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Comments on Robyn's Pond Web Pages for 2002

Last Updated: 4/10/06

Positive Comments About My Pond Pages 2002

"...I LOVE the way you have everything personalized. It makes your information very readable. It makes the idea of doing a pond less intimidating. It's also fun, like reading someone's journal. And it differentiates your site from so many others. Please don't change!..." - Sheila, 2/4/02.

"...I really enjoy your site....I especially like outdoor ponds and koi fish. I have six ponds of my own....Take care and thanks again for a wonderful and informative web page." - Cheryl, 2/8/02.

"Robyn, such a wealth of info, it's great...." - Ladycande, 3/3/02.

"...I just wanted to let you know that I have really enjoyed your web site. It has helped me so much in anticipating problems and presenting possible solutions....That you for going the extra step and placing your joys and frustrations relating to your pond on the web...." - Stephen, 3/8/02.

"I have been looking for orfes for several years and could not find any - did a search, saw your page and links, and just ordered a dozen for my pond....I am looking forward to the orfe - enjoyed reading your page. Lots of good information. Thanks." - Richard, 3/10/02.

"THANK YOU!!!! What a great page with so much information!! Thank you a million times : )" - Cari, 3/15/02.

"Your site was found via Google and I started a search on frogs found in Maryland. So, I am looking over your site and getting very educated on frogs, plants, care etc. Then, I saw how many ponds you have done and how beautiful they are! WOW!...Thank you so much. I am really enjoying your website. Going to keep exploring it some more." - Chantal, 3/15/02.

"...I wanted to write and say that I enjoy your webpage...." - Brian, 3/16/02.

"...Enjoyed your site, very informative, and have book marked it to go back to when I have more time...." - Jackie, 3/22/02.

"Hi Robyn, had to mail you to congratulate you on such a brilliant website, must have taken hours to produce...." - Dave, 3/25/02. Try years, Dave!

"...I really enjoy your site. So packed with good info...." - Cheryl, 4/14/02.

"...I love your site...." - Gloria, 5/5/02.

"...Your web site AND the book are a wonderful compendium of information you just can't find anywhere else! Thank you! I definitely recommend both...." - Kathy, 5/6/02.

"I liked your golden orfe web site...." - Unknown, 5/6/02.

"I was lucky enough to stumble across your site tonight. Wow, what a lot of information!..." - David, 5/7/02.

"...I'm so glad I stumbled into your web site. You've been a terrific mentor!..." - Unknown, 5/7/02.

"Found your site and wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the most thorough info!!! The pics are great - it will take me awhile to get through it all...." - Karin, 5/10/02.

"You have a wonderful website. I feel it has more information than all I have browsed in the past few years put together. I am president of the Logan County Watergarden Society, and I am using a lot of your info to pass on to the members - many of whom are just getting started. It is very clear and precise. Thank you." - Carol, 5/15/02.

"I really love your website, it is well designed and very informative...." - Ray, 5/24/02.

"I saw your website through a search engine, and was very impressed with your website...." - Rose, 5/30/02.

"Hi! I was so happy to find your website...!..." - Susan, 6/3/02.

"Thanks for the great site, Robyn....I will add you to my favorites. I haven't seen a more detailed site on the net...." - Caprice, 6/4/02.

"Hi Robyn, I have enjoyed reading all the information at your web site, a nice job you have done!...Thanks again for a great site!" - Debbie, 6/5/02.

"I just found your site for ponds. It's the best I have seen commercial or other and I have looked at 50-100 for ideas and help." - Daniel, 6/12/02.

"...Your pond page is wonderful!..." - Arlene, 6/15/02.

"...I found your site about a year and a half ago and always refer to it if I have questions about my pond, rabbit, fish, etc.! You have a very impressive resume, too. I wanted to thank you for your information on rosy reds. I bought some last year after I read how yours over-winter the person in the pet store was very skeptical and told me they would never survive. They did, and-just by chance I discovered about 5 fry in our pond today! I don't know if there were more that got eaten by the goldfish in there, but it was a great surprise. Of course, I came directly to your page to find out what to do next!...Well, keep up the great work!" - Christina, 6/19/02.

"...I am really enjoying your webpage. It has lots of wonderful info....Thanks again for the webpages...." - Inky, 6/20/02.

"...I just found your fabulous web page and it's helping with all of my questions regarding my pond fish, etc.!...Anyway, I want to thank you for your extensive website! I wish I would have found it sooner!..." - Sue, 6/26/02.

"...I decided to see if I could find anything about them on the internet, and I have just come across your lovely little site. I had no idea they usually end up in the stomachs of larger fish or poisoned by chemists! I think I'll try some in our little pond. Thanks for the information...." - Stuart, 6/30/02. [Stuart was referring to rosy red minnows. It is environmental biologists who usually do research and testing on them. I did so as an intern in the wrong department (I am a chemist; they did not test on them on that side) of an environmental lab.]

"What a great page, thank you for the information...." - Maureen, 6/30/02.

"Just a note to say I enjoyed your web page (on rosy red minnows)...." - Robin, 7/1/02.

"I love your pages and they are so informative...." - Ted, 7/3/02.

"...I really loved the web site that you directed me to...I moved it to my list of favorites, & I'm also forwarding it to al of my new "pond" friends. It's really a great reference site. My next step is to get the book!! I'm sure that it has fantastic advice! Thank you, thank you, thank you." - Glen, 7/5/02.

"...I've been looking at your site for quite a while, and I just have to say that yours has been the most helpful, informative, and interesting site on ponds and all things related that I have seen yet....Thank you so much for your great site, it really has helped me out a lot, and it has been very enjoyable reading it." - Michael, 7/5/02.

"Robyn, what a truly excellent site. Thank you for helping me to identify what my fish are - Orfes....Well done on the site, it really is impressive, very helpful and an enjoyable read...." - Trish, 7/6/02.

"...Got your info from the Aquatics Warehouse forum. Just been looking at your big pond, cool!!!!!!..." - Ian, 7/6/02.

"I greatly enjoyed your goldfish website. Well done and informative...." - Andy, 7/7/02.

"...This was the first time I have viewed your page, it looks to be helpful and informative and easy to navigate. I look forward to further exploration as I get deeper into my backyard pond...." - Vic, 7/9/02.

"...Good website and articles!..." - Dave, 7/10/02.

"...I wish you good ponding! And I thank you for all the good information I got from your website, the best on the internet for ponders (really!)." - Andy, 7/14/02.

"...Bye and thank you very much for replying - yours was the best website for info on clearing ponds, can I get your book in England?..." - Geraldine, 7/22/02. [Note from Robyn, see my book page for places to order my book. You can order it all over the world but of course, have to pay for shipping which is more the farther you are from the publisher.]

"...I happened across your web page about ponds. You have done a really nice job with your page...." - Jems, 7/22/02.

"...I found your site today and it was full of information. I have gone from knowing nothing about rosie minnows to knowing a great deal. I'm so well informed that I look forward to the birth of wee babies...." - Dominic, 7/26/02.

"...While doing my research I can across your site and found it extremely useful....I wanted to extend a large thank you for your pages...." - Kate, 7/27/02.

"...I liked your pages so much about the pond, fish, herons....Again I really liked all the pages and info about the ponds. Thanks." - Dave, 7/28/02.

"...I was browsing on my computer (which is very new to me) and ran across your website. I was originally looking for an answer on why my hyacinths are decomposing this year. I really enjoyed your site and all the pictures. Love your cat, too...." - Denise, 7/28/02.

"...I just discovered your site while trying to find some info on ponds....Your website is great...." - Cindi, 7/28/02.

"Hi Robyn. First, let me say I have been all over the internet looking for a site about ponds, building, maintaining, etc. Your site is the best one (and practically the only one) I have found...." - Robin, 7/28/02.

"...Thanks for the information that you have published on the web, I have found it most interesting...." - John, 7/30/02.

"Hi, just wanted to say your site is great. I have been looking for info on 'tuffies' since I bought some at the local fish store. The salesperson said they were part goldfish....I think they are more than just 'feeders.' Again thanks for your great site as it has inspired me to try breeding them...." - Mark, 7/30/02. Note from Robyn: They are not part goldfish. Click here for the rosy red minnow or "tuffy" web page.

"...I was looking online for information about a plant growing in my pond, and came across your website. I love all the photos!..." - Elisabeth, 7/31/02.

"...I love your site, it's very informative...." - Kathy, 8/1/02.

"Thanks for your neat web site. I enjoy it and read most of it to my 8 year old...." - Rich, 8/3/02.

"...I visited your web site. I am impressed. You have a very good site with lots of info. I can see that you are a serious pond enthusiast!" - Gerhard, 8/3/02.

"...I just wanted to thank you for making your wisdom available on the internet. I have spent the last few days trying to find information in my public library and on the internet about what you have on your web pages....So thanks again for your wealth of information! I feel like I stumbled on a gold mine and rest assured that I will definitely spend quite a bit of time perusing your site!" - Jim, 8/4/02.

"...Thank you so much for your help. I think your web site is about the best on the net. I hope you keep up the good work you are doing...." - Betsy, 8/4/02.

"...Thanks, and keep up your interesting web page. It is delightfully presented." - Jerry, 8/6/02.

"Hey Robyn, I like the page, lots of work in here!..." - Kenneth, 8/7/02.

"I enjoy your web pages so much. Thank you...." - Renee, 8/10/02.

"...I love your pond site. I also have a passion for wildlife...." - Brian, 8/10/02.

"...You have a wealth of information here...excellent site...." - Doug, 8/13/02.

"...Thanks for your wonderful website...." - Janice, 8/13/02.

"...I spent several hours, last night, reading through your website on ponds. You have a great site! I haven't even come close to reading it all, as 1:00 am, was approaching. I should have read your site before starting a fish pond...but I didn't...." - Vikki, 8/17/02.

"...What a wonderful and informative web site! My daughter and I found it on a Yahoo search for 'goldfish+sexing' and it was very helpful...." - Shari, 8/21/02.

"...I've really enjoyed your pond pages!..." - Liz, 8/21/02.

"Wow! Robyn's web page is really something. I can't tell you how helpful it will be to me...." - Kirsten, 8/22/02.

"Thank you very much for such an informative website. I have learned a lot from it...." - Manish, 8/22/02.

" I must say I think your site is a brilliant piece of web design. I have been looking for such a site, as I have just built an ornamental pond....Your site seems to be the only site covering pond care for people like me....Thank you in advance and thank you for a great site." - Ken, 8/23/02.

"...I found your web site after putting 'Blue orfe' into a search engine, I wanted to write and tell you I really like your site!..." - Jayne, 8/25/02.

"...I really appreciate your help. I have been regularly visiting your website for the last 3 years and I am so glad that I found it...." - Manish, 8/27/02.

"...You have a fantastic site with great information...." - Jan, 8/30/02.

"Thank you sooo much - it was great help and I love your website, which is extremely informative...." - Klavs, 9/2/02.

"...I really love your site and it has been very helpful and encouraging to me!..." - Patty, 9/15/02.

"Hi, I have just been on your web page. I found it very interesting...." - Madelaine, 9/20/02.

"...Someone forwarded me your website...What a site it is and I am so appreciative that your have put so much hard work into it...." - Susan, 9/23/02.

"...Your web site it truly awesome, I'm so glad I found it!!..." - Kay, 9/24/02.

"Your site was a joy...." - Gary, 10/1/02.

"...Thank you for your help and you have an excellent web page...." - Brianna, 10/3/02.

"...Your pond site has been very helpful to me the past few years that I have had my pond....You have been very helpful in the past and once your site...." - Dave, 10/6/02.

"You have a wonderful site...." - BJ, 10/8/02.

"...You have a very good website, and I mean that...." - John, 10/17/02.

"...I've been searching the internet for some information on green frogs when I came across your excellent site...." - Unknown, 10/17/02.

"...I have spent the last hour really enjoying your web pages on ponding....Thanks so much for spending time to make these very informative pages." - Heather, 10/25/02.

"...I've looked at your site a lot and have found it very helpful; well done!..." - John, 10/27/02.

"Very interesting and informative!..." - Ed, 11/13/02.

"I just discovered your website! Thank you for all the hard work you have put into this venture!! I am planning to benefit from your experience!...Many thanks again, Robyn, for your energetic contribution to the world of ponds!..." - Penny, 11/14/02.

"...You have a great and resourceful web site...." - Morris, 11/15/02.

"I found your excellent webpage whilst searching for advice on building ponds...." - Unknown, 11/23/02.

"Awesome site I enjoyed it a lot...." - Al, 11/30/02.

"...Thank you for the great site. I really appreciate the 'mistakes' section of your web site...." - Susan, 12/5/02.

"...Your web page has been very helpful with lots of information...." - Travis, 12/9/02.

"...Hello, I found your website while searching for pond information, and I just love all the information and pictures you have!...I just love all your pond pictures, and information on the wildlife....Thank you and I will be visiting your website again very soon...." - Heather, 12/26/02.

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