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Comments on Robyn's Web Pages

Last Updated: 3/1/08

Positive Comments About My Web Pages in General and Miscelleneous (also older e-mails that I have no idea which of my pages they were about) - 1997 to 2003

"I just spent at least one enjoyable hour reading your fish and pond pages. Great job!!! Thanks for creating this site....Your post says this is your first page???? Wow, an even better job than I originally thought, it just seems so well done, I thought you were a professional." - John, 9/28/97.

"Thanks a million! I liked your page very much!" - Jose, 10/5/97.

"Interesting web page, good job and keep it up!" - William, 10/7/97.

"Thanks you for your very informative pages. Thanks to you, my interest has picked up and my knowledge has grown." - Sandy, 11/9/97.

"I really enjoyed your site. Very informative and to the point. The best site out of the past 10 submitted in my book." - Rusher, 11/15/97.

"And I also want to compliment you on your web pages. It is clear how much time, knowledge, and consideration you put into your sites." - Brock, 1/6/98.

"Your love of animals and compassion is obvious from your web page. I really enjoyed reading about all your critters." - Nancy, 1/10/98.

"I began the long ascent of your site and I must say that I am stupefied, as much by the quality of your articles as by your humor and the exactness of your words. Your site is a pure marvel.... I thank you for entertaining other aquarists and myself with your own experiences...." - translated from a French aquarist, 3/6/98.

"What a site! I find it hard to believe that so few people have found it, considering the vast amount of information you have...." - Charlie, 7/18/98.

"I just wanted to tell you that I love your website!! It is very well thought out and informative!...." - Laurie, 8/9/98.

"I love your web have done a great job and it's loaded with information....It's great to be able to find information like yours...." - Ann, 8/21/98.

"One of the best websites I have found so far. I especially enjoyed reading about some of your problems. I am glad to know I am not the only one who has experienced problems...." - Steven, 12/24/98.

"When I tried to find information about snails and ramshorn in particular I could find very little. Through a search of MSN search for gastropoda I found your site. It has the most info I've yet found....Thank you for an informative and helpful site. I know to maintain such a site is time consuming and work...." - Pat, 3/1/99.

"Your homepage is GREAT!!! It contains plenty of information." - Zsolt, 6/15/99.

"I think that you are providing a lot of valuable information for others who have similar interests, your site looks great...." - Matthius, 8/2/99.

"I just found your web page and am very impressed. It is wonderful that you are one who is willing to share their information. I'm going back to your page to learn some more!" - Craig, 9/13/99. (A note from me: A great birthday present, Thanks!)

"Firstly I want to thank you for an ABSOLUTELY STUNNING web page. It is very informative and easy to negotiate around...." - Lee, 10/8/99.

"Thank you Robyn for the great web page. It was very informative...." - Carla, 10/9/99.

"This is a nice site. 'Keep up the good work'!" - James, 11/26/99.

"I would like to take just a little of your time to say, just how much I like your site....I have marked your site as I plan to return and visit. Keep up the great work, I know it will be of great help to me and others...." - Mike, 1/23/00.

"Just wanted to say your site is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!! Thanks Again...." - Bruce, et al., 5/21/00.

"...And by the way, I loved your website. It was informative, easily navigable, and I found more of what I was looking for than any of the other websites that responded to my search engine key words...." - Tammy, 6/8/00.

"...Thanks for the wonderful web site; your information has been of great value to me." - Bart, 11/4/00.

"I would just like to say thank you for your page. I found everything I needed to know by just a few clicks. I will definitely be visiting this page again!!" - Dene & Lisa, 12/7/00.

"Excellent web page. You were very helpful and informative. Thank you!!!" - Anonymous, 3/25/01.

"...I also want to thank you for your very informative web site & tons of helpful information. You have so much to check into that I haven't had a chance to look at any other web sites...." - Stacey, 5/23/01, regarding my guinea pig page.

"I found your (snail) site today and found it very informative....After reading your site, I'm going to suggest snails to a friend of mine who has a pond...." - Ted, 6/26/01.

"...I was surfing the Internet one day and I accidently wandered in to your website and I just finished looking at your Pond and Aquarium Amphibians Page. It is very nice and I thank you for creating such a useful and informative page so that we beginners...can learn more about them.....I really enjoy your website, it is useful and informative...I will visit this site again...." - Leroy, 10/2/01.

"Hello, I love your page; it's really good to see a page devoted to wonderful creatures who are often ignored such as snails...." - Alan, 10/15/01.

"...Hi, First, I want to complement your web site, it is very informative, educational, and intelligent!..." - Rex, 1/02/02.

"...I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed looking at your web pages about your various animals....I especially liked how you detailed all of the animals in each of your setups. You seem like a very intelligent and interesting individual...." - Doug, 2/8/02.

"...I think your websites fab thanks for all the tips I have even printed them out!!!...P.S. Your websites the best I have seen so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Rob, 4/27/02. (Note: I counted the number of !'s exactly!)

"...Just a note to tell you thanks for the wild turkey page. You're right, there's very little info out there, and as I just bought 6 Eastern WT (wild turkey) poults, I'm desperate for information! I do have a book on raising turkeys, but it's not really for wild turkeys. So I'll be printout out your page and using it as a reference I thank you and our turkeys thank you!..." - Janet, 5/22/02.

"Your web site is awesome, and it was a huge help in setting up my (turtle) tank...." - Rick, 6/15/02.

"...Thank you so much for having this info available to us novices. It's helped immensely in raising my turtle AND identifying its species...." - Paulette, 7/16/02.

"...Thanks for your great web site. It is hard to find information on fresh water shrimp...." - Reinhard, 7/30/02.

"...Your website is very helpful, too. The internet is a wealth of information. I'm so grateful to people like you who are willing to post this kind of knowledge in a non-commercial sort of way...." - Brock, 8/8/02.

"...I visited your excellent site once more (I occasionally check out your pages to see what you have added)....I wish you good luck with your excellent website!" - Stijn, 8/31/02.

"...Thank you very much for your wonderful website! It offers more FREE useful information than encarta! I was searching and searching for information about tuffies and couldn't find any! Luckily, I stumbled across your beautiful website and am thankful that you have dedicated your time and effort to educating students and fish-lovers like me...thanks :)" - Unknown, 9/5/02.

"...I loved your website (on toads) and found it very informative, especially for my daughter...." - Lew, 9/12/02.

"Congratulations for your website! It's really excellent, helpful and illustrative. I've been learning a lot by visiting your site...." - Gonzalo, 9/30/02.

"...I came across your web page quite by accident. I have had Hydrosaurus for close to two years now and not known what he/she was....Then I came across your FABULOUS web page and all the things on your page relate to my mooshu....I just wanted to say thank your so much for having such an informative page...." - Dawne, 2/3/03. Note: Dawne's Hydrosaurus named Mooshu was learnt about from my page on sailfin lizards like my Einstein.

"...I've just been reading your site and it's very informative. You seem to know your stuff...." - Steve, 3/28/03 (referring to my site on guinea pigs).

"...I think your hamster website is the best I've been on so far!!!...I hope this website keeps going on for years.... - Tania, 4/17/03.

"...I chanced upon your name and then your wonderful website(s)....I look forward to perusing what appear to be several very interesting and well done websites of yours. It is seldom that I see such exceptional efforts...." - Jodie, 4/18/03.

"Thank you for so much info your web site is very informative." - Unknown, 4/24/03 (header says wild turkey).

"Just wrote to tell you I enjoy reading your website." - Geoff, 4/26/03 (unknown the page about which he was talking).

"...Thanks for the great info on your page, it was one of the best I cam across...." - Ed, 5/4/03 (regarding the mealworm page).

"Very informative. Thanks." - John, 5/17/03.

"...I just got 2 toads and I loved the info your site gave me. Thank you for the info and I think you are very good at stuff about frogs, toads, salamanders, and newts. Thank you for making a good site for people like me who do not know how to take care of their pet...." - Tyler, 6/6/03.

"...I have enjoyed your website SO much! I will read more of it when I can...." - Nancy, 6/23/03.

"Thank you for your interesting web site...." - Dorinda, 7/1/03 (regarding my wild turkey page).

"...By the way, I love your site." - Patty, 7/8/03.

"First of all, let me congratulate you on a terrific website! Extremely informative....I am looking forward to reading more of your website...." - Virginia, 7/8/03 (two e-mails, regarding my page on African dwarf frogs).

"Hi I like your website about your fish...." - Rachel, 7/12/03.

"...Thanks for the info, it is a great website...." - Al and Palmer, 7/20/03.

"...Thank you for (your) informative website. My daughter is a frog, toad, bug, etc. etc. lover...." - Mark, 8/15/03.

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