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Comments on Robyn's Pond Web Pages for 2005

Last Updated: 4/10/06

Positive Comments About My Pond Pages 2005

"...Great web site - very complete with lots of good info!..." - Karen, 1/17/05.

"...I was just looking over your site, and must say veryyyyyyyyyyyyy nice!!! Enjoyed many aspects of it :) ..." - Carlos, 1/28/05. [Note from Robyn: Yes, I counted the y's.]

"...I love your pond pages...." - Carolyn, 2/13/05.

"...I really enjoyed your website. I have it bookmarked for future reference." - Unknown, 2/19/05.

"I really enjoyed your website, by the way - very cool!..." - Sherrie, 3/9/05.

"...I was just looking at your site, and the pictures are just so pretty. You have a great site and do good work. I've enjoyed it very much...." - John, 3/19/05.

"...Great site!...." - Jason, 3/29/05.

"...I have really enjoyed your web site...." - Terri, 3/30/05.

"...Just discovered your wonderful...." - Paul, 4/2/05.

"I just bought your pond book. Very interesting and well written...." - Martha, 4/2/05.

"...Thank you very much on the info on Spring peepers....I look forward to searching your site for more info. Thanks again...." - Theresa, 4/3/05.

"I found your website...I have found a lot of good information that I plan to pass on to her....I'm glad I found your site though. I plan to put it in my favorites for future reference as I plan to have a small pond someday...." - Bill, 4/6/05.

"...And by the way, I love your site." - Dave, 4/14/05.

"...I've enjoyed your site and all the lovely pictures of ponds and flowers." - John, 5/3/05.

"I appreciate your site...." - 5/3/05.

"...Thanks for your great website!" - Marilyn, 5/4/05.

"...Thank you for your website. There is a ton of useful information there...." - Keith, 5/9/05.

"...I am glad I found your site, as a matter of fact I waited for 15 minutes to get on the internet to look for just this type. I am a new pond owner...." - Justine, 5/18/05.

"...I love your website. It is the most informative website I have ever seen!!..." - Linda, 5/24/05.

"...I found your site very informative....Again great site...." - Brad, 5/24/05.

"...I found your website and pictures the most informative of all that I visited...." - Scott, 5/25/05.

"...I loved your website...." - Unknown, 5/25/05.

"...So glad I found your web site as for sure it's full of information for a learner...." - George, 6/4/05.

"...I had so many questions and your website gave me all the answers. I want to let you know that I'm so thankful for you for such a wonderful informative website!!! I have bookmarked it and will keep reading it over and over. You are so informative. It is outstanding. I think you have covered just about everything....The section on the bullfrogs really helped me as I always find frogs dead in the spring so sad. Thank you so much for your site. I really mean it. I am so grateful. We out here need you. Thanks a million!!!" - Laurie, 6/5/05.

"I found several good points for pond care on your web site. Thank you...." - Dick, 6/6/05.

"...Anyway thanks again for the help and descriptions of how your ponds work. I'm definitely going to check out your other links. Thanks for providing this service and such an interesting site...." - Debby, 6/11/05.

"You have an amazing website; very helpful...." - Marty, 6/21/05.

"...I really enjoyed your website..." - Alicia, 6/21/05.

"...Your website has been so helpful to us since our pond is only 5 wks. old!..." - Kim, 6/25/05.

"...I love your site. You must put a lot of time into it. Great!..." - Barb, 6/26/05.

"...Great webpage...." - Susan, 7/1/05.

"...Just found your website....Love it!!..." - Jim, 7/4/05.

"...Your website is so very helpful and a wealth of information...." - Barbara, 7/6/05.

"...I appreciate your site. We are two year pond people and love it!..." - Michael, 7/15/05.

"...I have visited and like the organization of your site. It must take you a lot of time to keep your site maintained...." - Carole, 7/27/05 (yes, it takes a LOT of time!).

"Love your page! So much information :-) " - Teresa, 7/28/05.

"I love your website. I have e-mailed it to pond friends. Thanks for all the hard work and fun you have to keep that up. I get a lot (the best) information from you. It's down to earth and you have pictures.

"Thank you for the advice. I checked out your web site and I really enjoyed the pictures and great information. I learned a lot...." - Jo, 8/12/05.

"...You have a very informative interesting site...." - David, 8/16/05.

"...Visited your page on ponds. Lot of good information...." - Prasad, 8/19/05.

"You have been a huge help to a novice like me....your web site will be my bible." - Mike, 8/25/05.

"...I will stay a fan of your website too!" - Sue, 8/26/05.

"...Thank you for your great web site...." - Saundra, 8/31/05.

"...Have really enjoyed reading your pond info...Am staying up WAY too late...." - Margo, 9/7/05.

"...I have discovered your website and it is wonderful. Just what we suddenly seem to need...." - Andrea, 9/10/05.

"...Thank you for your very informative website...." - Brinda, 9/15/05.

"...We love your page. It's absolutely the most informative site that I have found regarding our aquatic friends. Keep up the good work." - Lew, 9/18/05.

"...Thanks so much for having a great site with so much excellent info!..." - Angie, 9/28/05.

"First I want to thank you for putting together such information on your has been very helpful...." - Jack, 10/16/05.

"...I do SO love your website and thank you for EVERY bit of help you have offered to me...." - Alicia, 10/27/05.

"...I have been looking all over the internet for sources of frogs and turtles and found a link to your website. Let me say I am impressed! Needless to say, I have bookmarked it....Thanks for the wonderful site!" - Dave, 10/30/05.

"...First off, I want to say I am really enjoying your website!!! Just awesome!!! And very helpful information, which I greatly appreciate...." - Ken, 11/19/05.

"...Thank you for your web site. It's VERY informative...." - Al, 12/9/05.

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