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Robyn's Pond Sources Page

Last Updated: 7/22/06



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I have written a book on ponds called Robyn's Pond Book. See my pond book page for tons more information about my unique book!

The following are the pond books which I own. They are great books but there are other equally or even greater books out there as well.

Book Information Link to Purchase
Pond Life: A Guide to Common Plants and Animals of North American Ponds and Lakes by Dr. George K. Reid, Golden Press, 1967. A book chock full of information. THE book for identifying your native North American pond critters. They now have a newer version.
The Pond Doctor by Helen Nash, Tetra Press, 1994. Excellent general pond information with specific suggestions. Other books by Helen Nash are reputed to be good as well.
Koi and Garden Pools by Dr. Herbert Axelrod, T.F.H. Publications, Inc., 1987.

Garden Ponds: A Complete Introduction by Al David, T.F.H. Publications, Inc., 1987.

Waterfalls, Fountains, Pools & Streams by Helen Nash and Eamonn Hughes, Sterling Publishing Co., 1997. Nice pictures to give you ideas, especially on streams.
The Audubon Society Nature Guides: Wetlands by William A. Niering, Alfred A. Knopf, 1992. An excellent book with color real photos of many of the animals which will make your pond their home.
Water Gardens by Charles B. Thomas, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1997. This is part of the Taylor's Weekend Gardening Guides. I got this book and read it in 10/98. I enjoyed reading it. It is an excellent book which covers all of the basic things I would tell a beginner. Plus, old ponders may learn something new or refresh their memory.
Aquatic Plants & Their Cultivation by Helen Nash and Steve Stroupe, Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., 1998. Vast amounts of information on pond plant species, care, potting, dividing, hybridizing, and other methods of propagation and reproduction.
The Master Book of the Water Garden by Philip Swindells, Tetra Press, Salamander Books, 1997. This is a huge coffee table book that I got free for doing a pond survey. It claims to be a complete book. While it has tons of gorgeous photos and lots of information on designing and building, it has virtually nothing on the various animals that inhabit a pond, unlike my pond web site and book.
Container Water Gardens by Philip Swindells, Barron's, 2001. This is a small cute book with nice photos and information on making a few various small tub gardens and container gardens.
Pond Plants and Cultivation by Philip Swindells, Barron's, 2001. This is another small book with lots of nice photos. I have not had time to read the content yet.
Ortho's All About Water Gardening by Greg and Sue Speichert, Meridith Books, 2001. I got this book because the Speichert's used to run Crystal Palace Perennials and Watergardening Magazine and did a great job with those. I have not had time to read the book but it looks good.

The following books I have cannot be found at Amazon.com.

Water Gardening by Joseph Tomocik, Layla Productions, Inc., 1996. Excellent plant information.

1997-1998, 1998-1999, 1999-2000, 2000-2001, 2001-2002, and 2002-2003 Ponds and Watergardens USA Annual by various authors, Fancy Publications, Inc., 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002 respectively. My pond is on Page 119 of the 2000-2001 Annual with the information on it mistakenly displayed on Page 118.

1999-2000, 2000-2001, and 2001-2002 Koi World and Watergardens Annual by various authors, Fancy Publications, Inc., 1999, 2000, and 2001. My pond is on Page 104 of the 2000-2001 Annual with the information on it mistakenly displayed on Page 100.

From the Pages of MAKC News: Newsletter of the Mid-Atlantic Koi Club by various authors, MAKC, 1994. A collection of the best articles from the MAKC newsletters 1986-1994. A must-have for those of you with koi ponds.

AKCA Guide to Pond Construction by Burt Ballou and others, The Associated Koi Clubs of America, 1998. An interesting guide to creating the perfect koi pond using up-to-date technology and information.

Tricker's 1101 Water Gardening Question and Answers by Richard Lee, William Tricker, Inc., 1999. I have not had time to read this one either (I am too busy!)! It looks interesting because it is in a different format and covers more obscure things that are neat to know. It looks like I might even learn something from this book (the other books seem to cover things about which I have already learned.). You can buy the book from Tricker.

Also see my fish source page for other books specifically about fish (goldfish and koi mostly).


The newsgroups below were taken over by insane individuals. The survivors have moved to the Freshwater Aquarium Group at Google. This group is moderated and covers both aquariums and ponds.

rec.ponds or rec.ponds from Google - the main pond newsgroup; used to be a good place to start to learn pond information


rec.aquaria.freshwater.goldfish or rec.aquaria.freshwater.goldfish through Google

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