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Comments on Robyn's Pond Web Pages for 2003

Last Updated: 4/10/06

Positive Comments About My Pond Pages 2003

"...Thank you for providing an interesting website on ponds and its creatures...." - Keiko, 1/4/03.

"...You are an amazing resource and I am so glad I found your site...." - Diane, 1/27/03.

"Just a note of thanks for your site....I just wanted to let your know your site had been helpful to me." - Gail, 1/30/03.

"...Your page rocks!! Thanks for putting the information together...." - Alison, 2/7/03.

"I LOVE your web page....Thank you for all the work you have put into the site. I especially like being able to use your chart to price shop for my also enjoying your website....There is a lot of information on your site, and I am enjoying it all....keep up the great work." - Darlene, 2/10/03 & 2/12/03.

"...Just a quick note to say I've really enjoyed your site...It is beautiful. I've only briefly scanned it, but I have it bookmarked for deeper reading. I plan on building a water garden/pond soon and I find your information inspirational. With what little I have read, I must say that I agree with your thoughts on such topics as herbicides and weeds. Thank you for your web site." - Rick, 2/15/03.

"...I've just spent ages looking at your pond site, lots of great information, thanks...." - Niki, 2/17/03.

"Hey, great website you have! One of the best I've found for sure...." - Richard, 2/21/03.

"...I love your website. It's helped me a lot...." - Nancy, 3/5/03.

"Love your website!..." - Terri, 3/11/03.

"...I enjoy your web page, thanks...." - Betty, 3/13/03.

"...Thanks for a great pond site...." - Candy, 3/13/03.

"...I loved your site!!!..." - Amy, 3/20/03.

"Hi Robyn nice pond site you have there...."- Leo, 3/20/03.

"...I always seem to find your web-site when searching for pond information! You have all the answers....Thanks Robyn, again lots of my questions have led me to your's a wealth of information!..." - Edie, 3/24/03 & 3/25/03 (two e-mails).

"Saw your website we were very impressed with your enthusiasm and caring about your ponds....It is so nice to see a person who is as enthusiastic as we are about maintaining ponds the natural way...Keep up the good work!!!!!!" - Debra, 3/28/03.

"I enjoyed your pond web site very much...." - Greg, 3/31/03.

"...Thanks for putting up such a thorough and passionate site...." - Nikki, 4/3/03.

"...Thanks for the GREAT site. I was all set to buy some mosquito dunks for our new pond, but now I think I'll try to do things naturally...." - Linda, 4/4/03.

"...I came across your website and found it very informative...." - Sheng, 4/7/03.

"...I just wanted to praise you for the wonderful and super informative website you have put together. I have been thinking all winter about building a turtle pond and had many questions about what should be done and your website answered all of them....Keep up the website, it is great!" - Adam, 4/8/03.

"Yours is a fantastic website. Congratulations..." - Tim 4/14/03.

"...My wife who is a 2nd grade teacher often refers to your web page for her class discussions." - Lew, 4/16/03. (That's kind of scary to think anyway relies on my information!) "First of all I like your web site must of taken some time to put together Great Job...." - Bart, 4/17/03.

"...I don't know how I came across your website but I'm extremely grateful that I did. I've been wanting to build an outdoor area for my red-ear slider but didn't really know where to start. Thanks to your website, I now have an idea....Thanks again and I've made your website one of my 'favorites.'" - Monica, 4/17/03.

"...I have greatly enjoyed your site and learned so much. It is without a doubt the best I have seen on the web on this subject....thank you again for your site, and best wishes." - Susan, 4/17/03.

"I really appreciate the effort your put into this website!..." - B, 4/18/03.

"...Was browsing the web for a cure for the string algae in my pond. Your site was very helpful...." - Sandra, 4/19/03.

"...You're really a GREAT HELP for someone who needs help like me. Thanks a TON!!!" - Joeylee, 4/20/03.

"...I have discovered your web pages for Pimephales promelas and Gambusia. These are wonderful sources of information...." - Jim, 4/23/03.

"...Thank you so much for your pond web site...." - Joe, 4/23/03.

"...What an awesome website...." - Stacy, 4/24/03.

"...Great web site!!" - Jeff, 4/26/03.

"I love your site!!! You are so thorough with your research and I just want to praise you for such a beautiful job with the information you provide to pond people. Thanks goes out to you...My favorite site, I can depend on your to have any information I'm looking for! I appreciate the time and effort you have put into this." - Julie, 4/27/03.

"...I was surfing the net and found your site. Very nice!...Thanks for your help and a great website." - Dave, 4/28/03.

"...Nice site!..." - John, 4/30/03.

"...Thank you for your time and your web page. I've enjoyed reading it and have learned quite a bit also." - Unknown, 5/2/03.

"...Just found your great website. Thank you for putting it together!...I've been looking for information on the web and your site is one of the best!..." - Bill, 5/4/03.

"What a great website!..." - Dave, 5/5/03.

"...I would like to commend you on an excellent webpage. As a volunteer for, I ofen get asked this question. How do I keep native frogs in backyard ponds. As we both know, native frogs are on the decline and as a result of this some people are willing to build ponds for amphibians to replace natural ones that have been lost. I will earmark this site for future use...." - Steve, 5/5/03.

"...I am a big reader of your info on the internet for ponds....Thanks for the info on the internet, it is much appreciated...." - Lisa, 5/5/03.

"...Thank you for your time and your web page. I've enjoyed reading it and have learned quite a bit also...." - Unknown, 5/2/03.

"First off your site is great - Thanks for putting it up...." - Shonda, 5/7/03.

"Your page was the most informative one I found on the pro's and con's of this fish (mosquito fish)...." - Kay, 5/12/03.

"I have had a read of your website and found it very interesting...." - John, 5/17/03.

"...Thanks for any input and a special thanks for taking the time to put together your web site..IT MUST CONSUME COUNTLESS HOURS OF YOUR TIME." - Gary, 5/19/03. (Robyn says, "Gary, you have no idea!")

"...I think your pond page is great, I've been surfing around it for a few years as I have need for more info...." - Gary, 5/24/03. (No, not the same Gary as the last one!)

"...I just want you to know that I enjoyed reading to your web site that I save it then go back and read again and again to gain more knowledge about fish health from you...." - Leej, 6/2/03.

"...I was just browsing your pond fish information and saw your site! You have many beautiful fish! I can see you really love them....I enjoyed looking at your site!" - Barbara, 6/2/03.

"...I refer to your web site often, it is so helpful and informative. I especially like the way you talked about your problems as well as your accomplishments! Your pond site is by far the best I have seen! Great Job!!" - Charmie, 6/5/03.

"...Your ponds look great....Once again your ponds are gorgeous - giving me something to strive for...." - Morgan, 6/5/03.

"...I think I could spend a week straight trying to go through all of your site and still only scratch the surface!..." - David, 6/10/03.

"I am trying to raise toad tadpoles & found your webpage data absolutely outstanding!..." - Ron, 6/13/03.

"I just had to send a mail to say what a great site you have put together...I am using the information to build a pond in my back yard...." - Walt, 6/16/03.

"Robyn, I don't know who you are, but I must tell you I could not survive without your pond information. You have helped me through infestations of American Toads and hair algae so far. Thank you for putting all this together. Your info is the best (and easiest to reference) on the net!" - Donna, 6/16/03.

"...I liked your site very much...." - Stephen, 6/17/03.

"...Looking at your excellent website regarding Mosquito Fish...." - Colin, 6/18/03.

"Your website is so informative!....Thanks for your website!" - Peggy, 6/19/03.

"...Your page has been a great help to me...I would not have looked at rosy reds twice until after I found your site...Thanks for having such a good site!!" - Leslie, 6/22/03.

"...I found your site wonderfully filled with information and pictures...." - Carol, 6/23/03.

"...I saw your beautiful website and felt inspired....Most pond places want to sell us chemicals, but I was hoping to do something different. That's why I was so excited to see your website...." - Unknown, 6/23/03.

"...I reviewed your information and it looks good...." - Scott, 6/24/03.

"...Great site!! I have been going through it trying to find the info I need ;-) Thank you!..." - Christiane, 6/24/03.

"...I have been a lurker on your goldfish web pages for some time now. You have wonderful information there, and I am very grateful that you have provided it...." - Unknown, 6/24/03.

"...Keep up the good work - you are doing an excellent job of filling the gap between the advice available from the local pond shop and the actual real world pond management." - Ray, 6/25/03.

"...Nice site....Keep up the good work." - Dale, 6/26/03.

"...Thank you for your help in the past. Your website is so helpful and complete...." - Kim 7/1/03.

"Thank you for your wonderful web site...." - Barb, 7/1/03.

"...I was so pleased to find your site...." - Sheila, 7/2/03.

"...I found your web site about a year ago. It has helped me so much...." - Karen, 7/2/03.

"...I wanted to tell you how impressed I was with your website and the wealth of information you have in it...." - Henry, 7/3/03.

"...Just wanted to send a note and tell you how much I enjoyed your website especially your pond pictures...." - Marilyn, 7/4/03.

"Thank you, Robyn! What a helpful site you have established. I think you are very generous to have shared the fruits of so much valuable research....Your site provides such succinct information from which we can choose the best solution to an algae infestation. Thank you for reducing volumes of reading to an easy page for us to contemplate. International relations, including peaceful coexistence with a certain amount of algae, take a leap forward in my Alabama backyard with a helpful boost from your hard work." - Henrietta, 7/5/03.

"Hi, I stumbled across your pond page on the internet. It's a lovely pond!....I enjoyed your website, and actually, I was looking for information..on snails...." - Pam, 7/5/03.

"Thank you for a most useful site and endless information...." - Unknown, 7/6/03.

"...I came across your webpage and found a lot of info in dealing with pond-related problems...." - Joon, 7/9/03.

"...Nice web page. Very informative...." - Unknown, 7/9/03.

"...Wow! What a website you have. So many informations...thanks!" - Manon, 7/9/03.

"Thanks very much! You have a huge and wonderful web site that I'm sure will provide hours of fun and learning as I have time to look through it in more detail." - Lydia, 7/11/03.

"...I've bookmarked your website; it's a wonderful resource!..." - Dusty, 7/13/03.

" your articles!..." - Jamie, 7/13/03.

"...You are the pond mistress...." - Sonny, 7/14/03.

"...Go to tell you, this is the best site I found for these fish. Wasn't the first place I went, but is the only place I need to go from now on. Very informative site, w/ photos even...." - Kim, 7/21/03 (regarding my rosy red minnow pages).

"I must say you have an amazing web page. I'm thinking of putting in a turtle pond and you cover everything I needed or wanted to know about it...." - Unknown, 7/25/03.

"...Your site has some great information on it...." - Josh, 7/28/03.

"Found your website very interesting....Again great site and thanks." - Barney, 8/9/03.

"...I love your web site...." - Adonna, 8/10/03.

"...I have referred to your web page & find it to be very informative...." - Susan, 8/11/03.

"Thanks for the great info...You perform a great public service." - Bill, 8/12/03.

"...I stumbled over your page when hunting for information on how to keep hair algae down to acceptable levels. Thanks for all the information...." - Cees, 8/16/03.

"...Your web page is an absolutely fantastic resource! Thanks so much for your time!!..." - April, 8/21/03.

"...I have been looking at your web site for over an hour...your website is fabulous...." - Deidra, 8/21/03.

"Great site! I just found it cruising for info on mosquito fish. I'm sold on the minnows! Thanks." - Unknown, 8/30/03.

"...And thank you so much for all the wonderful information you have shared on your website....I'll be ordering your book, hanging out at your site and reading every word. I just can't begin to tell you how grateful I am for all the vital information you have provided on your website...." - Debi, 9/2/03 & 9/3/03.

"...What a lovely site and very informative!....Thanks so much for sharing what you know about these lovely fish...." - Pam, 9/5/03 (regarding rosy red minnows).

"...You have a great website. I wish all of my questions were addressed in such color and common sense!..." - David, 9/6/03.

"...I wanted to thank you for the web page. I found just the info I was looking for about painted turtles...." - Dennis, 9/9/03.

"...I think your web site is great, keep up the good work, we of the pond world need you...." - bob, 9/11/03.

"I'm fascinated by your website. I searched all summer for a website addressing frogs!..." - Joe, 9/12/03.

"...I agree that 'Aquatic Entomology is Fascinating!!' I like your website lot's of good links, photos, and info. I can tell you're a true enthusiast...." - Brent, 9/16/03.

"Nice site, I was trying to get information for my kids and your web pages were very useful. Thanks for the effort." - Arthur, 9/24/03.

"...I have been enjoying your pond pages and in particular the pictures from 2003 of your lilies...." - Derrick, 9/24/03.

"...I appreciate your website. It was the most valuable I have found re: frogs and raising mealworms. I have a pond outside....Again, thanks for your site. It has been wonderfully helpful...." - Chris, 10/1/03.

"...I appreciate your website. It was the most valuable I have found re: frogs and raising mealworms. I have a pond outside....Again, thanks for your site. It has been wonderfully helpful....Thanks again for the wonderful info...." - Chris, 10/1/03 & 10/2/03 (two e-mails).

"...Let me say how much I've enjoyed going through your site and taking advantage of the knowledge that you've generously shared. Thanks!..." - Leslie, 10/4/03.

"...I really was blown away by your site...wondered if you do this full-time to keep such detailed records, etc., or if you just like to keep detailed diaries (read one of your newsletters)....I assume you're rather gifted, intellectually....I'm actually honored you bothered to email me about my comments...I really like finding others who are enthusiastic and active and expend a lot of energy getting things 'right'...." - Jeff, 10/7/03.

"Thanks so much! I am signing up for your newsletter and buying your book. I am really impressed with your website. It is informative and highly entertaining. Thanks again." - Betsy, 10/8/03.

"...First I'd like to thank you for crafting such a wonderful site. You must have an amazing yard to have all that space for ponds, and your love of animals shines through your work...." - Rebecca, 10/8/03.

"...I'm just dropping you an e-mail to thank you for the immense help your excellent site was in a recent project in which I converted a derelict area of a large school into a garden. I wasn't sure whether the inclusion of a pond was possible at all (I'd never built one before), but your information was sufficiently accurate and clear for me to successfully construct an 1800 gallon pond on a concrete surface and successfully stock it with plants without prior experience. The kids absolutely love their new social area, and I have derived great personal satisfaction from the entire process (and become addicted to watergardening in the process). Soon they'll have fish to take care of too. It's probably true to say that without your site, which manages to cover so many problem areas, the project could not have happened. I simply could not have collated the information from other sources in time. I've put the garden onto the web - it can be seen at I'd like to wish you every continued success with your ponds and your site. You're a treasure and what you're doing is important and appreciated. Thank you so much." - Brendan in Dublin, 10/13/03.

"...I really appreciate your web pages on ponds and aquarium keeping! I first found them this spring when I put my pond in, and now (that) I have to move my fish indoors your page is once again a wealth of information!..." - Diana, 10/15/03.

"...Your site has been bookmarked for a while. I get your news letter and have probably read every page that you wrote. I have also used your links to buy plants. Great site with soooo much info!!!!!" - Joanne, 10/24/03.

"...I'm grateful to have somewhere to go to learn more about pond and wildlife!...Thanks to your site and a link regarding ways to keep your pond ice free in order for fish and frogs to make it through the winter, we have erected a teepee kind of greenhouse over it....Thank you so much for your time and energy, information and experience!..." - Debi, 11/2/03.

"...I love your newsletter...I thought I'd write and let you know I think it's great! It is a great way for all us new ponders to learn invaluable info. Keep up the good work! Thanks so much." - Susan, 11/2/03.

"...I read your newsletter and use your site regularly!...thank you for your site; you do ponding a great service!" - Jo, 11/2/03.

"...I love your newsletter and website!..." - Deb, 11/3/03.

"...Thanks for your page and all the information...." - David, 11/3/03.

"...I am so glad I found your site (and found it again when it moved!)....Thanks for having such an informative web site and helping as many amphibians as possible!..." - Ronna, 11/3/03.

"...Your site is great. Lots of helpful info...."- Frances, 11/10/03.

"...I thoroughly enjoyed yoru website...." - Bob, 11/18/03.

"Wow, enormous page!...Keep up the good work!" - Roman, 11/21/03.

"Hi there, great web site. I found many and will probably find many more really helpful ideas and info there, so thank for putting it on....Thanks for your time, and once again, great website...." - Kenny, 12/9/03.

"...I think your pond is so pretty!...Lots of info on your site. Thanks for the nice tour...." - Zerlene, 12/15/03.

"...I don't have any ?'s as of now because your web site have been filled with so much helpful information. I did however want to write to say thanks for doing so since your web site is the only one that gave some insight on day to day activities that show the pros and cons to pond keeping. I am so glad you wrote about the frogs in your pond and what helps keep them alive during the winter....I just wanted you to know that I look forward to reading how you made out this winter with your ponds. Thanks again for the info....I also had a few native fish in there but took them out before winter was here. I read your site on a wildlife pond and think I will not put fish in my pond again." - Lelyn, 12/19/03.

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