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My Koi

Last Updated: 6/20/23

Kojak (left) and Mac (right) in the bag, the day that I got them, 9/14/08.

My First Three Koi - deceased
Maggie and Colin
Mac and Kojak - deceased
Mac 2 - deceased
Nikita, Alex, and Riley - Riley deceased
Photos of My Koi

As of 1/23/14, I have four living koi - Colin, Nikita, Alex, and Riley.

My First Three Koi

My 1800 gallon pond was built in May of 1997. At that time, I bought three small butterfly koi. Two died that same year. One was mostly white, and one was mostly metallic orange with some black spots. They were gorgeous. Both died while under 6 inches long. Remmy (mostly black calico) survived but died on 3/21/99 after a winter and early spring with wildly fluctuating temperatures. He suffered from fin rot and lethargy before dying. He was about 12 inches long, and I had had him for two years. So, things did not go so well for koi in my pond that first year!

Maggie and Colin

In 1998, I bought Maggie and Colin. They are named after characters from the TV show Sliders (Quinn and Wade were two goldfish in my 50 gallon tank so those names were used first years ago). Information on their pond can be found at my 1800 gallon pond page.

Maggie was a metallic orange butterfly koi. She had some larger black scales on her back. Her fins were not as long as Colins fins. She may in fact not have been a butterfly koi (or a partial one). She had some fin damage early on that may have kept her fins shorter. By 1999, Maggie was about a foot long. By 2008, she was over 1.5 feet long. Colin is a white butterfly koi with a few small black spots. He has longer fins and is more slender so I believe he is male. He weighs less than Maggie but is about the same length.

By 4/4/03, Colin and Maggie grew to about a foot and a half long. Neither one had shown any interest in spawning together along with the goldfish or orfe in the shallows.

Maggie got stuck in some nylon rope in the pond on 10/8/07. You can read about it in the November 2007 pond newsletter under Happenings at Robyn's Pond #3. She was okay as of 11/10/07. Both koi seemed to be still about 18" long but might be larger. It was hard to tell without actually catching them to measure.

On 5/1/12, I noticed Maggie hanging out in the semi-shallows and near the surface. She never did that before. The next day, she was doing it more and was very still. I was worried it was the end, and, unfortunately, I was right. She was dead the morning of 5/3/12. I took photos and measurements and examined her. She was 26" long and 12 pounds. I used the human scale by weighing myself holding a net with her and then without her and subtracting. She had about three small Aeromonas-type lesions on her, some minor fin rot on her caudal fin, and one large scale was missing. She was a Doitsu so she only had a dozen scales or so on her entire body. None of those things was fatal. From her vent, there was swelling, protrusion, and blood. I surmised that she died of a long-term internal bacterial infection. I do not normally bury dead pond fish and considered burying her but it would have been a lot of work. So, I put her at the back of the property so that, in death, she could feed various animals such as cats, foxes, raccoons, maggots, and even provide "chew toys" for the squirrels who chew on bones to wear down their teeth. I have many times heard a strange noise only to find a squirrel chewing on a deer bone or a box turtle shell. On 5/5/12, I went back to look at the body, and it was still there. Some animal(s) had eaten her vent area out. Inside, I could see a few cups of roe. I saw no signs of tumors. I know for sure that she was female. Since I have never seen a baby koi, I am wondering if maybe I am wrong about Colin. If Colin is female, that would explain the lack of fry and also could explain Maggie's death. She could have died at least partially from egg binding. She was always grossly fat, much more than svelte Colin. I had Maggie for 14 years so she was probably 15 years old.

Update 1/23/14: Colin is still alive. The three younger koi keep him interested in life. Colin has a few lymphocystis-type growths on his back but they are small and come and go. He also gets blood streaking in his fins that comes and goes with the seasons. Colin is coming up on 17 years old making him/her my second oldest fish after Plecy, my indoor pleco that I got in 1995 who is going to be 20 years old.

Mac and Kojak

On 9/14/08, I went to the Mid-Atlantic Koi Show (I had gone twice before). This time, I decided I was going to get two more koi even though I do not have a "real" koi pond (no skimmer, vortex, bubble bead filter, bottom drain, UV, and so on) or really spare room in the pond. Maggie and Colin were a decade old, and I worried about them. While koi can live over a hundred years, fish in my care usually are not so lucky. I wanted to get a Sanke koi and one other one. I bought Mac and Kojak from a booth set up by Quality Koi Company based out of New Jersey.

Mac was named after MAKC (Mid-Atlantic Koi Club). Kojak was an alteration of Kujaku which is the variety that he was. Mac was a Sanke with a red head and mostly red and black on the body with less white. I was told that more white would appear as she aged. Kojak was a Kujaku, also called a metallic peacock. He was platinum with patches of brownish red. I did not know their sexes but would call Mac a girl and Kojak a boy. I needed to quarantine them as a responsible pond owner would so I had bought and set up a 50 gallon stock tank the weekend before in the basement. I would also overwinter my tropical marginals in there. I put in some bricks (the pots sit on them; the bricks have been used in the 20 gallon indoor pond for years so they are aged), black pots, fake plants, and a clay pot for hiding places. The pond was netted to keep the koi in and the cats out. I bought a PondMaster 190 pump and filter which pumps 190 gph. It had a white mechanical filter and a black carbon-impregnated filter I planned to change every 4 weeks or so (squirt off weekly if needed). There was also an air stone and a bag of ceramic biological media on top of the filter box. I was hoping the pots from outside will bring in good bacteria (and snails for the koi to eat).

I tried to measure Mac and Kojak but they did not really sit still! My guess was that Mac was 7" long and Kojak 5.5" long but they certainly did not seem that big (they were sold in the 7 to 8 inch length sale pond). They were very skinny. I would monitor the ammonia and nitrite. If the water quality was still good in a month, they could stay inside for the winter so we could enjoy them, and they would be safe. If the water quality deteriorated, despite water changes and filter cleanings, I could still put them outside for the winter although I would rather not. While they were being quarantined, I did not treat them with anything (aside from low levels of salt). When I have quarantined poor quality fish (feeder fish mostly), I always medicated those. These guys seemed healthy!

They mostly hid for the first day which made sense. They had spent three days at the koi show being chased with a net, picked up, put back, and so on. Mac came up to eat some koi pellets on 9/16/08. They were so gorgeous! I wished I could get some good photos of them!

Mac and Kojak were healthy and thriving. On 1/3/09, I cleaned their pond as I did every Saturday. Kojak was dashing around as always since they got scared when I clean the pond. Wait, where was Mac? I looked around the pond; she was gone. The pond was netted but there were some small gaps in a few places. I looked around outside the pond but there were so many obstacles that I saw nothing. A little bit later, I pulled out the electrical cord to the cat water fountain. Out with it came Mac. From the looks of her, she had been dead two days. I was so upset. She was gorgeous, my dream koi. She jumped out a tiny gap at the edge of the net which I tried to make smaller (at that time and previously). If only I had been around when she jumped, I might have seen her in time. If she had landed anywhere else, the cats would have chewed on her but she was hidden behind the litter pan backdrops (which kept the litter out of the pond when the cats kicked it). Mac was 7 inches long when she died. Kojak was now alone and lonely. It was not meant to be for me to have the Sanke I wanted. I would try to put it out of my head. Most people think of fancy clothes, jewelry, make-up, and vacations when it comes to having a lot of money. I have none of those nor do I want them. I want a real koi pond!

There was finally a warm day on 4/18/09 to release Kojak in to the 1800 gallon pond. The water had been 60 degrees F the day before but was 53 degrees F at dawn, later to go to 65 degrees F with an almost 80 degree F air temperature. As soon as Kojak found the tons of other fish, he immediately stuck with them like glue. He had been alone for over three months and now thought he had died and gone to heaven. I measured Kojak at 7" but he looked minute next to the adult goldfish and orfe and completely insignificant next to huge Maggie and Colin.

Kojak did incredibly well and was never sick until his last day. Sunday, 8/14/11, was a very sad day at the pond. I found my gorgeous purebred koi, Kojak, dead. He was a Kujaku koi. Twice a day during feedings, I always looked for the three koi, Maggie, Colin, and baby Kojak as well as the two adult orfe. There were too many goldfish to tell apart or check on. Only my single shubunkin goldfish was unique enough for me to tell from the others. I had noticed that Kojak was not easily found the last few days but usually sighted near the bottom instead of feeding. Kojak was in the shallows this morning. I could not net him as he was too heavy, maybe 10 pounds. I tried to grab him but he was ubber slimy. I finally got him out. I examined him. He had dropsy. Remember, I check for him daily and had seen no signs of anything physically wrong. The cause of the dropsy was evident once I got the right view. He had a large gash/hole at the top of his dorsal fin. It did not appear to have originated as an illness and was sudden as he was fine a few days before. I think either the heron put a hole in him there, or he cut himself by getting stuck in the black hiding area meant to protect the fish from the heron. Either way, the gash led to infection, dropsy, and death. I got the ruler and camera. He was an incredible (to me) 17". I had him just under three years. He was the only fish in my pond worth any money but, more than that, he was gorgeous. In death, his metallic silver was gone replaced by a septicemic white. Photos are below.

Mac 2

On 10/4/09, I went to the Mid-Atlantic Koi Club Show. I decided to get a replacement koi for Mac the Sanke who jumped out of quarantine this past winter. I did not quarantine Mac 2 so that was a big risk but she seemed very healthy. Mac 2 came from Eastern Nishikigoi. I did not measure her but she was about 5". I paid $30 for her. I acclimated Mac to the pond by putting her and the water in a plastic litter bucket with a lid. I added about 50% the volume with pond water to the bucket and added more every 20 minutes or so for an hour before releasing her by hand.

Mac 2 did well, it seemed. I was shocked on 3/7/10 when I removed a dead "goldfish" to discover it was Mac 2 who had died. She was 7" long and had been dead about a month, hidden out of view.

Nikita, Alex, and Riley

On 9/25/11, I went to the Mid-Atlantic Koi Club's annual show. They did not have a show in 2010. I got Mac and Kojak in 2008 and Mac 2 in 2009. My family bought three koi on 9/25/11. I got them from Kloubec Koi Farm who had a booth at the show. The fish had been in the same water for three days, and they were jumping quite often as the ammonia was really bad in there. The koi were all in the 3 to 4 inch range in size but very slender.

The three new koi are:
1. Nikita = Doitsu Kujaku; similar to my poor deceased Kojak; metallic gray and orange; named after the Nikita on TV who is very tough
2. Alex = Doitsu Sanke, similar to Mac and Mac 2; calico; Nikita's side-kick
3. Riley = Yamabuki butterfly; longfin metallic gold; my brother picked the koi variety that he wanted; my niece named her after a friend

When I got home, I poured the koi and water in to a plastic bucket with lid. I put in about 50% as much of the water from the basement pond. I repeated this every ten minutes for about four times. Perhaps it was faster; I needed to get them in to the pond. The water they were in was horrible, dirty, smelly. They seemed very happy after I netted them in to the basement pond. I got them some Hikari Gold koi food at the show which they loved.

Nikita, Alex, and Riley were gorgeous and happy.

I had problems with ammonia that would not go away in the pond but the fish seemed perfectly happy. I bailed six to eight buckets of water twice a week for water changes. On 10/21/11, I heard a strange splashing. Alex had gotten on top of the vinyl-coated hardware cloth! There were gaps where the plants were and where the fountain comes out. I had used cable ties to make all the holes smaller than the koi. The only spot she could have gotten up was the fountain. I put more cable ties there and a mesh bag to try to prevent this again. Since Mac 1 and Mac 2 were Sanke that I wanted the most, and Mac 1 jumped from the same pond (different lid), and Mac 2 died her first winter, I would have been heart sick to lose Alex from a jump out too. My father had said there was no reason I needed to be home on time from work but, if I had not been there then (an hour late!), Alex would have died.

I released Nikita, Alex, and Riley in to the 1800 gallon pond on 4/4/12. They joined right up with the other fish like they had been there all the time. They were 7" long with Alex being the largest and Riley a little smaller. The ammonia level in the basement pond at the time of release was 2 ppm so I am sure they were happy to get outside even if it was a little colder at 56 degrees F.

As of 1/23/14, Nikita, Alex, and Riley are doing well with Colin in the big pond. The koi stick together most of the time.

I noticed Colin and Riley chasing Alex in the pond on 4/8/14. That would seem to indicate that Colin and Riley are male, and Alex is female but these would just be guesses. My koi have never spawned but maybe this year. Nikita did not participate (perhaps meaning a female without eggs?). Later note - I never got baby koi.

In May of 2017, Alex suddenly got a bad case of popeye in her right eye. After a week, it went away. She seemed better and rejoined the others. But, then, a lump developed under the eye which eventually partially ruptured and again pushed her eye out. It was some kind of tumor, most likely bacterial as they are most common. It really sucks because she was my third Sanke, and each time they die. I'm afraid she won't live much longer. She is lethargic and starting to show signs of dropsy from a major infection. There's nothing I can do. There are no koi vets in this state, and she's too far gone for any topical antibiotics to do anything. Update 6/26/17: Shortly after I wrote the above, Alex's lump under her eye migrated down below her jaw and ruptured the skin. Since then, not only is Alex alive but her ruptured tumor seems to have healed over. She is acting normally. I sure wish I knew what was going on?!

Late on 6/18/23, I noticed that Riley was laying on her side and breathing heavily. The other fish seemed fine. She was not injured that I could tell and was my largest and fastest koi who was very healthy. When I came home from work on 6/19/23, Riley was gone. I removed her. She weighed 15 pounds (used human scale with me holding her). She was 33.5 inches long with tail and 22 inches without tail. The other fish seem fine so I have no idea why she died suddenly. I did not cut her open to verify that she was a female with eggs so Riley might have been male as well. Riley was more than 12 years old which is not old for a koi.

Photos of My Koi

Photos of koi belonging to other people can be seen here.


The photos are listed newest to oldest.

Riley on 3/27/16.

Here are my koi on 4/12/15:
Nikita (bottom), Colin (left), Alex (middle), and Riley (right) - also two orfe and a bunch of goldfish.
Nikita and an orfe.
Riley and an orfe.

I took a lot of photos of the big pond fish on 4/10/14. My koi, Colin, Nikita, Alex, and Riley are in most of the photos.
All four koi
All four koi
All four koi
Colin and Nikita
Alex and Riley
All four koi
Colin, Nikita, and Alex
Colin, Nikita, and Alex

Pond fish on 3/23/14. I can see all four koi but they are really tiny in the photo! Colin is the big white koi. Riley is also white and just to the right of Colin. Below him in Alex (calico). Nikita's head is at Colin's tail.

Pond fish on 2/23/14. Colin and Alex are on the right.

Here are some photos of the big pond, koi, orfe, and goldfish on 7/28/13:
1800 Gallon Pond and Fish including all four koi from a distance
1800 Gallon Pond and Fish including three of the koi from a distance
1800 Gallon Fish - goldfish and three of the koi - Nikita at the top right, Alex in the middle, and Riley at the bottom right

From 5/18/13, fish in the 1800 gallon pond being fed:
Pond fish - koi Riley on the right (also, Colin underneath him)
Pond fish - koi Nikita on the bottom (also, Colin barely visible on the right, and I think Alex may be next to Nikita)
Pond fish - koi Colin on the right (the biggest fish) and koi Alex at the left bottom (also, Nikita barely visible on the left)

From 4/14/13:
1800 gallon pond deep end. Colin (big white koi) is in the middle. On the right is Riley (platinum koi) next to the larger orfe. Koi Alex is at the top with the two smaller orfe. Koi Nikita is obscured in the bubbles.

You can see Colin, my huge white koi, just because he is so big in these photos from 3/25/13 during a snow storm.
1800 gallon pond and waterfall facing northwest.
1800 gallon pond and waterfall facing northwest.
1800 gallon pond and waterfall facing north.
1800 gallon pond - the deep end

Pond fish on 5/20/12 including Colin at the upper left and Nikita and Riley near the bottom.

These photos from 5/3/12 show my poor, dead Maggie.
Maggie - entire right side, with ruler
Maggie - right side of her head
Maggie - strange scale on her chest that looks like an extra fin
Maggie - protruding vent; you can see her internal bacterial infection that ruptured her vent
Maggie - entire left side
Maggie - entire left side, with ruler
Maggie - left underside, shows where two scales came off and a bacterial lesion
Maggie - underside of her head with barbels

Here are photos of the three new koi on 4/4/12 when I moved them to the 1800 gallon pond.
Alex (top left), Nikita (top right), and Riley (bottom) in the basement pond before I went to catch them.
Nikita (right), Alex (left), and Riley (top) in a bucket, ready to move.
Nikita (bottom), Alex (middle), and Riley (top) in a bucket, ready to move.

1800 gallon pond fish - Maggie and Colin (huge koi), orfe, and goldfish, on 3/18/12. This may be the last photo of poor Maggie (the huge orange koi).

1800 gallon pond fish on 3/6/12 - I marked my koi Colin and Maggie

Here are photos of my three new koi taken on 9/25/11 (the day that I got them)
Alex, Riley, and Nikita left to right.
Alex, Nikita, and Riley left to right.
Riley, Nikita, and Alex left to right.

Here are photos of Kojak when he died on 8/14/11. Please do not look at them if dead fish bother you.
Dead Kojak - right side, shows he was 17" long.
Dead Kojak - left side with ruler; you can see the sudden onset septicemia and dropsy on his stomach.
Dead Kojak - top view; note the gash at the beginning of his dorsal (back) fin that is gray from infection. The hole is too large and too sudden (definitely not there more than three days previous) for it not to be due to a physical injury.
Dead Kojak - another top view of the damage. Note that the fin there was ripped off which makes me think he got stuck in the plastic black heron hiding box and scraped his back and fin trying to get out. Dropsy is visible at the bottom of the photo.
Dead Kojak - his beautiful head; he has lost his metallic color, and his eyes are clouded over but otherwise, he was still beautiful to me.

These photos were taken by my brother, sometime in July 2011 perhaps, before Kojak died in August.
Pond fish - Colin (upper left), orfe (bottom left), and goldfish
Pond fish - orfe (top), Kojak (bottom right), and goldfish
Pond fish - Colin (middle), orfe (top), and goldfish
Pond fish - Colin (middle), Kojak (bottom left), and goldfish
Pond fish - Colin (top) and Kojak (bottom)
Pond fish - wider view, Maggie (left), Colin (top), Kojak (right), two orfe, and goldfish
Pond fish - Colin, Maggie, Kojak, two orfe, and goldfish are all in there; you find them!
Pond fish - Maggie, Colin, Kojak, and goldfish

Fish in the 1800 gallon pond on 6/26/11. Maggie (orange koi, top middle), Colin (white koi, top middle), Kojak (koi, bottom left), and the two largest orfe (upper right) are all there as are many of the goldfish.

Two koi and goldfish - Colin, Maggie (top), and 13 goldfish, taken on 4/3/11

These photos are from 9/26/10 when I put the full nets on the ponds. I took photos of the big pond after the half net was off but before I put on the full net:
1800 gallon pond fish - the three koi are towards the left.
1800 gallon pond fish - the two largest koi (Maggie and Colin) are to the upper left; the smaller koi (Kojak) is in the middle.
1800 gallon pond fish - Colin is on the left; Kojak is in the middle.
1800 gallon pond fish - Maggie and Colin are to the upper left; Kojak is in the middle (hard to see).
1800 gallon pond fish - Kojak is in the upper right.

I took these photos on 4/11/10. You can see my three koi (Maggie who is huge and orange, Colin who is huge and white, and Kojak who is metallic) in most of the photos. Each photo is closer in than the next.
1800 gallon pond fish - Maggie and Colin on the left, Kojak at the top
1800 gallon pond fish - Maggie and Colin at the top right, Kojak on the left
1800 gallon pond fish - Maggie and Colin at the top middle, Kojak at the bottom right

Dead Mac 2 - 3/7/10; warning, she is partially decomposed.

These photos are from 1/31/10 when we had about 5.5 inches of snow.
Pond - waterfall; Maggie can be seen in the opening in the pond.
Koi - three of my four koi were visible; Colin at the top, then orange Maggie and little Kojak at the bottom.
Koi - Maggie at the top, Colin to the left, and Kojak at the bottom.

Here are three photos of Mac #2 on the day I got her, 10/4/09, in the bucket ready for release:
Mac 2
Mac 2
Mac 2

Here are two photos of Kojak in the bucket the day I moved him (4/18/09) from the basement pond to the 1800 gallon pond:

These photos from 4/12/09 show the pond fish at the best time of the year (clear water, no plants). Maggie and Colin are my two big koi, and they are in all of these photos along with orfe and goldfish. After the first few photos, I assume you can figure out which fish are the koi.
Pond fish from a distance, facing southwest.
Pond fish - Maggie and Colin at the upper right
Pond fish - Colin is at the upper right with Maggie below him.
Pond fish
Pond fish
Pond fish - close-up of Maggie at the top, Colin in the middle.

I found poor Mac dead on the ground on 1/3/09 and took these photos:
Left side
Right side

These photos were taken 10/5/08 when the net was off the 1800 gallon pond.
Pond fish - Colin (koi) and an orfe are at the top; the rest are goldfish.
Pond fish - Colin (white koi) in the middle, Maggie's (orange koi) head to the right, an orfe, and goldfish.
Pond fish - Colin (white koi) on the right, Maggie at the top, an orfe on the left, and goldfish.

On 9/14/08, I got Mac and Kojak. Here are some photos of them while still in the bag. Once I let them out, they were too fast to get any photos!
Mac (front) and Kojak (back) from the side, through the bag.
Kojak (left) and Mac (right) from above with the bag open.
Kojak (bottom) and Mac (top) from above with the bag open.
Kojak (bottom) and Mac (top) from above with the bag open. Mac's head looks distorted from the water and plastic.

I was in the pond on 6/24/07 and took this photo of the fish.
Pond fish - my big koi, Maggie, is in the middle. The two big orfe are at the top of the photo. One of the baby orfe is below the big orfe on the right. The rest are goldfish.
Close-up of Maggie from the previous photo.

Pond fish under the pond net on 6/23/07. My koi, Colin (white) and Maggie (orange, just her rear can be seen) are at the top right of the photo.

Pond facing northeast. You can see the koi on the right side in the water from a distance.

Pond fish being fed on 4/29/07. You can see the floating pond pellets and Cheerios. My two koi, Maggie (orange) and Colin (white) can be seen in the middle. One of the orfe can be seen on the far left. The rest of the fish are goldfish. There is a net over this part of the pond.

Iced pond - facing south on 2/24/07. The pond is melting out; you can see my koi, Maggie (right) and Colin (left), in the middle of the photo. A lot of leaves have blown into the open water.

Pond fish on 1/6/07. Colin is right in the middle of the photo. Maggie is above and to the right of him. There is a net over the pond.

Pond fish on 9/24/06. Maggie and Colin are at the upper left. The rest are goldfish.
Pond fish on 9/24/06. My two koi (Maggie and Colin) are marked as are a few goldfish, my upside-down orfe, and a healthy orfe.

Pond fish on 8/31/06. You can see the end of Colin near the bottom of the fish pack.
Pond fish on 8/31/06. You can see Maggie at the top left just barely.

The 1800 gallon pond on 7/9/06. You can just make out Maggie in the middle coming out from under the water hyacinth.
The 1800 gallon pond on 7/9/06. Maggie is in the middle of the photo.

Pond fish under the net on 4/19/06. They are mostly goldfish. My koi, Colin, is at the bottom with algae growing on him. Two of my orfe are on the far right.
Maggie - my big koi Maggie under the net on 4/19/06. She was feeling under the weather with a few infected patches on her back.

Here are two photos that include Maggie and Colin on 1/9/05:
Fish - the koi are labeled, close-up.
Fish - farther away.

These five photos were all taken on 12/23/03.
Colin with other fish, close up.
Colin and Maggie with other fish from a distance.
Colin and Maggie with other fish from a distance.
Close-up of Maggie.
Maggie with other fish - this is the photo from which I zoomed in to get the previous close-up of Maggie.

Pond fish on 3/23/03. Colin and Maggie are on the bottom of the photo.

Here is a photo that shows Maggie at the bottom and part of Colin off to the left. Date not recorded.

Two photos from 12/26/01 that show Colin and Maggie from a distance with the other pond fish can be seen here:
Pond fish
Pond fish - in this photo, arrows point to the koi.

My koi in June of 2001 - Maggie is on the top (orange butterfly koi), and Colin is on the bottom (white butterfly koi). A shubunkin goldfish is on the right.

A photo from the summer of 2001 is at the top of this page. Here are some photos taken in early spring, 2001 of Colin and Maggie:
Pond Fish - 4/30/01; Maggie and Colin are in the center with Maggie on the left
Pond Fish - 3/25/01; Maggie and Colin are on the far right with Maggie on the left
Pond Fish - 3/25/01; Maggie and Colin are in the left of the bunch of fish with Maggie on the left

You can also see Colin and Maggie in these three sequential photos from 6/18/00 where their names are marked next to the picture: Photo 1, Photo2, and Photo 3. Maggie and Colin are in Photo 1 (not marked in that one though) and Photo 3. Only Maggie is in Photo 2.

In this photo from 9/6/98, you can see Remmy who was a foot long, black and orange, butterfly koi, #9 and Maggie, about 12 inches long, metallic orange with some black spots, butterfly koi, #2:
Fish photo.

Additional photos of the koi can be seen on the page of 1800 gallon pond photos. In those photos not also included here, the koi are usually insignificant in size in the overall photo, or the view of them is not clear.


See a video of my 1800 gallon pond which shows the fish moving around, including my koi, Maggie and Colin.

Go to my main koi page.

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