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Comments on Robyn's Fish Web Pages 2006 to 2009

Last Updated: 10/10/09

Positive Comments About My Fish Pages 2006-2009

"...It's amazing how often I do a Google search for information on one fish or another and your wonderflu site nearly always come up. You seem to be interested in almost every fish I'm into, which probably indicates you have a very extensive number of fish you're interested in! :) Your White Cloud Mountain Minnows page and Rosy Red Minnows page are two of my favorites. But now I've discovered another one - - Rosy Barbs!...Thanks for your many fish-related pages. They've been enormously useful and entertaining for me for the past couple of years that I've known about them." - Chuck, 1/4/06.

"...First of all, I really enjoy your website! It has helped me so many times in looking after my fish. It's my 'fish bible.'..." - Heather, 2/4/06.

"...Your website is truly incredible....And congrats on having such a great website." - Jack, 2/12/06.

"...Excellent web site! Great colors and images and pics, a lot of time went into it. I was very pleased that I found this site because it answered every question about my 2 plecos that I wanted to know and explained some things I didn't know. It would be nice to see more sites like yours around. Thank you for taking the time to build it and share it with everyone...." - Don, 4/21/06.

"...First and foremost, thanks for taking the time to create such a nice site about the often- overlooked Rosy Red Minnow! Very informative and well done! I have been keeping Rosys for some time with great success and do think they make attractive aquarium pets...." - Dave, 4/24/06.

"...Thank you for such a wonderful site. Your goldfish pages are fantastic! You provided all the information I needed...." - Karen, 6/3/06.

"...Thanks for posting all this great information on Plecos!! I really enjoyed and appreciated your site!!..." - Linda, 10/8/06.

"I just wanted to tell you I thought your site is awesome! I just ran across it in researching my goldfish. I have three, and my older brother that I live with thought I was nuts when I invested in a larger aquarium, filter system and all the fun stuff to decorate. I read your bio, and it's inspiring to hear of another animal lover of all kinds of different - non-furry things!...I still need to read the rest of your site!..." - Karen, 2/10/07.

"...On a side note, your site is so awesome! It's one of the only, uhmm wait it is the only site where I can find specific info on so many different types of animals that most people wouldn't even think of keeping! Thank you so much for putting in the time and effort to make this excellent site...." - Don, 8/20/07.

"Whenever I have something I want to look up about my fish tank, the first thing I Google is 'Robyn's' and whatever it is I'm looking for. Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge!..." - Melissa, 11/25/07.

"My name is Audrey, and I was looking at your website, in particular your pictures of pleco and the other ones. What a nice website you have, and I enjoy the pictures!...Keep up the good work on your site. It is a good source of info for us aquarium lovers! I will visit your site again!" - Audrey, 2/28/08.

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise on neon tetras. I have learned much valuable information from your website....For later reference, I have organized your website and other related websites that I may need later." - Irene, 3/13/09.

"I stumbled across your page while searching for info. on plecos, one of my favorite fish. I LOVE your writing. You are hilarious. And your passionate blogging about the minutia of your animals reminds me of myself. I intend to set up a tank this coming Christmas and will be referring to your page for help. Thanks for an informative and entertaining site...." - Naomi, 5/28/09.

"Ever since I first got my aquarium (9 months ago) and began searching for what types of fish to keep, I have used your webpages extensively....I have really gotten into keeping my aquarium and actually ended up buying a second. I really enjoy the hobby! The danger is that there is so much wrong information out there. But I feel as though you do an excellent job! I have such a large appreciation for fish now!....Anyways, I just wanted to compliment you on all of the fantastic work you have done and thank you so very much!" - Greg, 6/25/09.

"I stumbled on to your site trying to find some information on some rosy red minnows that I felt sorry for at a local pet shop and decided to keep in a tank of their own. I started reading some of the other information on less common fish, such as native US fish. Even though I have been keeping fish for 50+ years, I found your site the most interesting site that I have ever come across." - John, 8/7/09.

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