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Comments on Robyn's Pond Web Pages

Last Updated: 4/10/06

People have e-mailed me the following comments about my various pond web pages. I have never received so many positive comments for anything in my life. I surely do not deserve it.

I've been called "The Pond Queen," "The Pond Goddess," "The Pond Ruler," "The Pond Angel," and "The Pond Mistress" (sounds x-rated!) but I'm just another pond lover like you! I just want to share the information I've learned, and the experiences I've had! Thanks for making my efforts worthwhile! Robyn.

Positive Comments About My Pond Pages 1997 to 2001

"I just visited your pond page. Wow, I'm very impressed by your determination to have a pond....Just thought I'd tell you how great your page is." - Sheryl, 10/5/97.

"You have a nice page going there! I love your pond!" - Kellie, 10/5/97.

"Also, let me say that it is great to find a web site that seems to discuss the very questions we have had since filling our pond." - Brock, 11/28/97.

"Thank you for your frankness in regards to building a pond....I...have been trying to build a pond for over a year! One main reason that I have not is because of what you discovered yourself...that is, you know more than the people who are building this thing!!...Thanks again for your web site, I will be visiting it often." - John, 8/10/98.

"I just wanted to say "Thank You!" for posting your 'learning experiences' with your pond. Despite the fact that many people only post their successes (utilizing the web as a "trophy case"?), it's your kind of page/information that is BY FAR the most informative, the most useful to others considering similar projects...." - Eric, 8/22/98.

"Just wanted to let you know how much I love your web page....Anyway, love your site and your pond is beautiful...." - Cindi, 8/26/98.

"...I think your web site is the best on the internet! It is so full of great information. Thank you for the service you are providing to those of us who have built ponds and are trying to learn and get our ponds established...." - Mary Ann, 3/25/99.

"Hi, while I was looking for information about keeping turtles in a pond. I happened to stumble upon your website! And what a blessing it was! Not only did I find the information I was looking for but I found lots more....Your website was surprisingly very useful. You see I am not an amateur pond owner, I make ponds and am an experienced hobbyist. My point is your website read so well and is so filled with useful tid bits that I just had to e-mail you about it! Your website is one of the very few websites that provides the information about ponds that I believe people want. I have visited many watergardening sites as well as homepages and other pond sites, but yours is truly unique. I was shocked because your website looks like a regular homepage, nothing fancy. But the information is quite fancy indeed!...I look forward to referring people to your page...." - Michael, 5/7/99.

"I have just checked out your web site and found it to be great. Lots of Info. Good Job!...You have a great pond too. I love it." - Doran, 7/6/99.

"I really enjoy your pond page....Your site is one of the most detailed and informative I've found. Thanks for sharing all the good information...." - Rob, 1/1/00.

"I just wanted to thank you for a fantastic page....You gave me advice a few months ago about what to do with my eggs. Well enclosed is a pic of mommy, daddy and all 500,000,000 children : ) ....You truly are an inspiration to us novice pond keepers and it is fantastic to have someone like you to whom we can turn. You not only give advice and suggestions but also tell us where you went wrong to prevent others from doing the same. You truly are amazing...." - Lee, 3/17/00.

"I just stumbled across your web pages. Excellent!!! Your information and understanding of ponds is quite informative. Many's the time I've gone through the trial and error process in setting up (and it's still going on)...." - Bruce, 4/4/00.

"I can only say thank you for such an excellent and well informed site. I still have at least three quarter's of it to read yet. However I am off to buy some watercress and start the veggie way of preventing algae...." - Sonya, 5/18/00.

"I just wanted to say that I found your pages to be incredibly helpful and informative. I was searching for information on how to control the algae in my itty bitty 30 gallon pond and learned a lot when I landed on your site. Thanks for putting (it) all together in a form that a beginner like me can understand and use. I'm off to buy another pond plant! Thanks again...." - Kim, 5/25/00.

"Robyn: Saw your site today on watergardens. One of the best I have ever run across...." - SueEllen, 5/27/00.

"Hey Robyn, Happened upon your page. It is very neat. Lots of great information, nicely organized. Thanks for providing it...." - Ric, 5/30/00.

"Thanks so much for a great web site....Again - thanks so much for all the clear easy-to- understand info!" - Bruce and Joyce, 6/4/00.

"You have the totally greatest pond page on the internet. It is so good I am surprised it is not a military secret! Just the kind of info I need. Catalogs. Suggestions. Pitfalls. You should design web sites for a living. Many, many thanks." - Dave, 6/7/00.

"...So, I decided to look up on the internet if they (black beetles) were detrimental or beneficial to the health of our fish and water plants, and I ran across your site! I read every word, and looked at every picture. I enjoyed it so much! I didn't know that there were so many aquatic plants or that one person would want to have so many various and sundry ponds!!...Thanks for a fun and informative site!..." - Betsy, 6/29/00.

"...Just wandering around the net and stumbled upon your pond page. Very impressive....I particularly appreciated your helpful advice to ponders who are building. Most other ponders' pages just put a few small pictures. I like the quality of information. I also like the effort to present a very natural rather than formal shape." - Rick, 7/4/00.

"...I am most impressed with the extensive information that you have shared....Thanks for taking the time to document your experiences. They are a great help to those of us starting on this unique hobby." - Pat, 7/18/00.

"I have been enjoying your web page and your ponds. You certainly have done a great job and have spent a lot of time and effort on them. Also, the web pages are great....Thanks again for a great page...." - Michael, 8/12/00.

"...I was searching for info on algae for a second grade student of mine when I came across your web page. It's absolutely great! It answered every question the child had about algae in a straight forward way! Also, my husband has constructed a pond just off our deck and we are getting into fish and plants now. It's so wonderful that you have shared your wealth of experience with the rest of the cyberworld! Thanks a lot!" - Diane, 8/17/00.

"Can I first of all congratulate you on a brilliant, brilliant website. I was recommended to visit it by another new UK ponder who said that I would find out just about everything I could ever wish to know about the upkeep of my new pond and fish there. Well, she was absolutely right - I must have spent the last hour browsing through - I will certainly put it on my favorites list and make sure that I visit it regularly...." - Michelle, 10/1/00.

"...I have just got through to your site. It has so much information on (it). Congratulations. I will be reading it for days..." - Sally 10/2/00.

"Just finished reading your page and found the information very understandable and helpful to me...." - Gerald, 10/25/00.

"...I want to thank you for your fascinating and informative web site you have on the rosy red tuffy and fathead minnows....I introduced some to my pond after researching the species on the internet and discovered your site. Your information is exactly what we were looking for....Thanks so much...." - Bernard, 11/6/00.

"I went to your website (on fathead minnows) for some research for my bio class. It was the most helpful out of the sites I went to so first I would like to say thanks for that...." - Tanya, 11/9/00.

"Your site is excellent. The info is 1st-class...." - Cedric, 11/18/00.

"Robyn, you have a super web page. It is really helpful and interesting...." - James, 3/22/01.

"...I love your site. You have a lot of great information...very useful! I have added you to my favourites!...Again....great site!" - Christine, 3/24/01.

"First of all, thanks for having such a wonderful and informative web site!!!..." - Mike, 4/9/01.

"...I have the highest admiration for your internet site. It has more info packed into it than any other single location. Truly one-stop pondering. The one and only complaint that I have is the color of some of the backgrounds vs. the foreground font colors....Thanks from a true fan." - Dave, 4/24/01.

"...I am so impressed by the obvious time and enthusiasm that you have invested in the creation of your website. I have just added a second pond and have found your site to be as helpful as some of the books I have read...." - Christina, 5/5/01.

"...I just wanted to thank you for the hard work you put into your web site. I have it bookmarked and it is a prime source for me. My wife and I have become avid ponders...I really do enjoy your site, and it is a tremendous resource for me. Thanks for the hard and excellent work, and especially for your willingness to share it!" - John, 5/20/01.

"I sincerely enjoyed your web site. Thank you, I feel a bit more educated and I am delighted to find so many resources to try...." - Nora, 5/22/01.

"...Your pages on ponding are really wonderful. I hopped into one of your pages surfing...and enjoyed them for a while....Just wanted you to know I'm impressed!...Just wanted you to know that someone's paying attention! And enjoying what she sees. Your site is on my favorites list, now." - Merrie, 6/10/01.

"...I found your web site and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading it...." - Sally, 6/12/01.

"...I have fully enjoyed viewing all of your webpages. You have great detail and the pictures are great....Thanks so much for putting your page out there for others to learn from...." - Mendy, 6/21/01.

"I have just found your excellent web-site with its wealth of information. I don't think I've ever seen one so good. Well done....Keep up the good work on your web-site. I have now book- marked it for the excellent info that it contains...." - Mike, 6/25/01.

"Fantastic web site....just what I needed!!! I have a koi pond, 2500 gallon concrete....with a hair problem! You've answered my questions. Thanks...." - Bob, 6/28/01.

"Great website. I'm really impressed with your knowledge of ponds...." - Alan, 7/5/01.

"...I was trying to find out info about rosy reds and finally came across your page....By the way, I thank you for all your work on your pages because without you, I'd have been lost." - Shonda, 7/13/01.

"Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your site...." - Jeff, 7/22/01.

"I found a lot of answers to questions I had about pond care on your website....Keep up the good work." - Fernando, 7/25/01.

"Congratulations on your pond page. It is quite an accomplishment and seems very complete, you must have spent a lot of time putting it together...." - Douglas, 7/28/01.

"Robyn, I just wanted to say thanks for putting this information on your web page....I just wanted to say that your website was organized and very thorough and I enjoyed researching this project. Keep up the good work." - Peggy, 8/14/01.

"...I LOVED your web site - stayed up until 3 a.m. reading it all. You really should turn it into a book. I found your journal of successes and failures especially informative. Thank you for sharing your experiences...." - Sheila, 8/17/01. [Note: I did turn my pond web pages into a book in 2000 (with hundreds of hours of work). For more information and how to buy a copy, see my pond book page.]

"...First, I would like to tell you that your site blows away any other site I have been to about ponds...." - Angie, 8/20/01.

"...I just want to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading your thoughts, comments, and lessons learned about ponds and your entire website. You did quite a nice job!...what else can I say, I've bookmarked your site!..." - Allan, 8/22/01.

"...Thanks so much for all the info. You are the pond ruler." - Sonny, 9/1/01.

"...Thanks for putting together this website. My son and I were trying to figure out what to feed his green frogs and VIOLA!..." - Julie, 9/4/01.

"I just discovered your excellent, well-written, chatty, suggestions and want to thank you for taking the time to make it available to the rest of us 'ponders'!" - unknown, 9/22/01.

"...I appreciate your valuable insight!! Your website is very impressive. I especially enjoyed the remarks you made about mistakes made by contractors during pond installations." - Cathy, 9/24/01.

"...Great job! I look forward to visiting often : ) ....Thanks again for providing such a great website!..." - Josh, 10/3/01.

"Thanks for the newsletter Robyn. As always, so very informative. My pond has been a different animal since I've been reading your information and putting it into practice...." - Sonny, 10/6/01.

"...before anything else I want to tell you how much your pond info has meant to me - it is just wonderful! Thank you so very much!..." - Marilyn, 10/7/01.

"...I've really enjoyed looking over your website. You have great photos and lots of useful information...." - Alison, 10/15/01.

"...I've seen your website. You have a very extensive database - mind boggling considering that you're an individual and not a 'company'....Keep up the good work with your website: it's got a lot of very useful information...." - Lee, 10/17/01 & 10/19/01.

"...I stumbled onto your website today while looking for information on winterizing ponds. It is the most thorough site on water gardening I have ever run across...!..." - Dick, 10/18/01.

"...A link to your site was posted on the Water Gardening Magazine Pond Chat board. You have a lot of great information....Thank you very much for posting so much information. I enjoyed browsing through your site...." - Lynne, 10/20/01.

"I really enjoy your web site. It has LOTS of useful information that I have not been able to find elsewhere. I especially enjoyed your information on Frogs and what to do for them in the winter...." - Doug, 10/28/01.

"...Your site has been on my favorites for almost 3 years now, and has really helped me with A- Z...." - Chris, 10/29/01.

"...I have been reading your web pages with great interest....Your web site is excellent and thanks for making such superb information easily accessible...." - Stephen, 11/1/01.

"I found your site and thought I would let you know that it was very informative and nice looking...." - Toni, 11/3/01.

"...Thanks for your wonderful pages. I started my first pond this year and your site has been invaluable. It's also provided me hours of distraction from doing real work...." - John, 11/27/01.

"Hello, your site is so well done and helpful!" - Laura, 12/5/01.

"...Your website was a great pleasure for me. It was informative and interesting beyond what I was first trying to find. Thank you so much!" - Sandy, 12/5/01.

"...I really enjoyed your Pond Problems....Thanks for putting the time in the web site. I had fun...." - Bruce, 12/23/01.

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