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Robyn's Pond Clubs Page

Last Updated: 2/19/11

I have been meaning to start a list of physical pond clubs in the USA for a long time. The only reason I had not before was because you can find them on other sites. I will do my best to fill this list out (no time right now). For now, there are only a few entries. If you would like your club added, then contact me. To save space, in most cases, I have only included URL's that currently (1/6/05) go through and cities if easily found listed on the site. You can request more information be written here for your club if you like or provide contact information for those archaic clubs that do not have web sites. If a link no longer works, try searching the internet with the name of the club in quotes to find their new web site.

See these pages for a list of more clubs until I can get them all up here:

Club list
Club list
Club list
AKCA Club list
Pond and Koi Clubs


Koi Club of San Diego
San Francisco Bay Area Koi Club


Colorado Water Garden Society - Denver, CO

Rocky Mountain Koi Club


The Atlanta Koi Club


Midwest Pond & Koi Society
Prairieland Koi & Pond Society
Central Illinois Water Gardeners


Illiana Garden Pond Society
Wabash Valley Water Garden Society - Terre Haute, IN


Eastern Iowa Pond Society



I live in Maryland. There were no clubs at all in my state that I know of but now there is one small koi club based in a store in the south but too far from where I live. I do not have their web site. I made up a site for my fake Central Maryland Pond Club. It alas does not exist.


Capital Koi & Water Gardening Club - Lansing, MI
Michigan Koi & Pond Club - Southeast Chapter


Water Garden Society of Greater Kansas City

New Mexico:

The Santa Fe Pond Society & Koi Appreciation Club

North Carolina:

Piedmont Koi & Watergarden Society - Charlotte, NC


Northwest Koi and Goldfish Club


Nashville Pond Society

Texas (winner I think for the most clubs!!!):

Austin Koi Club
Austin Pond Society
Lone Star Koi Club - Houston, TX
The North Texas Watergardening Society
Ogalalla Water Gardeners
The Water Garden Club of South Texas
Waco Pond Society


Mid Atlantic Koi Club - MAKC. They have a monthly magazine. Meetings also held in other Mid-Atlantic states with most in VA, NJ, and NY, a few in PA, and one or two per decade in my state of MD.


Olympic Koi, Goldfish, and Water Garden Club - Kistsap County, Washington. "A non-profit organization dedicated to the raising, breeding, exhibiting, and care of koi fish, or Nishikigoi, goldfish, and upkeep of fish ponds and water gardens with yearly pond tours."


Central Ontario Koi and Pond Club

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