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Ponds for Waterfowl

"Duck Ponds"

Last Updated: 7/5/07

I just had to have a page on duck ponds! I have never had a duck, goose, or swan but I have certainly wanted them! Because I do not have experience in this area, contributions are welcomed from those of you who have had duck ponds. I will refer to waterfowl ponds as duck ponds but this page is meant to cover ponds for not only ducks but also geese, swans, and other water birds. The main difference between a waterfowl pond and other ponds is dealing with the birds eating the plants and animals and their production of copious wastes. Duck ponds should be large enough. If they are not, the pond may turn into a smelly waste pit.

My page on ducks, geese, and swans is here.

I started renovating my bird pages in October of 2006. By July 2007, it was obvious they were not going to be finished if I added all the new information to the pages that I had initially intended. In order to get what I have written linked into the pages, I decided to just note which pages were unfinished and link them all in. This is one of those pages that is not complete. I am sorry.

I hope to write more on this page later. If you have a duck (or goose or swan) pond and can share photos, stories, and/or tips, please contact me.

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