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Robyn's Pond Catalogs Page

Last Updated: 1/30/12


A good place to start for new pond keepers is to get as many free pond catalogs as you can. Even if you do not order from them, you will see what plants, animals, equipment, setups, etc. are available and obtain ideas. For those of us who already have ponds, we can always find new and exciting things to consider buying as well as new ideas.

For UK residents: For phone numbers to call for some free pond catalogues in the UK, go to my fish source page under UK catalogues. All of the catalogues listed below are in the United States since that is where I live.

All of these catalogs are free unless otherwise noted.

The ones with a * in front of their names are the ones that I use myself and recommend.

There are just hundreds of places you could call to get free (or cheap) catalogs! These are just the ones that I have gotten. I am not affiliated with any of these companies.

The catalogs are pretty much in the order which I received them.

Pond Catalogs

Get a free pond catalog from *That Pet Place in Pennsylvania by calling 1-888-THATPET. They have excellent prices on dry goods and a few plants.

RC Steele of New York sells a very few pond supplies. Call 1-800-872-3773 for a free catalog.

Get a free catalog containing live plants and supplies at great prices from *Aqua-Mart (now AAA Pond Supply) in Florida by calling 1-800-245-5814.

*MD Aquatic Nurseries has a huge selection of all sorts of live plants and supplies. The prices are very high but the pictures, descriptions, and selection of plants cannot be beat. Their number is 410-557-7615.

Lilyblooms will send you a catalog if you call 1-800-921-0005. They sell plants and supplies.

Another source I have yet to use is Webb's Water Gardens. They have plants and supplies. Located in Maryand, you can get a free catalog by calling 410-879-3545 or 410-879-3900.

*Lilypons in Maryland will send you a catalog if you call 1-800-999-5459. They sell lilies, lotus, marginals, fish, tadpoles, supplies, etc. You cannot beat their selection of lilies!

One can also get a free pond catalog from *Drs. Foster and Smith by calling 1-800-826-7206. Based in WI, they specialize in cats and dogs and aquarium supplies but really cover everything these days.

I received a catalog from Petsolutions which includes a few pond supplies in their aquarium catalog. Also in Ohio, their phone numbe is 1-800-737-3868.

For those of you with large ponds, Zett's Tri-State Fish Farm & Hatchery in West Virginia sells mostly game fish in the area. Call 814-345-5357 for a free catalog. They sell bass, crappie, blue gills, perch, trout, sunfish, channel, bullhead, and white catfish, walleye, pike, minnows (including rosy red and fathead minnows), shiners, goldfish, koi, snails, aquatic turtles, clams, tadpoles, crayfish, lilies, bog plants, and supplies. Unfortunately, I cannot buy from them because they only sell in huge quantities, usually 100+ fish. Stephanie e-mailed me to say that if you visit them in person, you can get smaller quantities.

Ever wonder about microscopic life in your pond? Want to start your new pond out right? Do what I did; add microorganisms to the pond. Send a self-addressed and stamped envelope to *L.F.S. Cultures, P.O. Box 607, University, MS 38677 for information. I got Euglena, infusuria, rotifers, scuds, seed shrimp, cyclops, Daphnia Magna, and Daphnia Pulex. There are also other companies that sell these animals to be used as fish food. I added them to not only eat and be eaten by animals but to eat suspended algae and unwanted gunk.

If you or someone you know works at a school, university, or at a science-related business, Carolina Math and Scientific will send you a catalog there. They will ship to individuals homes, just not send the catalog there. Some unusual live animals and plants can be bought there including salamanders (eggs, larvae, and adults), mosquito fish, Bluegill, daphnia, mosquitos, algae, and duckweed (yeh, like you want those mosquito and algae!), butterfly larvae, and a lot more. Unfortunately, all their frogs are injected with hormones and other toxins for "study." Their number is 1-800-334-5551.

Do you have a BIG pond? Aquatic Eco-Systems, Inc. has large systems for fish farming and ponders with large ponds. Call 1-800-422-3939 for a free catalog.

Aquatic Creations in Maryland carries a number of pond supplies including a lot of interesting filters and nice pre-formed ponds. Call 301-831-8200 for a free catalog. Note that the web site may no longer work.

Kellyco Water Garden Center in Florida carries a lot of dry goods. Their catalog includes hard to find excellent filtration systems, filter floss, chest waders, and complete pond systems. One can reach them at 1-800-524-3784. Note that the web site may no longer work.

*Paradise Water Gardens in Massachusetts sells a wide range of supplies including pre-formed ponds and lots of varieties of water lilies and other aquatic plants. They also sell live fish including hard-to-find orfes. I ordered a number of plants from them. Although they looked poor on arrival, all have done well except a tropical lily that the mosquito fish kept picking at in one of my tubs. Their prices are a bit high but I got a number of free plants with my order. Their number for a free catalog is 1-800-955-0161.

Aquacenter in MS sells supplies for aquaculture. They do sell some things that water gardeners might need for big ponds like large systems and lower priced bioballs, etc. Call 1-800-748-8921. Note that the web site may no longer work.

Fairfield Garden Center in New Jersey will send a free catalog if you call 973-227-4449 or request one at their web site. They provide information as well as merchandise in the catalog which is mostly supplies.

Hunting Creek Fisheries in Thurmont, Maryland sells common, comet, shubunkin, and other varieties of fancy goldfish as well as koi, rosy red minnows, golden orfe, trapdoor snails, tadpoles and fish food. They do not have a catalog yet so contact them for more information.

*C & S Garden Pond, Construction and Landscape Company - ponds, filters, and C & S Aquaculture which is supposed to clear up your pond. Since I could not see more than one inch into my pond, I bought some in the spring of 1998. I used this bacterial mix for about 3 months before my pond became crystal clear but I believe a 99% pond coverage with invasive salvinia was the main reason for the clarity. By the following spring of 1999, the water was again pea soup for a few months despite continual use of C & A Aquaculture as well as barley straw (see my pond algae page for more information). Now, the pea soup only lasts a few weeks in spring. The pond is clear most of the time. You can also call Charles at 918-808-3179 to order if the web site is down. Update 10/2/01: All possible methods of contacting Charles (web site, e-mail, phone, and mail) have mysteriously ceased to work. It was reported by Cindy that CSA can be bought as a produce called Bi-Aquaculture from this site. In fact, this last site may no longer work anymore either! You can order a product called BZT Aquaculture which is exactly the same as CSA directly from http://www.united-tech.com/. To get a smaller amount of BZT than sold on their web site, call United Tech at 1-918-610-5205 and ask for the Ponder's Special. Tell them Robyn sent you! It is about $41 with shipping.

Suburban Water Gardens based in New York, will send a sort of catalog preview (with no pricing) for free if you call 516-643-3418. For $5, they will send a large catalog with color and prices. The preview only had information on various filters and UV sterilizers but I assume that they sell other products in their "real" catalog.

*Crystal Palace Perennial is now out of business. They used to send a free catalog if you went to their web site or called 219-374-9419 in Indiana. They sold plants and equipment. They sold a lot of varieties of plants. Their web site had a page with information on some of the plants, including zones, heights, planting depths, etc. like I have on my plant lists. It is too bad that it is all gone!

A company called Planttabs now sells a few items (no catalog) mail order. They sell aquatic plant fertilizers, like Pondtabs, and a few other things like barley hay (see here for more information). They are located in Maryland, and their phone number is 1-800-227-4340.

I recently discovered that a pond supplier exists near to me in Baltimore, Maryland. By calling 1-800-477-7724, I received a free Pond Builder's Handbook from Resource Conservation Technology, Inc.. This company makes "the only pond-grade Butyl rubber in the United States." Their butyl rubber and EPDM liners seem reasonably priced and extra special for pond use. They will even cut liners into shapes. Underliners, CIM, lights, fountains, filters (all kinds including bog filters and filter media), pumps, UV sterilizers, etc. are also sold. Their catalog contains a great overview of liner technology and various filtration systems. I found it highly educational. They ship all over the US.

Al Zimmer's Ponds & Supplies based in Pennsylvania will send a free catalog (papers stapled together, mostly lists, few pictures). They have a wide selection of pond supplies (no living plants or animals). Call 1-800-722-8877.

Aquatic Dragon will send a print out of their web site selling some pond plants, snails, toads, and frogs if you e- mail them at aquaticdragonusa@hotmail.com. Their web site may not be functional.

M & S Ponds and Supplies has a free catalog you can obtain by going to their web site or calling them. Their number is 619-679-8729, and they are based in CA. Their black and white catalog specializes in koi related supplies such as filters, UVC's, ponds, pumps, books, food, etc. but they also sell a battery air pump (I use them for power outages), wooden bridges, wind socks, lilies, and more.

Water Creations, based in Iowa, has a free catalog. Call 1-800-475-2044. It seems to be geared more towards retailers because there are many kits, and the prices are relatively high. They sell all sorts of pond supplies.

Quality Koi Company in Pennsylvania has a free catalog with all sorts of koi supplies including lots of filters, books, chemicals, and the koi themselves. They also sell some live goldfish, plants, and lilies. Their prices seem high but they "guarantee the lowest prices," and the catalog seems complete. Call 215-988-9723 or visit their web site linked above.

*Waterplants.com in Colorado has some of the most inexpensive aquatic plants of which I know. They sell water lilies (84+ hardy, 47+ tropical varieties) and lotuses (11+ varieties), Louisiana irises (85+ varieties), and a few marginals (16+), floaters (5+), and submerged plants (4) as well. The average cost of one of their lilies or lotuses is about $15! I received a lotus, an iris, a lily, water hyacinth, and water lettuce from them in the spring of 2000, and the plants were as in good a shape as any place I have ordered from before (maybe even better shape). Their phone number for orders only is 1-877-752-6979. Go to their web site to request a catalog which is also on-line.

Reeds 'n Weeds in Kentucky has a large selection of pond hardware including a good selection of OASE products. Their phone number is 1-888- 909-5721 for a catalog. As of 2001, they have changed their name to waterponds.com.

Avian Aquatics in Delaware sells bird baths and ponds for songbirds, including waterfalls, drippers, heaters, etc. Their phone number is 1-800-788-6478 for a free catalog.

Willow Pond Aqua Farms in New York sells all sorts of fish, amphibians, water plants, fountains, and some pond supplies. Their phone number is 1-888-854-8945 for a catalog.

William Tricker, Inc. in Ohio sells lilies, marginals, floaters, submerged plants, goldfish and koi, snails, tadpoles, and pond supplies. The company was started way back in 1895! Their catalog costs $5. Call 1-800-524-3492 or use their web site.

Perry's Watergardens sells lilies, lotus, and marginals. You may have to pay for this catalog (I asked for it free in exchange for posting on my web sites). The prices are moderate and the lily selection is very good. Call 828-524- 3264. Note that the web site may no longer work.

LaBrak's Garden Path & Pond sells a lot of neat stuff! In addition to water lilies, supplies, fountains, pumps, and some great pond kits, they have bridges, water wheels, stepping stones, and benches. I wish my pond had a spot suitable for a nice bridge! The prices are mostly reasonable but bridges, water wheels, etc. are big investments. I got their free catalog by requesting it on-line but you can call them in New York at 518-529- 8972 as well.

Springdale Water Gardens sells lilies, lotus, marginals, submerged plants, and more. Their prices are moderate and the selection is good. Their phone number in Virginia is 1-800-420-5459.

eponds.com sells supplies including some neat stuff. Their prices are moderate. Their phone number in Michigan is 1-866-620-6088 but I requested their catalog on-line.

Ponds, Plants and More sells a few supplies and plants and some neat garden knick-knacks. Their prices are moderate to sometimes high. Their phone number in Pennsylvania is 724-239-6673.

Pond Mart sells supplies and some plants. They also have the most beautiful hand-painted benches including ones with a pond scene which I would love to get! Prices are moderate. Their phone number in Maryland is 1-877-844-7663 (toll free).

The Pond Guy sells regular pond supplies plus those for large ponds, a turtle trap, and lots of poisons to kill aquatic algae and other plants. Their phone number in MI is 1-888-766-3520. They are not associated with the previous "The Pond Guy" with the similar URL that vanished a few years ago (2000?).

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