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Comments on Robyn's Pond Web Pages for 2006 to 2009

Last Updated: 12/11/10

Positive Comments About My Pond Pages 2006 to 2009

"...Excellent web site! I logged on looking for info on hair algae and ended up reading the whole thing!..." - Linda, 2/5/06.

"...Great site! I found your site today as I was searching Google and I want to let you know that I found a lot of solid information...." - Garth, 3/7/06.

"...Fabulous website!...Thanks for your great website!...Thanks for all your wonderful information! I am VERY impressed with your knowledge and the scope of your website! Truly Terrific!" - Lynn, 3/16/06 in two e-mails. [Come on, my site ain't that great!]

"...Firstly may I say how great your Fishy Page is! I...decided to put in a Fish Pond in that bit of the garden....Anyway, I started from scratch knowing NOTHING, and your site has been a FANTASTIC resource for me...." - Toni, 5/2/06.

"...LOVE your site!!..." - Doug, 5/3/06.

"...I always enjoy your fish pages, and your orfe page is about the best I've seen. Thanks for continuing to share your knowledge and experiences." - Sharon, 5/7/06.

"...I just happened upon your fabulous site by surfing the web. It was exactly what I was looking for....I really appreciate the effort that you have put into your site and hope to be a frequent visitor. Thank you so much!..." - Carl, 5/16/06.

"...First I would like to say hello, and thank you for all of the valuable information you have available on your pond page - I have been thru page after page of your site and have used many of your tips and ideas in my pond....Thanks again for putting together such a great resource for those of us who love our ponds...." - Tracey, 6/4/06.

"...I love your website and envy the fact that you have such great little ponds right in your backyard...." - Ray, 6/12/06.

"...I recently discovered your site and as someone who is about to take the plunge into ponding...I am totally engrossed in your articles. They are providing me with a tremendous wealth of information which will help me in the weeks/months ahead....Again, thank you for taking the time, along with your dedication, in creating and maintaining your web site for newbies like me!..." - Bob, 6/22/06.

"...Just found your site - love it - but will take a while to get through all of it - you were a great help regarding info on green frogs. Thanks for taking the time to post so much information...." - Sherry, 9/30/06.

"...I just found your site and was reading through some of the original newsletters. They are wonderful reading and really let your sense of humor shine through. I have experienced many of the same problems you discuss with much less patience and good tidings. I also read your discussion with Christine about algae and microorganisms, etc., alone with your comments on 'those people' who offer incorrect or misleading advice. I think most of us have listened to them for too long and need to listen to ourselves and our gut instincts more often. I look forward to reading more of your newsletters...." - Allan, 10/6/06.

"Really good site and alot of information....You have a great pond, and again I thank you for the information and can appreciate the warm and fuzzies over your work." - Jam, 1/14/07.

"...I'm sure you've heard it ten zillion times but I can't help myself with boring you with telling you again. What an incredible job you've done with your web site. It's spectacular. I'm overwhelmed with joy every time I click onto it. I'm not kidding...." - Dave, 1/31/07.

"Hi Robyn! I've visited your website numerous times & greatly appreciate & recognize the love & care in what you do...." - Dennis, 4/20/07.

"Thank you for hosting such an informative webpage! I have referenced your page many times in my goal of having a healthy and thriving pond ecosystem..." - Melissa, 4/24/07.

"Hi Robyn--Just wanted to thank you for all the effort you've put into your site. It's a place I go to when I want to learn or be reminded of stuff I knew--but forgot--mostly I enjoy the pics and the subject matter and the way it's presented. You love your ponding and it shows." - Jean, 5/2/07.

"Robyn, I appreciate all the information you have on your web pages. It seems like whenever I have a question and go to Google to look it up your site is always one of the references that pops up...." - Susan, 5/6/07.

"Thank you for your websites, Robyn. They have been so helpful for me this year as I've added a fiberglass vernal pool/pond in my yard. I just type in questions to Google about what to feed tadpoles, what kind of mystery fish appeared (goldfish), how to move them inside for the winter, what snails eat, etc., and your sites often come up. I'm very grateful and glad that you are sharing your experience." - JoEllen, 10/22/08.

"Dear Pond Goddess, I am amazed by how much useful information you have on your site. It's incredible....I appreciate your time and all that you have done on your page. Your critters are lucky." - Joseph, 6/11/09.

"...Thank you Robyn, for the immense contribution you have given to the general public who is interested in backyard garden/fish ponds. I was overwhelmed this year with 'new pond syndrome.' Your words were not only helpful but encouraging and soothing." - 12/4/10

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