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Fish and Pond Videos

Last Updated: 2/14/20

This page has videos of my aquarium and pond fish, aquariums, shrimp, and ponds.

Videos are listed from newest to oldest.

Plecy - 2552 KB, mpg movie.
Here is a video of my common plecostomus, Plecy, swimming around my 65 gallon tank on 9/24/11.

In this video from 6/6/11, you can see many of the goldfish, orfe, and koi as I gave them their afternoon meal.
Fish Feeding - 1718 KB, mpg movie.

Waterfall - 4206 KB, mpg movie.
This video from 4/17/11 shows and describes how the waterfall has collapsed at my big pond.

Triops - 1147 KB, mpg movie.
This is a video of the triops or tadpole shrimp in an aquarium at the National Aquarium in Baltimore on 7/20/10.

"12 Gallon Nano Reef" - 1339 KB, mpg movie.
This video taken 5/29/10 starts with the Duncan coral and green star polyps behind that, past the SPS coral (which does not move), and to the pulsing Xenia coral.

Bitterlings - 1405 KB, mpg movie. - three of the four bitterlings in a glass bowl being transferred from my 50 gallon indoor pond to the 1800 gallon outdoor pond on 5/5/10.

1800 Gallon Pond - 3921 KB, mpg movie. - pans the pond (standing on the west shore) from waterfall, past the fish, and to overflow with my big female bullfrog, on 4/11/10.

Goldfish Spawning - 2111 KB, mpg movie. The fish were spawning on 4/4/10.

This is a video of the 153 gallon pond and around it after it was cleaned on 3/31/10.

153 Gallon Pond - 3156 KB, mpg movie.

These videos from 2/10/10 and 2/11/10 were taken the day of and after our second two foot blizzard of 2010. For photos of the blizzards, go to the blizzard page.

Blizzard - 5020 KB, mpg movie. View of the 1800 gallon pond and side yard, 2/10/10.

Blizzard - 5366 KB, mpg movie. View of the back yard, 2/10/10.

Blizzard - 1834 KB, mpg movie. View of the 1800 gallon pond's open area and waterfall while standing out its outlet, 2/11/10. Listen to the wind howl.

Blizzard - 1625 KB, mpg movie. Paths to the ponds and the back of the house, 2/11/10.

Blizzard - 3904 KB, mpg movie.. While standing at the 153 gallon pond, I panned the back yard, back of the house, aerator with yard stick, and ended up with the camera down the hole to the pond.

Blizzard - 1250 KB, mpg movie. Out front, standing in the driveway, 2/11/10.

These videos from 2/7/10 show the pond and waterfall after 27" of snow the day before but before a second blizzard of two feet a few days later. For photos of the blizzards, go to the blizzard page.

Waterfall - 970 KB, mpg movie. A view of the pond while I stood in hip waders in the snow on the south side of the pond.

Pond in Snow - 2053 KB, mpg movie. While standing in the same position, I panned the camera from the front yard, past the house, and around to the pond and waterfall.

These videos from 4/19/09 were to show the goldfish spawning. I wanted to catch them in the act but did not have much luck.

Goldfish spawning- 3380 KB, mpg movie. I walk up to the pond, and you can see the goldfish in the shallows bunched up but they stop thrashing as soon as I get there.

Goldfish spawning- 385 KB, mpg movie. They were thrashing but as soon as I turned the camera back on, they stopped so this is a short video.

Stranded goldfish - 1504 KB, mpg movie. This male was stuck in the shallows from spawning.

Stranded goldfish - 2359 KB, mpg movie. Some video of the fish swimming around and the stuck male thrashing. After this, I picked him up and got him in the water again.

Goldfish and waterfall - 877 KB, mpg movie. One last video of the goldfish and pond.

This video is from late March I believe (I lost the date) of 2009. It shows the 1800 gallon pond with the fish and waterfall.
1800 Gallon Pond - 2227 KB, mpg movie.

These three videos were taken on 1/18/09 of the frozen pond and waterfall moving in and among the ice.

1800 Gallon Pond - 749 KB, mpg movie.
Both waterfalls facing northeast.

1800 Gallon Pond - 799 KB, mpg movie.
The side waterfall.

1800 Gallon Pond - 961 KB, mpg movie.
The main waterfall, panning from a higher end, down through an ice tunnel (on the sides; I removed the top where needed), and down in to a small opening in the main pond.

"12 Gallon Nano Reef" - 2096 KB, mpg movie.
This video taken 12/24/08 shows the pulsing Xenia as well as some of the tank and Nemo in the corner.

On 6/21/08, I took three larger videos. I am not a good videographer but these videos show you more.

1800 Gallon Pond - 2405 KB, mpg movie.
In this video, I am standing on the west side of the pond and start facing the waterfall, pan right, and then pan back left.

1800 Gallon Pond - 2531 KB, mpg movie.
I start this video on the flowering yucca plant as I stand on the east side of the pond, pan to the pond, and then approach the pond to see some fish.

Fish Room - 4892 KB, mpg movie.
This movie shows all of the aquariums in the laundry room. It starts on the just set up 3 gallon tank which was cloudy as a result, then to the 12 gallon nano reef where most of the corals were closed because I had just changed the water out, then to the 20 gallon freshwater tank, then the 50 gallon freshwater tank, close up on a leopard cory, pull back and then walk back to the 12 gallon nano reef ending on Nemo and a hermit crab who was not in focus.

Leopard Cories and Rosy Barbs - 3311 KB, mpg movie.
This video from 6/14/08 shows the 50 gallon tank during the day right before I got to cleaning it. You can see the leopard cories going up and down the glass which may indicate spawning activity. I never found any eggs or fry though as of yet (6/29/08). At the end of the video, I pan up to the 30 some rosy barbs. You can see how they are all bunched up and swarming because they want their dinner!

"12 Gallon Nano Reef" - 1818 KB, mpg movie.
This video taken 6/7/08 shows the two fish in my reef tank, Nemo the ocellaris clownfish and Jose the firefish.

1800 Gallon Pond - 1559 KB, mpg movie.
This shows the pond on 4/13/08 before I cleaned the filters and tidied up. You can see iris loose in the pond and that the water is flowing more slowly. The fish made a mess from spawning.

1800 Gallon Pond - 2783 KB, mpg movie.
This is a video of the pond after I cleaned it on 4/13/08. It jumps around a lot because I wanted to show all of the pond (and I am not a good videographer; I use a digital camera for short movies).

There are photos from that day on this page.

153 Gallon Pond - 5170 KB, mpg movie.
This is a video when the pond was empty during the cleaning on 4/1/08. Go to this page for details.

153 Gallon Pond - 2837 KB, mpg movie.
This is a video after the pond was done with the cleaning on 4/1/08.

1800 Gallon Pond - 2491 KB, mpg movie.
This is a video of the 1800 gallon pond on 12/6/07 after four inches of snow the day before. I pan from the north end of the pond (biofilter) to the middle of the pond (where the fish are) and down to the south end (marginal area). Four photos of the ponds taken at the same time can be seen on my winter pond photos page.

Quick Pond Video - 929 KB, mpg movie.
This is a quick pond video on 5/26/07. I just stood on the east side of the pond and panned from the southwest end to the northwest end. It starts at the Cyprio filter then past the yellow flag iris and marginals to the fish and finally the waterfall covered in water celery.

Long Pond Video - 3659 KB, mpg movie.
This is a long pond video on 5/26/07. I walked from the north side of the pond to the south side outside the mulched area and then walked up to the pond from south to north. The standard iris and yellow flag iris in the pond are all in bloom. The waterfall area is taken over by water celery. The video is shaky because I was walking around fast to put as much into the video as possible in a short time. And yes, I talk.

On 4/22/07, I took this video of the goldfish spawning. As I zoom in on the goldfish slamming each other out of the water in the shallows, a green frog also jumps from the left of the screen to the right.
Spawning Goldfish - 2740 KB, mpg movie.

On 3/29/07, I cleaned out my 153 gallon pond as detailed on my pond cleaning page. I took these two videos.

Rosy red minnows - 1291 KB, mpg movie.
This is the rosy reds in a bowl. I was moving them for the pond cleaning. It looks like I had six babies and six adults in that batch.

Pond animals - 1463 KB, mpg movie.
This shows two crane fly larvae (the worm-like animals), a medium-sized green frog tadpole, and a baby rosy red minnow (at the bottom near the end of the video).

On 2/6/07 around 5 pm, I took four videos of the 1800 gallon pond encased in ice. I was trying to get an ideal video but none are that great so I put them all up. It was 7 degrees F that morning so the pond is frozen solid except for the waterfall running, mostly under ice.

Frozen pond - 1397 KB, mpg movie.
Waterfall, facing northwest, then pans to the left to show the rest of the pond.

Frozen pond - 929 KB, mpg movie.
Main waterfall, facing northeast, then pans to the left to show the side waterfall.

Frozen pond - 2143 KB, mpg movie.
Waterfalls, starts at the top, goes down to the main waterfall flowing under partial ice tunnels and then back over to the side waterfall.

Frozen pond - 896 KB, mpg movie.
Starts at the biofilter (top of waterfall) and pans down the main waterfall.

Glowlight Danios - 927 KB, mpg movie.
These are four new glowlight danios that I got on 1/14/07 swimming around in my 20 gallon tank.

Rosy Barbs and Siamese Algae Eater - 1343 KB, mpg movie.
This video on 9/2/06 shows my tons of rosy barbs and one Siamese algae eater gathering in my 50 gallon tank in a group because they want to be fed.

Bristlenose Pleco - 1143 KB, mpg movie.
This shows my male albino bristlenose pleco on the glass in my 20 gallon tank sometime in July of 2006. He was doing something neat with his mouth (sucking along) but I did not catch that on video. You can mostly just see him breathing (yes, it is that exciting). Here is my bristlenose plecostomus page.

Pond - 1812 KB, mpg movie.
This is a video of the 1800 gallon pond sometime in April, 2006. I start on the fish (goldfish, koi, and orfe are all seen) and then pan to the waterfall and then back to the right side of the pond while I am facing east.

Goldfish Spawning - 1397 KB, mpg movie.
Goldfish Spawning - 1790 KB, mpg movie.
In April of 2006, I took these two videos of the goldfish spawning. The actual egg laying part was not captured but you can see them chasing each other like mad. The orfe can be seen swimming through as well only in the first video near the upper right.

1800 Gallon Pond - 2928 KB, mpg movie.
I scanned the 1800 gallon pond on 3/18/06. The shot starts showing the fish. The net blocks some of the clarity but if you look carefully, you can see my koi, orfe, and goldfish. Then, I scan over to the waterfall which at the time had a lot of green hair algae. Moss is all over the fall rocks. I still had the Rubbermaid tub lid on the biofilter which I do in the winter. Then, I scan over to the marginal area (everything is dormant). Finally, I back up towards the house so you can get a better overall view. I cannot wait to get a video when the pond is in its full summer glory! By the way, the sound in the video is those horrible winds I always mention in my newsletters!

Goldfish - 1469 KB, mpg movie.
My fantail goldfish in my 40 gallon tank are shown swimming around on 3/18/06. My 14", decade old common pleco, Plecy, can be seen hanging vertically from the back right corner of the video.

These videos were just tests, all done the same day. They were taken in 2004 with my brother's digital camera which also does short movies. The first two have Robyn's voice (saying dumb things!). These are not meant to be great.

Fishy Day - 985 KB, avi movie.
This video taken early 2004 is of the 50 gallon tank. There are mostly rosy barbs swimming around.

Pond Brrrr - 988 KB, avi movie.
This video taken early 2004 is of the 1800 gallon pond frozen mostly solid.

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