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Robyn's Pond Birds Page

Last Updated: 5/11/10

A juvenile great blue heron on our roof on 10/15/00 which overlooks my ponds. He/she did not get any fish because the ponds were netted, and the heron was skittish. See my heron page for more information about this heron.

When I redid the bird pages, I moved all the birds (except pipers which are below) related to ponds to their own pages. Here is an index of those pages.

Herons and Egrets


Duck Ponds - ponds for waterfowl


Birds of Prey


Arey's Bird Photos - a few dozen photos of shore birds

I have a book on water birds that comes in handy: All the Water Birds an American Bird Conservancy Compact Guide by Jack L. Griggs, Harper Perennial, 1998.

An article on birds that raid ponds for fish


There are some 40 North American species of sandpipers (or pipers for short). These cute little, long-beaked birds may show up in sandy or muddy areas to peck around for bugs and other little critters. They rarely get in the water so pose little threat to ponds. The common snipe and woodcock are two species that live in wooded areas near water. Several others spend time at freshwater. Most species stay on the ocean shore. Once, a sandpiper (I do not know which species) stopped on our land, before we had ponds. He must have been off course!

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