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Koi Photos and Links

Last Updated: 5/13/16

Koi Photos
Major Koi Web Sites
Koi Clubs
Koi Stores
Koi Magazines
Personal Koi Web Pages

Web sites on this page were last tested on 12/19/08.

Koi Photos

Photos of my koi can be seen here.

Here are some photos of other people's koi listed from newest to oldest.

Koi in the largest pond at the Washington, D.C. zoo on 10/2/11.

Jessica sent these photos of a young, mixed-breed butterfly koi to me on 3/8/07 to identify the species of fish. I had the photos for a while and decided to link them in here since the koi is so pretty.
Butterfly koi - left side
Butterfly koi - left side; the chin barbels are extra evident in this photo
Butterfly koi - left side
Butterfly koi - right side

Photos of Koi - this page has lots of photos that I took of various fancy koi at Ladew Topiary Gardens on 6/14/06.

Here is a photo of koi at Lilypons in Frederick, MD taken on 8/31/03: Lilypons koi.

Major Koi Web Sites

Koi Vet - lots of koi and pond information; THE site to visit if you have a koi health question. Also, see some of Dr. Johnson's related koi pages such as Koicrisis.com (now defunct), Koilab.com, and Koinews.com (now defunct). He has a bunch more sites too.

KoiFace - "The social network for koi and pond enthusiasts."

Koi Clubs

Mid Atlantic Koi Club - MAKC, I am a member; they have a monthy magazine and a book with copies of their best articles from the past; really the best source for new koi keepers on the Eastern Coast of the United States

Associated Koi Clubs of America - AKCA

Northwest Koi & Goldfish Club

Koi Club of San Diego

The British Koi Keepers Society

Koi Cymru - The South Wales Section of the British Koi-Keepers' Society - koi pond building, etc.

Ponds-Koi Yahoo Group

Worldwide Koi Club Yahoo Group

KoiClubs.com - a list of koi clubs

Koi Stores

Quality Koi Company, Inc. - sell koi and supplies

Koi Unlimited - this is a store in Florida; the one in Maryland is gone?

Koi-zyme - a safe product made to help koi combat Aeromonas and other nasty bacteria; formerly called Lymnozyme.

Koiclay.com - sells calcium bentonite clay which is reported to improve the health of koi via the addition of minerals

Fancy Koi Outlet - sell koi supplies including koi-zyme, medicated food, and koi clay which may be hard to find at general pond suppliers.

Pond Armor - a product painted onto a surface to make it water tight and useable for a pond

Kloubec Koi Farm

The Koi Keepers - sell koi

Razor Back Koi - sell koi and supplies (link request)

Videokoi.com - sells a koi video featuring Dr. Johnson of koivet.com fame.

Happy Koi - a South African koi store and web site

Heating Your Pond - heaters for koi ponds

Koi Nursery - sell koi

Laguna Koi Ponds

Next Day Koi

Koi Magazines

Koi USA - magazine; a lot of basic to advanced koi information and forums on all the various aspects of koi keeping

Nishikigoi International - koi magazine

Personal Koi Web Pages

Koi Karnival

Koi Net

Koi Page - a site with animation

Living Jewels - a koi site

Antonio's Koi - includes a page showing some of the different varieties of koi

Nishikigoi Information

Koi TV

Koi Search - a Google search more specific to koi

For other pond web sites that may contain koi information as well and also for catalogs that contain koi-related supplies and koi themselves, go to my Pond Sources Page.

See the bottom of my pond page for the All Koi Pond Tour Web Ring as well as general pond web rings.

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