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Sexy Shrimp

Last Updated: 8/14/19

One of my sexy shrimp on 9/27/08.

My Sexy Shrimp
Sexy Shrimp Photos

I wish I had time to write about the various species and types of saltwater shrimp as well as about sexy shrimp. Instead, I will just tell you about mine.

I also have a page on freshwater shrimp.

My Sexy Shrimp

I really, really wanted some freshwater shrimp for one of my reef tanks. My 12 gallon tank already had five hermit crabs so the crustacean contingent was pretty full. The 6 gallon tank had just two crabs but ones that were potentially more dangerous. Scary is an unknown species but still only half an inch in size. Grabby is a emerald mithrax crab and an inch wide already. After doing some research where I read that a number of people had mithrax crabs and sexy shrimp together, I decided to get some. Since they are gregarious and like company, I opted for two although I read it is better to have either one or three. I really would have liked to have gotten a coral banded shrimp but they are too big for either of my tanks. The sexy shrimp are the smallest shrimp I could get. And, boy are they small!

My two sexy shrimp arrived on 9/27/08 from Live Aquaria. They are maybe a third of an inch long but very boisterous and strong. They went through the drip acclimation and introduction to the tank with no problem. I named them Dip and Dot since they are half white dots. Dip and Dot like to hang around the smaller rocks at the front of the tank where I can see them. True to their name, they spend most of the time wiggling their rears up and down. So far, I have not seen them eat but they are so small, I do not know how I would see it anyway.

By 11/15/08, Dot is twice the size of Dip. So, Dot is a girl, and Dip is a boy. I had an Aunt Dot (short for Dorothy) so that is a female name while Dip is self explanatory! If they decide to breed, I am sure the crabs and Larry (the clown goby) will eat their babies.

Dip grew larger, almost as big as Dot. Then, in early June 2010, one of them vanished. I think Dot died. If she was eaten by Scary or died and then was eaten, I do not know. I am not positive that the survivor is Dip but he is hanging out in the Ricordia mushroom which was Dip's favorite spot.

Dip disappeared around 7/17/10. ;-(

I got two new sexy shrimp from Live Aquaria on 5/15/12. I had two peppermint shrimp in the interim. The two sexy shrimp were itty bitty and nearly dead when I got them but they were still alive a few days later and had colored back up. I have not named them (afraid to jinx it). I think I need more though as they are so tiny that it is hard to find them!

By 8/13/12, I have not seen more than one sexy shrimp at any one time in a few weeks so one of them in presumed dead.

By late 2012, the sexy shrimp were gone, all presumed dead. ;-(

On 3/23/19, I added two new sexy shrimp from Live Aquaria. As of 8/11/19, they are both still alive.

Sexy Shrimp Photos

Photos are listed from oldest to newest.

Sexy shrimp on 9/27/08.

Both of my sexy shrimp on 9/28/08.

I was taking these photos on 10/4/08 of the new corals, and the sexy shrimp happened to be in the photos too.
Sexy shrimp.
Sexy shrimp.
Sexy shrimp.

These photos were taken on 11/30/08:
Sexy shrimp - Dip on the left, Dot on the right.
Sexy shrimp - Dip on the left, Dot on the right, view from above.
Sexy shrimp - Dip on the left, Dot on the right.
Dip - close-up from the last photo.
Dot - close-up from the last photo.

This is a nice photo of Dip and Dot together on 7/24/09. You can see how much bigger she is than he.
Dip (right) and Dot (left)

Dot picked up an Aiptasia after I killed it on 12/5/09 and tried to eat it. See my nano reefs blog Part 9 for more details.
Dot with the dead Aiptasia

Dip - I took this photo for the bristleworm but you can see Dip sitting on the green Ricordia mushroom in the 6 gallon tank on 1/26/10.

Dip and Dot on 5/19/10. This is the last photo that I have of both of them. One disappeared in early July 2010.

Here are my two new sexy shrimp in drip acclimation on 5/15/12:
Two sexy shrimp
Two sexy shrimp

I was taking photos of new corals on 5/18/12, and there was a sexy shrimp in each of these photos (not close-ups):
Sexy shrimp
Sexy shrimp
Sexy shrimp

Sexy shrimp in a coral photo on 5/27/12.

Here are links to Live Aquaria which show photos and information about the sexy shrimp that I got as well as the coral banded shrimp I had wanted and also peppermint shrimp I had once considered (they sometimes eat apistasia anemones).

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