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Robyn's Farm Pond Page

Last Updated: 8/9/15

This page is about big ponds, whether they be farm ponds, fishing ponds, swimming ponds, earthen ponds, natural wetlands, or other large bodies of water.

Plant Choice for Large Ponds
Big Pond Links

See these other pages for more information:

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Algae Control in Large Ponds - on my pond algae page
Wildlife Ponds - on their own page
Native Fish - on their own page
Pond Index
December 2003 Pond Newsletter - includes an article written by Deb on her farm pond under pond tidbits
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This page is under construction. I do not have a farm or earthen pond. If you have information or links to contribute, please let me know! If you have a large pond, I would love you to write a short article on tips you have learned!

Plant Choice for Large Ponds

Plants for large earthen ponds:

Submerged plants:

Benefits - Fish love them to eat, hide in, and spawn in; clear the water very well; beautify the pond; provide habitat for aquatic insects.
Disadvantages - May take over the bottom of the pond, possibly clogging filter intakes or making using a boat difficult.
Species to consider - Anacharis, hornwort, cabomba.

Floating plants:

Benefits - Block sunlight to algae; provide food for fish, turtles, and waterfowl; lowers water temperature.
Disadvantages - May take over the surface of the pond; block view of water below; may make moving in a boat difficult.
Species to consider -Duckweed, azolla; water hyacinth and water lettuce not recommended for large ponds (too invasive, will die in cold areas possibly polluting the pond).

Water lilies:

Benefits - Beauty; food for wildlife like beavers and muskrats; block sunlight to lessen algae.
Disadvantages - Attract wildlife (some do not like that); may take over shallow ponds (less than 3-4 feet deep); make maneuvering in a boat difficult.


Benefits - Less invasive; beauty; attracts wildlife; filters water.
Disadvantages - Some like cattails can take over; attract wildlife.
Species to consider - Lizard tail, arum, arrowhead, blue flag iris, spike rush, golden club, hardy canna, horsetail rush, pickerel rush, see my marginal page.

For pond plant information, see my pond plant page.


Earth Ponds: The Country Pond Maker's Guide to Building Maintenance and Restoration by Tim Matson.
Earth Ponds A to Z by Tim Matson.
Landscaping Earth Ponds by Tim Matson.
Earth Ponds Sourcebook: The Pond Owner's Manual and Resource Guide by Tim Matson.

Hum, he writes them all, huh?! Here are links to the books on Amazon.

Big Pond Links

Links to farm and earthen ponds:

Farm Pond Information - tons of links to keep you busy!
Farm Ponds as Wildlife Habitat
Farm Pond Program - about an old farm pond program
Spring Creek Aquatic Concepts - they build farm ponds, earthen ponds, fishing ponds, swimming ponds, etc.
Construction of Earthern Bottomed Ponds
Natural clay ponds
Woodhouse landscape - they design swimming ponds with plants
Shara & Sons - sell "healthy ponds" which is a slowly dispersing combination of good bacteria and enzymes to help clear up larger ponds.

Pond Dealers Catering to Larger Ponds:

Bob's Aqua Care Products - sells barley straw extract (the original!) and large amounts of good bacteria and enzymes
Aquatic Ecosystems
The Pond Guy
Zett's Tri-State Fish Farm & Hatchery - Sell plants and animals for larger ponds in bulk. Call 814-345-5357 for a free catalog.
Canadian Pond Products - work on ponds in Quebec and also sell some products
Seepage Control - sells a polymer to add to earthern ponds to help with the retention of water.
Willow Pond Aqua Farms - sell game fish, pond aerators, fountains, etc.

Companies that Build or Repair Large Ponds:

Ecopond - setup, restore, and maintain all natural ponds, based on California

More pond catalogs and details on the four above catalogs can be found on my pond catalogs page.

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