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Comments on Robyn's Pond Web Pages for 2004

Last Updated: 4/10/06

Positive Comments About My Pond Pages 2004

"..Thanks for your information..great website...." - Jill, 1/5/04.

"First off Robyn, I would like to thank you for the time and effort you put into your pages, providing all kinds of useful info and links to others...." - Johnny, 1/6/04.

"...I found your site, and subscribed to your newsletter. You have one of the best sites on the web, and I have seen quite a few....nice to have such a great source of info...." - Mike, 2/9/04.

"...First I must tell you what a great site you have. You have obviously spent a great deal of time on ponds and gardening...." - Oteaka, 2/10/04.

"...By the way, I've been enjoying your web pages for a year or so....Thanks for all the great info." - Annette, 2/23/04.

"...I love your book as well as your site. I have learned so much as I read my book everyday...." - Pat, 2/23/04.

"...Just saw your site - nice ponds!..." - Michael, 2/26/04.

"...I want to thank you for helping me to find the perfect fish. I found your page while I was looking for 'white cloud mountain minnows.' I've been looking for info on pond fish with the hardiness and color of goldfish but without the size. Rosy reds are a great solution, I can live with the subdued color, and the size is exactly what I was looking for!...Again, congratulations on a fine site!..." - Jackie, 2/28/04.

"...Thanks for all the great information imparted on your rosy red pages!..." - Jim, 3/4/04.

"...Just love your website and have you saved to my favorites...." - Susie, 3/7/04.

"...I think you have a very well set up and very informative site...." - Doug, 3/14/04.

"...I have your page on my favorites. I ordered lots of catalogs. I've gotten a few in the mail already. Thanks so much for the info...." - Angel, 3/16/04.

"Enjoyed your site...." - Larry, 3/18/04.

"...First let me say I am very impressed with your site....Again love your site and thanks for helping...." - Ray, 3/27/04.

"...Finding your site v helpful...." - Peter, 3/27/04.

"...Very nice Pond page you have...." - Patrick, 3/28/04.

"...Your site is real neat...." - Bob, 4/11/04.

"I've read over your site and it's wonderful...." - Brad, 4/13/04.

"...I liked your site, lots of good info...." - John, 4/14/04.

"...I appreciated the mosquito fish info - it was most helpful...." - Unknown, 4/19/04.

"I enjoy your web site....Thanks for all the good information....I'm looking forward to going back to your website and reading's wonderful...." - Mary, 4/20/04 and 4/21/04 (two e- mails).

"...I love your web site and will spend more time visiting it in the near future. You have been so helpful...." - Marlene, 4/21/04.

"I...just bought 6 rosy red minnows to stock my pond, I found your site really helpful. Keep the good work up...." - Dave, 4/21/04.

"...You have a great web-site, for blue blazes sure....Your up-to-date, water garden, etc., knowledge is much appreciated and most assuredly needed...." - Eddie, 4/26/04.

"...I've been scouring your great website. Thanks for all your hard work...." - Bill, 4/29/04.

"Thanks for this great site....Anyway, thanks again. Great site!" - Richard and Rebecca, 5/1/04.

"...My brother sent me your site and I have found it a very wonderful site so full of information. Thank you for all the time you've invested in this site...." - Polly, 5/3/04.

"...Your website is wonderful - thank you!!..." - Tanya, 5/6/04.

"...I came across your fantastic website and looked it over for over 2 hours! It was hypnotizing! Ha! So much good info!...."- Carlos, 5/11/04.

"I have searched the net for days regarding my orfes and goldfish and quite frankly your site is an inspiration. The information contained within was both very helpful and informative. Thanks again for your site. Keep it up." - John, 5/11/04.

"...Thank you so much, it's a great site, and was easy and VERY helpful. It's late here so I don't have time to check out the whole site, but my husband and I absolutely will." - Rose, 5/12/04.

"...Thank you for your informative instruction on your site!..." - Behrouz, 5/14/04.

"...I was looking for a site for the new owners of my ponds when I came across your site. It's exactly what I was searching for. Thank you very much!!!" - Judi, 5/16/04.

"...Love your website." - Bill, 5/16/04.

"...Very nice site...." - Ronnie, 5/17/04.

"...I ran into your very extensive website - wow!..." - Carol, 5/17/04.

"I have spent the past several days reading through your web-pages. I have thoroughly enjoyed what I have read....I was getting really frustrated trying to find information that I could understand regarding what I should do and how to do it right until I found your website. You are now book-marked...." - Terry, 5/17/04.

"You have a WONDERFUL web site! Thanks for all the great information!..." - Al, 5/19/04.

"...I have ready your web site (several times). It's a great site...." - Ryan, 5/21/04.

"...I was considering a uv filter, but your 'pros and cons of uv filters' made me aware of the fact that I would be terribly disappointed if I did purchase one. We have a natural pond...I am so thrilled to have found someone who was so honest in their pros and cons of something that is so overmarketed. Every place or website I have visited has touted this as 'the miracle' for ponds. I now know the truth and will wait and hope for my water to get clearer so that I can see the tadpoles once again. I may, however, try some other products you recommend which are natural and will not harm what we have achieved thus far. Thanks again! I have bookmarked your page for future reference...." - Monica, 5/23/04. [Note from Robyn: The sites that say UV's are miracles are places that sell them! My main pond is extremely clear almost every day of the years sans UV.]

"...Love your site...." - Barb, 5/24/04.

"...Thanks for any info and I really like your web site!" - Jim, 5/28/04.

"...Love your website." - bill, 5/16/04.

"...First off - Thank you for making your website! Great reading for all!...Thank you for all the help your site has given me...." - Kevin, 5/29/04.

"...I found your site online and it was quite helpful...." - Vicki, 6/2/04.

"...Just found your site and love it...." - Lisa, 6/6/04.

"First, I find your website extremely helpful...." - Karen, 6/8/04.

"...Thank you for the great web site full of terrific information and entertaining stores, pictures and philosophy....I have been critical of the information provided by the corporate structure, since it seems that they are motivated by customers spending as much money as possible (well, duh!) but not necessarily really solving any problems long term. I want to encourage more creative or intuitive solutions for people's pond issues (algae being the big one) and to do this, your information has been much appreciated. Your credentials are a great comfort as is your philosophy...I hope to refer all my clients to your website and encourage them to support you...Your kind generosity is evident, and I will do my best to return it to you...." - Lis, 6/14/04.

"...Love your web site!" - Chuck & Tuey, 6/15/04.

"...I stumbled upon your website this morning. What a wealth of information!!! It's great!..." - Shannon, 6/16/04.

"...Great information on your website, by the way...." - John, 6/22/04.

"I have been reading through your excellent web pages...." - Leslie, 6/27/04.

"...Your web site about fish ponds is wonderful! I have found it difficult to find specific information, but you go into the kind of detail that is just what I am looking for....I am just so happy to have found your site. I have learned many things just in the half hour I looked around the site....Thanks again for the great site and for providing us novices with much needed information." - Carol, 6/29/04.

"...You have the best frog site I have found...." - Jessa, 6/30/04.

"...Your website is great!..." - Lauren, 7/4/04.

"...I really enjoy your website and your stories of the deer eating everything, it really made me laugh...." - Teri, 7/4/04. (I am not laughing at the girls eating my plants! I jump around flailing my arms but they know I love them and ignore me!).

"Thanks for all the info on mosquito fish....Great site. I visit you often." - Michael, 7/7/04.

"...Love your site by the way, and I appreciate your information on the problems encountered with your building the pond. It helps!" - Lesley, 7/8/04.

"Love your site! Lots of great info...." - Clint, 7/9/04.

"...I enjoyed your website & how you got started, an animal lover myself, I can relate...." - Laura, 7/10/04.

"...I wanted to email and tell you that I really enjoyed your website about ponds and paradise fish....Thanks again for your website. It inspires me to set up more ponds/tubs....Thanks again for your site! I have it bookmarked." - Amy, date mis-stamped but around 7/11/04? in two separate e-mails.

"Your website is wonderful!!..." - Buffi, 7/11/04.

"...I love your site and have it in my toolbar, not just my favorite section. It has SO much information!..." - Lesley, 7/12/04.

"...Thank you for your advise. Your website is truly amazing...." - Simon, 7/12/04.

"...I just found the fishpondinfo site yesterday. I have looked it over fairly well because it's full of so much info....I just need some time to figure my way around this site...but by far, ione of the better ones I've seen out there!!!!...Thanks for such an informative site and all the time you have put into it!!" - Newbie (signed that way but obviously not their name!), 7/14/04.

"...Love your site." - Dawna, 7/16/04.

"...I am enjoying your website very much...." - Mike, 7/19/04.

"Have been reading your pages and have found them very helpful...." - Susan, 7/19/04.

"I just wanted to say that I love your site and it has given me lots of information towards everything involving my pond." - Joe, 7/22/04.

"...Love your site by the way. Obviously a lot of research, time and work goes into acquiring the knowledge and putting it together to create what you have...." - Larry, 7/24/04.

"...I LOVE your page by the way and forwarded it to everyone that I know with a pond." - Lesley, 7/27/04.

"...I really enjoyed your website, your hard work shows!..." - Lindsay, 7/27/04.

"My friend sent me your site, and I am just amazed about the detailed information...." - Jo, 7/29/04.

"...By the way nice website!" - Ben, 8/1/04.

"...Lovely site you have...lots of good info...." - Steve, 8/8/04.

"...All I can say is you have a great love and fund of info on nature - AND you must not have to work for a living!..." - Mary Beth, 8/18/04. [I work full time as an analytical chemist and put in 35 hours a week on the animals!]

"...LOVE you(r) site!!!..." - Conny, 8/28/04.

"...I just thought I would let you know that your page is fun and interesting. :-) I visited this page sometime this spring and decided that rosy reds had to find a home here!...I thought you'd like some feedback and a 'Thank You' for having an informative page!" - Mark, 8/30/04.

"...I really enjoy your newsletter and refer to your book often since we built a pond years ago...." - Dana, 9/11/04.

"...Your site is great - I found it via Google this evening...." - Mike, 9/12/04.

"...First time I've seen your site. Full of helpful information so thank-you...." - A, 9/17/04.

"Thank you so much for your wonderful website!..." - Eden, 9/19/04.

"...Thank you for your help. I really do love your site. Every time I have done a search in regards to my fish - your site has popped up and had the most information...and the easiest to understand!..." - Sandi, 9/27/04.

"...First of all, your wonderful website has provided me with far more information than any others I have seen!! How nice of you to help us in our new pond experience!!...In the meantime I am enjoying browsing your site for info!..." - Jennifer, 9/30/04.

"...I have perused your web site, and it is excellent...." - Ebony, 10/4/04.

"...Wow! What a great site and an excellent job you have done in handling this subject matter! I can understand just exactly the cost in time that was/is needed to have put this masterpiece together...." - Jerry, 10/6/04.

"...Your website is very informational!..." - Connie, 10/9/04.

"...Just wanted to say thank you for a very informative site...." - Jeff, 10/17/04.

"...Thanks for sound information you provide on :-) " - Artur, 11/4/04.

"...Thank you for your website. We have searched read everything you've got." - Barry, 11/6/04.

"...Thanks for all the info in your newsletter; you are an inspiration!...I'm so impressed with your efforts...." - Anne, 11/7/04.

"Just wanted to thank you so much for your site. It has answered many of my winterizing questions...." - Tracy, 11/7/04.

"...Thanks for the great site!..." - Kimberly, 11/9/04.

"...I can get 'how to' info anywhere, I can only get your narration of the chores and events that vary with the progression of the seasons....I identify so very much with your attention to detail of every little plant and every little creature....I feel inspired reading about your successes, and fell empathy with your small losses...." - Theresa, 11/15/04.

"...I love your website and have read for hours there. Amazing. I don't know how in the world you find the time to do all of these things! And you know so much about everything! I love fish, frogs, plants, etc., so your website really has intrigued me. Thanks for all you are doing to help others in their pond endeavors and for caring about God's creatures!...You sound as if you are a real genius! You know so much about animals, fish, plants...just about everything! That is totally awesome!..." - Barb, 11/18/04 and 11/19/04 (two separate e-mails).

"...I came across your website and am VERY impressed with all the info/knowledge you have, especially regarding fatheads and rosy-reds...." - Margo, 11/18/04.

"...You've got a great site! The dedication is very obvious...." - Randy, 12/13/04.

"...Just wanted to say 'thanks' for your great website!!!! It is very informative/impressive with so many pertinent topics being discussed and explained....Again, thanks again for so much valuable information, you are truly wonderful to share all your knowledge and experience with the rest of the world when it comes to ponding and its creatures, great and small, good and bad. I have bookmarked your site and will be checking in regularly to continue my pond education, and to think it all started with a 30 gallon barrel planter with a couple of fish...." - Diane, 12/29/04. [Comments from Robyn: Really is there something useful on my site? My "pond life" began with a kiddie pool of tadpoles, snails, and weeds from the local park's drainage ditch in 1996. Without that spur of the moment snatching of wildlife, this site would not exist. Little things redirect our lives!]

"...Just visited your site for the first time, and I find it most informative and interesting...." - Geoff, 12/30/04.

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