garden supplies in Ontario, Canada
Ponds Online Canada
Canadian Pond Products - Quebec
Dragonfly Landing - Ontario
Canadian Koi and Pond - Ontario
Hydrosphere Water Gardens and Fisheries - Ontario
Burns Water Gardens - Ontario.
Fish Farm Supply Company - Ontario.

USA and UK Pond Building Companies

I have gotten some requests for links to USA pond companies that do not sell internet products but rather just build, repair, clean, etc. ponds. So, they are only of use to those local to them. I will add such links here with their state.

Shamrock Water Gardens - WA, USA.
Pond and Patio and Aquatic Architects - WI, USA.
Pond Life Ponds - UK

Pond Organizations, Clubs, and Tours

I have started a new list of physical (not internet) pond clubs in the USA on my Pond Clubs Page. The clubs below are internet-type clubs or organizations that cover more than the local area.

Internet Pond Society- the IPS site no longer exists; this is an archived version of the site; the IPS is NOT active.
North American Watergardening Society - as of 8/03, this new organization is just getting started and is part of Aquascapes. What it is and does remains to be seen.
International Waterlily and Watergardening Society
Pond Turtles
PondClub.com - international web site for pond clubs. Wait, I just checked it on 12/29/04, and it is now some pond store. The internet is so strange!
PondTours.com - photos from clubs' pond tours
KoiClubs.com - a list of koi-related clubs

Australian Water Gardener - on-line water gardening "magazine."

Pond FAQ's

FAQ = frequently asked questions
rec.ponds = the newsgroup on ornamental ponds for fish, plants, and wildlife

The Usenet rec.ponds newsgroup and old FAQ's are now pretty much a thing of the past (as of 2013) but they are what guided me when I started ponding in 1997. Without them, I probably would never have created my web site as I wanted to improve on their FAQ's. I have found the following archived information.

Internet Pond Society and FAQ's - this is an archived version of a now defunct web site
(http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/k30a/myhomepage/index.html) Pond FAQ - pond information, attempt at an official FAQ for ponders; this site is defunct, and I cannot find an archived version but I left the link in case others can use it for search purposes.
Updated rec.ponds FAQ - good information for new ponders; experienced ponders should contribute to the FAQ; note that this is an archived version as the web site no longer exists

Pond Magazines

I subscribed to these three magazines (now one since two went out of business) and look(ed) forward to their arrivals. Each is a bit different but all are great! All have gone out of business as of 2008!

Watergardening Magazine - information on their magazine, forums, societies, and links; run by the Speichert's of Crystal Palace Perennial (which went out of business in 2003); a fun magazine to read and the best remaining US-based pond magazine. Ok, someone informed me on 12/7/06 that the phone number, purchase ability, and e-mail no longer work on this site. So, I looked through my magazines. The last time I got one of these was March/April 2006 and yet I had paid through November/December 2008. So, I guess they went out of business which happens. I cannot get the extra $60 back that I paid for years in advance. Just like with the magazine below. The thing that bothers me though is that they could not even bother to mention in the last magazine or through a mailing that, "Hey, sorry, we've gone out of business, and you've lost whatever you put into it."

Pond and Garden Magazine - Helen Nash's magazine, includes an eclectic collection of topics. Their last issue was July/August 2001. They have gone bankrupt (I lost my many years of pre-paid subscription). Their web site remained up for quite a while but is now gone except at archive.org. Oh, it looks like Aquascape Designs bought their old URL, sneaky!

Aquascape Designs put out the magazine Aquascape Lifestyles four times a year. This was a beautiful magazine. They did not have outside advertisers and did push their "system" but it was still a worthwhile magazine to read even though I did not agree with 100% of what they say. The photos were gorgeous. I got a notice on 2/23/08 that they too have gone out of business! At least they offered me a parting present to make up for some of the lost money.

Ponds Magazine comes out three times a year. It is run by Fancy Publications. They do not have subscriptions. They did not have a web site but when updating this site on 1/22/07, I found the do have one now. Here is the site for Ponds Magazine.

There are a number of pond, koi, fish, etc. magazines in the UK as well. I do not have web sites but their phone numbers can be found on my fish source page.

On-Line Pond Newsletters

Pondmarket.net will send you a pond newsletter with interesting information every week or two. They do, of course, mention their products a lot. Go to their site to sign up.

Watergarden.com also has a pond newsletter called The Water Garden News with information and product endorsements sent to you via e-mail every two months. Go to their site to sign up.

Pond Newsletter Group - this pond newsletter allows members to post to the group (unlike mine where only I can post), run by Justin who is not selling anything (that I know of). Both this and my newsletter are on the Yahoo Groups system.

Koi and Pond Lovers Mailing List - not really a newsletter but I did not know where else to put it!

Pondmessenger.com and
Pondtrader.com - both are supposed to be e- newsletters but both seem to be really list groups. Both are based in Australia but worldwide in their scope.

I also have a monthly newsletter called Robyn's Pond Newsletter but it is not to sell products but to provide updates on my web site, happenings at my ponds, pond tidbits, links, humor, etc. For more information or to subscribe, go to my pond newsletter page.

Links to Pond Links

AquaSearch PondKeeper Directory
Links2Go Pond Links
Yahoo Pond Links
Pond Links
Pond and Koi Links
Pond links
Bonnie Hill's Pond Site - she provides many links to other pages and is a really nice person!
Mike's Pond Link Page
Sandy's Water Garden & Garden Links & More
Phoaks rec.ponds site - lists messages from rec.ponds that listed pond sites to visit.
4 2 eXplore - an educational site with pond links.
Fantastic Fih Pond - mostly links, some information; yes the word fish is misspelled.

Personal Pond Pages, Some Pond Links, and Miscellaneous Pond Information Sites

Pam's Puddle
John's Page - contains a large number of pond related links
AOU pond pages
Sharky's Pond Page - this link no longer works, and I cannot find where it has moved; if you know, please e-mail me
A Pond Page
Ponds - pictures and basic information on a number of ponder's ponds
Simon's Pond Site - a site in England with lots of pictures of various animals to enjoy
Pond Rushes - includes many links, etc.; this site is often mentioned in pond-related articles in magazines, newspapers, and on the internet
Half-Barrel Pond Page - site on barrel ponds
Indoor Ponderings - indoor pond
Pond Articles - an excellent series of articles on ponds, filtration, and pond ecology
Sealing Natural Ponds - how to keep water in a big pond without a liner
Building a Rubbermaid Stock Tank Filter - building a filter yourself as well as other pond stuff. This is Skippy's filter page.
McNeary's Arborists, Inc. - general pond information, koi stuff, Springflow filtering media, potassium permanganate FAQ, etc.
Pond Forums
The Plant Place - if this link does not work, try this archived version
Aqua Art
Physically Challenged Gardening and In the Country Garden and Gifts
Victoria's Garden - an interesting site on Victoria's ponds in Argentina
Bigsnest Wildlife Pond
Justin's Pond
Wet Web Media - a site with many pond articles
Pond Pictures - a site with various pond photos.
Greg's Pond - includes a section on his pond greenhouse and homemade de-icer. As of 2/04, he will be removing his do-it-yourself pond stuff from his page and charging to buy it on a CD. I wish someone would pay me for the information I provide! I hope the change is worth it for Greg and those who would benefit from the information.
Water Bug Design - do-it-yourself muck mop, silt, brush, stick, and sucker things; this is an archived version of the site which no longer exists
Mr. Pond - includes pond stuff, do-it-yourself filters, etc.
Reg's Garden - a large site with tons of great photos of his HUGE pond, gardens, and aviary in Jersey, UK. He has a 50,000 gph pond pump!!
Pondscaper.com - a visually appealing site. I like the way he has set it up but as of 6/03, the site does not have too much information. I wonder if he got permission for all his nice photos? My site contains just my own lousy photos and those of people who have sent photos to me of their animals and ponds since I do not want to break copyright laws.
Water Features and Garden Railroads
Pond Webcam of John in Calgary, Canada
iheartmypond.com - a site on ponds run by Jeff Daro
Alan Montour's site - information on Victoria water lilies
Victoria Adventure - a large site on Victoria lilies and other lilies, lotuses, and pond plants
Dan's Garden, Fishpond, and Hiking Pages
Backyard Pond Guide - includes information on a homemade pond filter
Northern Pond Page - Carole's Canadian pond site
Garden Ponds - a guide to garden ponds
Potentially Toxic Plants - a list of plants that may poison koi and other pond animals; this is an archived version as the site no longer exists
Keith's Pond
Pond Lifestyles - part of the Aquascape Designs franchise. Pond Lifestyles is a new site with some interesting tidbits mostly on building ponds.
Pond Expert - a UK pond web site
A Do-It-Yourself Skimmer Box
The Washington, Virginia, & Maryland Garden Railway Society - some people have trains go around their ponds
Don's Web Site - includes videos of toads, baby turtles, and how to make faux rock.
Pond Product Reviews
Do-it-yourself filter system


Koi USA - can post questions about koi
Mid Atlantic Koi Club - I am a member
Koi Karnival
Koi Vet - information on koi, their health, and some goldfish stuff too
Koi Club of San Diego
Koi Cymru - The South Wales Section of the British Koi-Keepers' Society - koi pond building, etc.
Koi Net - this is an archived version as the site no longer exists
Koi Unlimited
A Koi Page - a site with animation
Koi & Pond Net
Pond Crisis
Koi Crisis
Heating Your Pond - heaters for koi ponds
Kloubec Koi Farm

For more koi links, go to my koi page.

Other Fish and Animals

For links on goldfish, rosy red minnows, fathead minnows, red shiners, Ozark minnows, bluntnose minnows, aquatic insects, frogs, toads, salamanders, and more, go to my pond page and then go to the page specifically about that animal to see if there are links there.

Pond Web Rings, Banner Exchanges, Search Engines, and Discussion Boards/Forums

Pond Web Rings:

The Internet Pond Society Web Ring is on the bottom of my homepage.

The following rings are found at the bottom of my pond page:

Pond Banner Exchanges:

The Koi Pond Banner Exchange

Pond Search Engines:

Pond Search Engine

Pond Discussion Boards/Forums:

Fishpondinfo.com Message Board - this is the site I set up for this web site so people who visit this site can share. It is not moderated and visitors can both view questions/answers and submit them without registering.
Rec.ponds - now moderated, yay! This used to be a newsgroup but is now part of Google groups.
Pond Keepers Yahoo Group
Water Gardening Magazine Discussion
Garden Web Pond Forum
The Garden Pond Community
Pond Plant Aquatic Plant Exchange Community - a place to go to trade those leftover pond plants! In the summer of 2002, this site will be moved to this site by MSN.
Goldfish Lovers Pond Discussion Group
Pondresource.com - pond forums
Ponds-Koi Yahoo Group
Worldwide Koi Club Yahoo Group
IHeartMyPond.com Forum
Care2 Pond Lovers Group - I started this one
Pond Hobbyist Forum - a very large forum
American Ponders - another pond forum
KoiPhen Forum
The Pond Lady Forum

Other Links

See my fish source page and the pond catalogs above for more links.

See my pond plant page for aquatic plant links.

See my barley straw page for links on barley straw.

See all my pages for more specific links!

Aquatic Life and Ecology Interests on the Internet - all sorts of links relating to aquatic life and ecology

Pet Link Banner Exchange:

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