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Comments on Robyn's Fish Web Pages 2005

Last Updated: 4/10/06

Positive Comments About My Fish Pages 2005

"...First of all I'd like to say thank you for putting up such a wonderful page. I truly think that species like fatheads are deemed 'insignificant' but really need our attention since they play an integral part in ecosystems. I also have a tank full of fathead minnows and I think they are just beautiful...." - Kelsey, 1/1/05.

"...I love the website...." - Sean, 1/4/05.

"...Your site is wonderful, by the way. Thanks so much!" - Melanie, 1/7/05.

"...I've just been to your site and found it to be very informative..." - Cindy, 1/14/05.

"...By the way your website and photos are great - the best out there...." - Sarah, 1/17/05.

"Hi, great site!..." - Gabe, 1/20/05.

"...Your web site is EXCELLENT an enjoyable read on fish...." - Ruth, 1/25/05.

"...I enjoyed reading your web page!..." - Randal, 1/26/05.

"...Very nice web pages you have! I like them...." - Barney, 1/29/05.

"Just a quick note to say thanks for all the time and effort you have put into your site....your site was very helpful." - Mike, 2/23/05.

"...I think your site is great!..." - Patricia, 2/25/05.

"I am so pleased to have found your site, it is one of only two that I have found that deals with keeping snails. Most sites have lots of info on how to avoid them...." - Diana, 2/25/05.

"...I love your site and read all through your Rosy page...." - Lynda, 2/28/05.

"...First of all...great site...great resource...." - Rohit, 3/14/05.

"...I really enjoy your page on goldfish. It has lots of useful info. I found the colors on your page is hard on the eyes and making it hard to read. Thanks for the info." - Lin, 3/15/05.

"...Great info....Great website! Lots of hard work and care put into it. Thanks so much!" - Erika, 3/19/05.

"...I really liked your site. Very helpful...." - Tom, 3/21/05.

"...I'm so glad I found this site. I need help!..." - Gail, 3/23/05.

"...Your website is terrific and is so informative, great work with it...." - Naina, 3/25/05.

"...I found your otocinclus page to be very helpful...." - Gregory, 3/27/05.

"...Thank you for your enormously useful and informative site about algae eaters. Armed with the information from your page, and the link to Pet resources, I now feel confident to get the right sort of algae eaters to solve my problem with brush algae...." - Patricia, 4/1/05.

"...I first want to say I really enjoyed your website! Quite awesome!..." - Ken, 4/10/05.

"...And great site, I come here often." - Erika, 4/14/05.

"...I happened across your website and found it quite enjoyable...." - Caitlin, 4/18/05.

"...Thank you for your wonderful information on your website..." - Emily, 4/27/05.

"...I'd first like to say what a big fan I am of your various aquarium web-pages! I think they're absolutely fantastic. I especially enjoyed your plant, pleco, and snail pages...." - Clive, 4/23/05.

"Thank you for a great website. I have enjoyed it...." - Jorge, 5/9/05.

"...Your web site about algae is great!..." - Dave, 5/14/05.

"...I just wanted to thank you for the obvious effort you have put into your website. It is extremely informative, easily navigated and basically a pleasure to browse. I only just founc hte site but have already found invaluable information...." - Rev. Taylor, 5/29/05.

"Thanks for a great site that blends info/personal experience really well...." - Todd, 6/7/05.

"...I have used your site for info since I started keeping aquariums. Your site is good but can you please update it...." - Patricia, 6/15/05 (Note from Robyn: I sure WISH I had the time to update my over 200 pages but I can barely add in the new photos, deaths/births, corrections, and link requests. I do not have the time which profoundly saddens me.)

"...I love your site so much!!! They are just what I liked, so informative tells me what they are and how they work! I love that tons!!..." - Jennifer, 6/18/05.

"...Thanks a bunch for your wonderful help. I swear you're so much better than those people at fish stores! You ought to be making money for doing this. ;-)" - Jenn, 6/19/05.

"I'm insatiably curious and decided to find out what species of fish I own and landed on your page about plecos. I thoroughly enjoyed every single page I viewed, 20 or 30 or so. Well put together information about anything I could think to ask....Thank you again for your wonderful web pages...." - Amber, 6/23/05.

"...Thanks again for your page and information. It was great, and very helpful!" - Kingsley, 6/24/05.

"...I was reading your site, it is pretty informative...." - Marcy, 6/27/05.

"...Your site was found to be informative and fun. Thank you for making it available...." - Marko, 6/29/05.

"...Thank you again, and may I say I love your site. It's very informative and well-organized." - Rebecca, 7/8/05.

"...I also appreciate your site, very nice...." - Kara, 7/11/05.

"...Finally, after all my searching, I found your beautiful web site. I've been looking for just the right place where I could read and even interact with you and others concerning my ghost shrimp. I've been looking for a long time and most sites give only small pieces of information about our little critters...." - Judy, 7/26/05.

"...I found your website while looking up how to breed danios on Google, and your website is great!..." - Ben, 8/4/05.

"...You're very good at what you do, and I think you have the best web site I've ever seen, of any topic...." - Judy, 8/10/05.

"...Thank you for creating such a wonderful and helpful website!...." - Dottie, 8/19/05.

"...Your website's really great - very helpful...." - David, 8/23/05.

"...First of all I love your site, it's very informative...." - Craig, 8/25/05.

"Surfed into your site looking for Pleco pond information. Lot of good information and I appreciate the scads of work you put into helping others. I'm impressed...." - Gary, 9/1/05.

"...First I must say thank you so much for your site - it's been so helpful!..." - Darcie, 9/24/05.

"...I really enjoy your pages. Thanks for making the information available...." - Mike, 9/28/05.

"...I just toured your site on paradise fishes and was impressed...." - Annie, 10/15/05.

"...I really enjoy your aquarium web site!...Thanks for sharing your experience and info!" - Kevy, 10/18/05.

"...Your site is wonderful, my froggies thank you for your excellent information." - Unknown, 10/25/05.

"...I just want to thank you for providing such good advice on your page. I appreciate you taking the time to make this information available." - Chris, 11/8/05.

"...I just wanted to write and let you know how much I love your website. I seem to keep coming back to it!...Keep up the good work!!" - Sara, 12/1/05.

"...Thank you for putting up the website and maintaining it, despite the cost. It is very helpful." - Sofia, 12/1/05.

"...Would just like to tell you you've got a great site. I've come back to it & come back to it several times!...Your site is wonderful, you have recorded everything very well & would like to keep in touch...." - Jodie, 12/24/05.

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