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Comments on Robyn's Fish Web Pages 2003 to 2004

Last Updated: 4/10/06

Positive Comments About My Fish Pages 2003 to 2004

"...Great webpage. A ton of good info. I look forward to your thoughts...." - Patrick, 1/11/03.

"...Thanks for all the great info about white cloud mountain fish. It's Fantastic!...Thanks again for your great websites!" - Marlene, 1/12/03.

"...I have to say that your web page is quite informative and well designed...." - Samantha, 1/14/03.

"Thank you for your easy-to-navigate webpage....Thanks again...." - Julie, 1/27/03.

"Hello I've recently visited your webpage and find it very useful...." - Danny, 1/27/03.

"Thanks a bunch, Robyn!!! Your site is full of important information...." - Steve, 2/2/03.

"Hi Robyn, I've just spent the last couple of evenings, reading your excellent web pages on all things fishy....I had to thank you personally, you are very talented, well done...." - Keith, 2/4/03.

"...I had just visited your webpage and it was very informative. I have searched a lot of websites in hopes to find information about raising baby barbs....Your website was the best one that I came across...." - Unknown, 2/5/03.

"You are just too cool.." - David, 2/10/03.

"...I love your website, it was extremely helpful to me!!" - Lauren, 2/10/03.

"...P.S. Your website is great! Thank you." - Mary, 2/12/03.

"Your website is incredibly informative. I love to come and look at the pics of your fish...." - Vivian, 2/12/03.

"...I am so pleased to have found your Fathead pages! I wondered if I was the only one who thought that the minnows would make fine pets. Thanks for your efforts." - Brad, 2/16/03.

"...Just found your page looking through Google for help with Anacharis. A really nice page...great info, thanks!...Just thought you'd like to know...great page....Just checking out some of your other you ever have a LOT of info on everything!..." - Carol, 2/20/03 (two separate e-mails).

"...Thanks for the great web sites." - Austin, 2/22/03

"...I have visited your webpage several times and it has been most helpful...." - Greg, 2/22/03.

"I've run across two of your pages tonight doing research. One on rosy reds and one on otocinclus. Good pages and congratulations on getting listed so well with Google....Thanks for posting the useful info." - Barry, 2/26/03.

"I enjoyed your website...." - Cheryl, 2/27/03.

"...I just wanted to thank you for your informative algae eater site. It has been of great help to me....Thanks again for the site. I will continue to visit and research the subject." - Laura, 3/6/03.

"...Love your site." - Unknown, 3/9/03.

"...Thank you for your wonderful website!" - David, 3/9/03.

"Hello, I visited your web site and was very impressed....Thanks again for the page on plecos." - Kelly, 3/15/03.

"...Thanks again for a terrific site." - Jeanette, 3/18/03.

"...Thank you so much for your web age. Nobody in this town, including all aquarium store staff, could tell me if the air gulping was normal....Thanks again for your wonderful website...." - Linda, 3/27/03 (referring to my site on common plecostomus).

"...Your site is really good...." - Jay, 3/29/03.

"Hi, it took me a long time to find this page. Thanks for the information on the rosy reds...." - Scott, 3/31/03.

"...Thank you for having such great and informative webpages about fish and fish care. They have been so very valuable to me, as I learn more about this new hobby of mine...." - Amy, 4/2/03.

"Just wanted to say thanks for all the free information, it's a nice web site you've put together...." - Garrett, 4/3/03 (referring to the site with African dwarf frogs).

"...Oh and by the way your website is very helpful too; I didn't know snails could eat lettuce or kale and some other facts about them...." - Mz, 4/7/03.

"...First let me say that I love your website and I have found a lot of helpful info on it...." - Sheri, 4/8/03.

"I enjoyed reading your webpage...." - Eric, 4/10/03.

"...I visited your web site. It is a great site...." - 4/12/03.

"...I want to thank you for your informative website on whole point in writing you is that I'm glad you have such a website to educate people that want to know....Please keep it up....Thanks again from a much appreciated person surfing the web looking for info on his favorite fish!" - Stuart, 4/13/03.

"...Your article about them (plecostomus) was very informative...." - Stacia, 4/14/03.

"Great website...." - Amy, 4/17/03.

"...I saw your excellent website about snails...." - Tim, 4/23/03.

"I love all the information you have on your site...." - Tony, 4/24/03 (regarding the shrimp pages).

"...We recently purchased some of the above fish (zebra danios) and did some research online about them and found your terrific and informative site...." - Marg, 4/28/03.

"...I just wanted to say thank you for your pages about fish....I found it very helpful....They developed these white spots and I had no clue as to what it was until I found your page. So in short thank you for the info." - Unknown, 4/30/03.

"...I was just visiting your website on minnows. Very nice...." - Rod, 4/30/03.

" the way, great website...." - Bruce, 5/2/03.

"Thanks for the neat goldfish information....Appreciate all the information there." - Greg, 5/3/03.

"...The aquarium books are from the standpoint of the author-a master of fish tanks. It is nice to see it (fish breeding page information) from someone like me. Thank you again! - JC, 5/3/03. (Thanks, I guess. He is saying I am no master!)

"...I like your website, it is very interesting and has a lot of information." - Amy, 5/6/03.

" your website!..." - Lynn, 5/9/03.

"Thank you for your helpful web page...." - Michael, 5/10/03.

"I want to thank you for your WONDERFUL website on ponds, fish, etc....Thanks again and keep up the WONDERFUL website! Yea for you!!!!" - Steve, 5/12/03.

"...I visited your web site and found it to be very good...." - Lisa, 5/16/03.

"...Found both your Danio and WCMM (my favourite fish) sites useful...." - Michael, 5/18/03.

"...I found your website as I was searching for information on my black tuffie...I was looking for information because Tuffy has about six white dots located on him (I think) snout....After reading your site I think they might be the tubercles indicative of sexually mature adults. Thank you for the great web site. Thanks to you I might have to find him a pal...." - Michelle, 5/18/03. (Sounds like a male fathead to me!)

"...Thank you for creating this web page, you have given me some good tips on how to take care of my fry babies!..." - AnnaSue, 5/19/03.

"...Your site is great!..." - Susan, 5/22/03.

"Your rosy red page...I just wanted to say that's a good site...." - Unknown, 5/23/03.

"...You've got great site that has been very helpful to me....Keep up the good work..." - Monica, 6/6/03.

"I really enjoyed your web page...." - Unknown, 6/17/03.

"Thanks for the great web site....I chanced upon your web site because I recently bought a little pleco. Your web site is extremely informational. Thank you for the effort to share your experience with everyone in such great detail and thoroughness....Keep up the hobby and the great web site." - John, 6/19/03.

"...My family and I loved your website!!..." - The Watsons, 6/26/03.

"I often look at your site for goldfish information, as it's one of the few sites that has extensive expert knowledge without trying to sell me something. It's obvious you are experienced with carp (and web design.)...." - Cory, 7/1/03. (What me, an expert on anything?)

"...You have a very nice aquarium page, with some really good information about shrimp...." - Ken, 7/2/03.

"Thanks for taking the time to make such a nice site...." - Katy, 7/6/03.

"...I love your web site, I learned a lot...." - Michael, 7/7/03.

"I found this the most useful page I read...." - Howard, 7/14/03.

"...I wanted to say you have a great site!..." - Unknown, 7/15/03.

"Hey there, you have an awesome webpage about this very fascinating fish. Very nice and informative....know I enjoyed your site...." - Adam, 7/24/03 (regarding my rosy barb page).

"...I enjoyed your web page...." - Rosemary, 7/28/03.

"...Your web page was the most helpful page that I found after a half hour of surfing...." - Kathy, 8/1/03.

"...Just want you to konw that your web site is VERY informative for me! Thanks for all your effort!" - Kay, 8/7/03.

"...I would just like to say, thank you for this fantastic resources. I hope your aquariums are clean and happy...." - Nick, 8/3/03.

"...I enjoyed your web page! It's very well done and very informative...." - Jim, 8/5/03.

"...I love your site because you have an answer for every question about one of my animals...Your site and your e-mails that answer my questions are very helpful...." - Steph, 8/10/03.

"...Thanks again. You really have a nice page. I go back to it quite often...." - Ken, 8/11/03.

"...I really like your page, I have been to a lot and yours is by far the best for info and you have always answered my ?'s in a timely manner...." - Melissa, 8/11/03.

"...Your website is helping me a lot, GREAT site!..." - Etienne, 8/13/03.

"...I just wanted to comment on your excellent algae eater web page. Info on these fish is hard to come by and I'm glad I found your site....Just wanted to comment on the page. Thanks for the info too!..." - Patrick, 8/20/03.

"...Your page is a God Send...." - Wendy, 8/23/03.

"...I also have found your site to be very helpful in guides and tips to raising these fish. Keep up the good work...."- Ray, 8/30/03.

"...Your site is really great, and useful. Thank God for people that cre so much like yourself...." - Lorraine, 8/31/03.

"...Found the site and loved it....Again, loved the web site." - Jerry, 9/30/03 (regarding page on rosy barbs).

"...Great website - I look forward to having time to check it out in detail...." - Anne, 10/6/03.

"...I liked your website because I actually found something related to one of the names....the information that I found on the ram's horn snail was very helpful. I could understand your grammar and references...." - Rissa, 10/23/03. (Thanks! I am a stickler for using good English!)

"...You run a very useful website by the way...." - Isaac, 10/27/03.

"..I enjoy your website very much...." - David, 11/20/03.

"...I love your site by the way! Cute layout and colors, and great information! It's helped me out with my own aquarium very much...." - Emily, 11/22/03.

"...Very nice site very informative...thank you for all the great information." - Bruce, 12/9/03.

"...Thank you 4 any info you might be able to provide (your site is pretty informative...." - TJ, 12/14/03.

"...I wanted to thank you for your site that you made....I've been reading as much as I could online about everything I could. I then came across your site and everything just click(ed). Just reading your site reassured me that I'm doing everything right so far...I just wanted to thank you through an e-mail expressing how much help you are...." - Dana, 12/16/03.

"...I just had a look at your web site. It's pretty cool..." - Tysa, 12/16/03 (regarding my aquarium frogs page).

"...Your website has definitely been the most informative and helpful I've found so far! Thanks!..." - Heather, 12/16/03.

"...I was jus checkin out your page and it was great...." - Amber-Lee, 12/17/03?

"You are (a) terrific resource for someone trying to get into US native fish...." - Lauren, 12/19/03.

"...Thanks for your wonderful web page...." - Tim, 12/28/03.

"...I found your site to be very informative and inspiring...." - Kristina, 12/29/03.

"Robyn - You're the best fish chemist!...Congrats on your water chemistry page - it has been the best resource for me....I...have read through your dissertation several times with interest and curiosity!..." - Russell, 12/29/03.

"...I'm really enjoying your site. Thanks." - Jerry, 12/31/03.

"...I really enjoy your website." - Debbi, 1/6/04.

"...I find your website to be very helpful...." - Tee, 1/12/04.

"...I'd like to say that it's nice to see someone who appreciates fish that aren't generally respected. I've found your site very informative....Thanks for the great site!" - Shaun, 1/20/04.

"...Your site is informative!..." - Geralyn, 1/21/04.

"I got a lot of information from your site...." - Lauri, 1/24/04.

"...You have a nice website also." - Scott, 1/24/04.

"...Great site, keep up the good work!..." - Lauri, 1/24/04.

"...I have really enjoyed your site, it has given me so much information and advice about ponds and aquariums...." - Sean, 1/25/04.

"Thanx a bunch for all the great info on your pages! I want to start with fish breeding as a hobby, and your insight helped me a lot!" - Neil, 2/3/04.

"...Thanks for the informative web site." - Mike, 2/14/04.

"...Your site on the neon tetra proves to be a great help, thanks...." - Unknown, 2/17/04.

"...Your site is excellent, it's full of information and it has become very useful to me in my fish caring...." - Blair, 2/23/04.

"...I'm enjoying your page very much...." - Kim, 2/25/04.

"...First of all, you have a really informative webpage. It is fairly easy to find information on it...." - Justin, 2/29/04.

"...I found your website very informative and will certainly refer to it in the future!..." - Rhiannon, 3/1/04.

"...I found your page through a web search and it has been of much help already...." - Nadine, 3/5/04.

"...I enjoyed your fish site, especially the story of the Pleco and snail!..." - Roland, 3/7/04.

"...I saw your webpage about Danios and thought it was great!..." - Jayme, 3/17/04.

"...Have found your web site extremely helpful in assisting with a background on my new friend...." - Anita, 3/18/04 (her new friend is a plecostomus).

"...Thank you for publishing your web pages, I have found your pages to be very useful and informative and helpful in my trying to gain a greater understanding of fishes and aquariums, and I am glad to have found your webpages in my search for more information. I really appreciate your website and it is one of my favorite places on the Internet....I really appreciate your webpages, I especially like how you present your information in a clear, easy-to-understand, plain English format, combining general theory with down-to-earth practical personal experience. I think that that kind of format has benefitted greatly aquarists like me, who are seeking to learn more about the general science of fishkeeping, but who are also seeking people's past personal experiences on what it is actually like to use those products and to keep those animals that you mentioned in a real world situation, something that you do not often find in books on the subject. Keep up the good work! I will visit this webpage more often in the future as I learn more about the hobby. Thank you for all of your valuable effort and help." - Leroy, 3/22/04.

"...We like your website a lot!" - Lyn, 3/28/04.

"...I just came across the site and think its great...." - Matthew, 3/24/04.

"...I have looked at several fish websites on the Internet, and from what I have seen, I think that you are one of the most knowledgeable people on the Internet to turn to....thanks again for all of your help..." - Leroy, 3/24/04.

"...Love your page, it has helped me and my father immensely...." - Amy, 4/1/04.

"...I'd like to first start by saying great website!..." - Jack, 4/1/04.

"Thanks for the quick reply. Your site is really awesome...." - Marc, 4/5/04.

"...I found your webpage while searching for fish information, and I must say, what a wonderful site!..." - Julia, 4/9/04.

"...Like your site and found it very useful...." - Amanda, 4/12/04.

"...And great site, lots of info!" - Kay, 4/27/04.

"Just been reading your web site very interesting!..." - Kingsley, 4/28/04.

"...I find your website incredibly useful and thank you for the time and effort you put into can definitely tell you love your animals!..." - Alexis, 5/1/04.

"...Just like to say a huge thank you(.) your site has given (me) more information than any other that I have visited. Well done." - Sal, 5/3/04.

"...Thanks for your great webpage and keep up the good work...." - Allison, 5/8/04.

"...Thank you again for your interesting and informative site." - Arlene, 5/11/04.

"...Your snail site is great!!! Very helpful!..." - Jeanne, 5/14/04.

"...I read with interest your article concerning Algae Eaters. I must say, you have some excellent information...." - Katria, 5/15/04.

"...I have viewed your website and found it to be very informative!..." - Marlene, 5/25/04.

"Thank you soooo much!! I've tried to get information about making Snail's life as interesting to him (or her?) as possible. I think you are the first person who has taken me even a little bit seriously. :) I enjoyed your site, and really appreciate your taking the time to write to me about Snail. You rock." - Heather, 5/24/04.

"...I really liked your website...." - Unknown, 5/29/04.

"...Thanks for having such a great site!....Thanks for all of your information...." - Ava, 6/7/04.

"...That is a great website you have there :)" - Slats, 6/11/04.

"...So far, your web site has helped me to understand a few things I didn't know before...." - Caren, 6/18/04.

"...I just visited your site and I think it is just wonderful that it provides so much information about aquatic animals...." - Leonora, 6/22/04.

"...Thanks for making the effort with the information on your website." - Chris, 7/10/04.

"...Your site was so helpful....Thank you for hearing me out. And for your great site." - Tiffany, 7/12/04.

"...Thank you for your pages. Yours seem to have the best information about aquatic snails that I can find....Keep up the good work...." - Peggy, 7/23/04.

"...I just wanted to say that I seriously love your Guppy page!! I bred them once and took care of the babies well thanks to your page I found your site by accident, really. I was on the computer, really bored, so I typed my own name, which happened to be spelled the same way yours is, and I found it!! It helped me a lot. When my guppy had fry, I panicked. A lot of help came from your site. Thanks!!!" - Robyn, 7/26/04.

"Just dropping you a line to say that I think your website is great...I...came across your website. Very informative and I especially like all your about Plecy and the snail." - Somnistra, 7/26/04.

"...Thank your for your site. I have tried lots of places today and yours is the only one with contact info...." - Tanya, 8/1/04.

"...Your website is great. I have 3 mosquito fish. Your breeding and fry care page helped me breed my fish and take care of their fry...." - Adria, 8/6/04.

"...I just wanted to drop you a quick note telling you how helpful I found your site...." - Brenda and Chris, 8/13/04.

"...I have thoroughly enjoyed your web site! Very informative and it's nice to see other women so invested in the fish world...." - Kim, 8/17/04.

"Love the page....Thanks for posting all the free info, keep up the good work!" - Matt, 8/18/04.

"...You have a very resourceful web site with some valuable information...." - John, 8/24/04.

"...So thanks to your web page I can look these questions up and it is all there!. So after all that I just wanted to say thank you for all the information....Your web site is the best and most informative that I the 'rookie' has found. Thank you for your time and effort to help the rest of us!" - Christine, 9/23/04.

"...I was checking out your site, and it is really nice...." - Melinda, 9/27/04.

"Simply put thanks for the Plecostomus Page. I have learned too much." - Unknown, 10/4/04 (You can never learn too much!!).

"...After a few years using your site as resource, I must say it has been an excellent website...." - Daniel, 10/5/04.

"...I really like your website. It has a lot of useful information...." - David, 10/27/04.

"...I love your webpage...." - 11/5/04.

"...I've read a lot of websites trying to get good advice on the care and feeding of tropical fish. Yours is one of the best sites I've visited. Thanks for sharing so much useful information....Thanks for sharing your experience on the web...." - Sam, 11/6/04.

"...Your information was both helpful and reassuring. I'm so happy to have found you on the web. You can be assured I will be visiting your website often!..." - Donna, 11/19/04.

"I found your web page interesting...." - Tina, 11/20/04.

"...I really like your web site. It is a great service for those looking for answers." - Steve, 11/21/04.

"...I've looked at your great site! and got some tips, this was the only site that I could find with decent info on them once I found out what kind of bottom feeders they were...." - Samantha, 11/29/04 (regarding my plecostomus page).

"...Your website is very helpful and I found yours to be a vital tool for pet owners....Thanks again for your informative webpages. I hope your pages will continue to help others." - Gregory, 12/2/04 and 12/5/04 (two separate e-mails).

"...First of all, I would like to thank you for all the information you have provided. I visit your site almost daily to learn more...." - Debra, 12/12/04.

"Just a quick note to say thanks for a useful page on Pleco's...." - Lee, 12/23/04.

"I just got done reviewing the information regarding Plecos on the internet. Thanks for the info....Anyways, keep up the good informative internet site....Keep those fish tales coming." - Gail, 12/29/04.

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