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Comments on Robyn's Fish Web Pages 1997 to 2002

Last Updated: 7/2/10

Positive Comments About My Fish Pages 1997 to 2002

"Very good, just added it to my 'favorite places' and will check it out often." - Tomtom, 10/8/97.

"Robyn, your uses for pantyhose is great!!! I would never have thought about that, but I'm glad that you did!! Thanks for the info in your web page" - Kes-Nicole, 10/8/97.

"I enjoyed your web page. Your fish are beautiful!...." - Carol, 8/9/98.

"Just wanted to thank you for setting up a site on rosy barbs....I knew nothing about them until I read your Website. Good job!" - Judie, 8/29/98.

"Ran across your pages doing a search on Ottos - it was the best info I found *anywhere*....Also enjoyed your Goldie page (we keep fancies and seems I agreed with all your concepts and info.)...A real pleasure to find such reliable, well-written, straightforward info...." - Karen, 11/10/98.

"I enjoyed your site, it answered many questions I had regarding Rosy Reds....Thank you so much for your site, I was not finding anything about them." - Adrian, 7/1/99.

"Earlier I noted that you had visited my fish site and so, in return, I visited yours and a wonderfully informative site it is. I am writing though to express my thanks for alerting me to the existence of Aquababies...." - Stuart, 7/28/99.

"...It's amazing that I always end up at your site. Two months ago I was doing research on herbivorous snails and yours was the best source I found. Today, I'm looking for fathead minnow distributors and once again you came through...." - Jamie, 8/9/99.

"...Congratulations on your site against aquababies. It is very well written, with the right arguments, no badmouthing or fingerpointing to individuals but a clear and concise description of those liquid prisons...." - Annemarie, 8/26/99.

"Nice web page with much needed information on Fathead minnows. I hope I will be as successful at raising these guys as you are. So far I have not had much luck, many seem to die for no apparent reason. Hopefully all your info will help...." - David, 9/29/99.

"I came upon your web page while checking on fish info. It was very informative and helpful....I will keep your website in my favorite places. Thought I would let you know how good it is!" - anonymous e-mail, 10/18/99.

"Great site! One of the best I have seen! I went to the aquababies site and was outraged. I just couldn't believe that they could get away with selling them! In Australia (where I live) they would have been taken off the market within a month." - Kris, 1/26/00.

"I think that your fish page is brilliant. I have even added it to my favorites, so I can come back and see how it's coming on...." - Thomas, 1/29/00.

"I think your website is incredibly informative without sounding like a biology class. The website cleared up a lot of misconceptions I had about keeping fish....I can't thank you enough for establishing such an incredible site. I can really appreciate the work that went into your website. In fact, I have yet to find a more informative, and better written site. I also use your website as a foundation for searching other sources on the net...." - Zubin, 2/1/00.

"I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your entire web site! I'm pretty new at this hobby. I've just started my first live plant tank and learned sooo much from you! Thanks!!" - Cathy, 2/21/00.

"I just wanted to let you know that your Fish Page is wonderful! It's very informative and easy to use. Thanks for creating a page to help other aquarists care for their pet fish. Keep up the superb job!..." - Alma, 5/28/00.

"Whoa! Robyn: Just what the newbie ordered! Thanks so much. I took a quick look at your Web site and I thought *I* kept a zoo! Amazing!" - Jeri, 7/6/00.

"I am a new aquarist, and have spent some time researching the basics of my newfound hobby online. I have looked at a great number of websites, but yours has been one of the most helpful for basic information. I just wanted to say "thank you." - Samkhya, 7/10/00.

"I am so happy to find information on the Hypostomus punctatus....I all the while suspected that he/she was not eating enough. Now reading your page, I can confirm this....Thank you again for posting your page for now I have the information to rear a healthy fish of this species....Wow they can get big." - Gina, 8/1/00.

"Your web page (guppy page) was exactly what I was looking for. Most I had found were way over my head and did not provide the basic information I was looking for. Thanks." - Mark, 8/2/00.

"Hi, I was wandering through your site and found it very informational. It's the best goldfish site I've seen so far....Well I just wanted to say good job and keep up the good work." - Tom, 10/2/00.

"I read the fish care page and loved it. It was really helpful. Thanks a lot. You most likely saved my fish!" - Idelisses, 11/10/00.

"Hey...I just wanted to say that you have a great web page and have really inspired me to go for the goldfish....We had no clue....after reading your web site I definitely think we are going in the direction of goldfish...Plus we have been thinking of building a pond and they would be a great fish for there also...." - Capt. Lee, 12/28/00.

"Thanks for the information on rosy reds, Robyn! I accidently killed some trying out for a science project I'm doing with my high school kids, and thanks to your page, now I know what I did wrong :o( Thanks so much!" - Maria, 2/4/01.

"I found your site to be very helpful and informative. Thanks to you, all of my questions were answered....I forwarded your site to a few friends who are also trying to learn more about the care of their fish tanks...." - Anonymous, 2/11/01.

"Robyn, I forgot to mention that I am very impressed with your web site and the information it contains. Please keep up the GOOD WORK." - Alan, 2/17/01.

"I just wanted to let you know that I have bookmarked your site! Thanks for all the info (especially the personal experiences)...." - Holly, 2/17/01.

"Hey Robyn your site is excellent. All the questions I had were answered. You should be proud of yourself for such a wonderful site...." - Your fish buddy, 2/18/01.

"You have a great website!!! Lots of information!!!..." - Deb, 3/8/01.

"...WOW what a site....I am really glad I found your site, for many reasons...." - Donna, 3/29/01.

"Hi Robyn, first I must say I love your site! You are very clever. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us!...Glad there are people out there like you willing to help others. I would be lost without you! If I only had to go by the pet store alone when I started, all of my fish would be dead now. Thank you!"...(a separate e-mail)..."The more I look at your web page the more I love it! I have never seen a fish page as good as yours and believe (me) I looked at a lot of fish pages. I put yours under my favorites...." - Aundrea, 3/31/01.

"...Thank you for setting up such a wonderful and informative web site....Keep up the good work on your page...." - Chris, 4/2/01.

"Robyn, I am thankful that I found your web site....Thank you for the information that you made available. You have a very nice web site and I have added it to My Favorites for future reference. It is very nicely done." - Richard, 4/30/01.

"...Just want to say that I appreciate your well thought out site on rosey red minnows....Thanks again for your site. It was very informative." - Sandra, 5/5/01.

"I just wanted to thank you for all the work you put into your web was helpful to read of your experiences." - Corey, 5/29/01.

"I have to say your site is SO GOOD! It's a wonderful resource I use a LOT!!..." - Kristy, 6/2/01.

"Nicely organized, well-designed and informative fish web pages!..." - Patterson, 6/12/01.

"I like your website, it's pretty informative, and one of the few good white cloud fish sites out there...." - Shannon, 7/2/01.

"Hi! I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you I love your web page. My husband and I just got 4 rosy red feeders for our fish tank, and boy did I have a hard time finding info on these fish. Your web site was perfect! Keep up the good work!" - Jody, 8/29/01.

"...I would like to say that I really enjoyed your fish page!...I just have not been able to find more danio specific spawning info out there. Your site has been the best so far!..." - Tony, 9/9/01.

"Hi there, I have always gone to your web page for advice/troubleshooting on my goldfish because you have such down to earth advice...." - Dorothy, 10/7/01.

"...I just wanted to drop a quick note to say thanks for your great web pages on fish. I am new to this very addicting hobby/activity and really enjoy your well-thought out writings. It is clear that you spend much time and care greatly for your fish. I've spent so much time reading your pages and your site has been helpful..." - unknown, 10/12/01.

"...I found your fish care site through a search engine and I think it's really great...." - Julie, 10/25/01.

"...I stumbled upon your web site, originally, looking for fish information. Incidentally, kudos to your site, it's very comprehensive, and must have taken you hours upon hours to make it what it is...." - Mark, 11/20/01.

"I love your website!...These (rosy red minnows) are really neat little fish and I was looking forward to finding more information, which I did on your terrific website!..." - Pam, 12/31/01.

"I love your website. It's has been very helpful to me. I come to it all the time using the search engines...." - Elisha, 1/3/02.

"...I just wanted to thank you for all the information on your site about aquariums. I've found it really helpful (especially your graph of algae eaters)....thanks for the info!" - Adit, 1/13/02.

"...I love your fish website!...I just wanted you to know I really appreciate your website!" - Eric, 1/16/02.

"...I am very impressed with your website and congratulate you on its success...." - Sophie, 2/7/02.

"I have had a look at your webpage, and it was very informative. I have a terrible problem with algae in my tank...." - Chris, 2/8/02.

"...Thank you for your informative goldfish website...I have been searching the Internet for advice and knowledge...then I found your excellent website...." - Christine, 2/15/02.
"...Thank you, again, for your personal reply...and for all the time you put into creating such a helpful website for beginners with fish like me...." - Christine, 2/16/02.

"I want to thank you for your web site. Your love of fish is beautiful...." - Angel, 2/24/02.

"...I really enjoyed your website. It was really helpful to me...." - Colin, 2/28/02.

"...I thoroughly enjoyed reading your information on algae eaters. I am recently new to this world (of algae eaters!) and found your article both informative and fascinating...." - 3/4/02.

"...Your pages have given me more information than any other I have found so far. Thanks greatly for the info...." - Chris, 3/13/02.

"...I'm really enjoying my visit to your website, what a great and informative site! Love your pond, too, I've always dreamed of a pond full of amphibians in my backyard....I just thought I'd drop you a note and thank you for all the great information you've produced for us frog lovers...." - Ray, 3/14/02 (who was adding African dwarf frogs to his tank).

"...Thanks for keeping such a great site!" - Josh, 3/17/02.

"Hello. I enjoyed reading your web page about danios...." - Jennifer, 3/20/02.

"...First I'd like to say I love your site, it has been a great resource for me!...Thanks for your time, and again I love your sites, keep up the good work!" - Jeani, 3/21/02.

"Hi there, I wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much I enjoyed your page. I learned a lot about panda cories....Thank you for putting up such an informative page...." - Carole, 3/22/02.

"Hey I just wanted to say that we really enjoyed your website and also the info on rosy reds....Just wanted to say thanks again for such an interesting and informative website. So many lead nowhere and aren't worth the space...." - Toomie & Mary, 3/22/02.

"...I appreciate the info on your pages, and I like the ponds you have set up!..." - Jody, 3/28/02.

"Hi...I'm glad I found your fish page. I'm an amateur who found your pages most useful and informative. (= " - Dabee, 3/28/02.

"...I just want to say thank you for your excellent website...." - Christine, 4/1/02.

"...Thanks a lot for your advice! I checked out your webpage. It is fantastic!" - Min, 4/3/02.

"I have been a long time visitor at your site! Before I even owned an aquarium your site helped me set up right, now I have a big tank of about 45 zebra danio and a fry tank with maybe 30 more....your site has helped me to avoid big mistakes....thanks again for the information you have supplied me...." - Kay, 4/8/02.

"...I would like to congratulate you for your beautiful aquarium pages!..." - Andrea, 4/11/02.

"...I was surfing the net trying to find info about raising corydoras fry, and luckily found yours! I just wanted to let you know that I learned a great deal from your site!...Again, I just wanted to say thanks for your site. I still need help, but at least have a better idea of what I should be doing...." - Ann, 5/16/02.

"Just a short note to let ya know that you have a very cool site...." - Randall, 5/18/02.

"First, my compliments on your fantastic web pages!!..." - Charlie, 5/21/02.

"...I have been searching for information about plecs and had not trouble finding real technical material. But what I really wanted was to find information from other people who shared my passion. Needless to say, when I found your page I was delighted as well as amazed. The information was technical but also easy to understand. I loved your pictures - I could look at plecs all day. The links were a wealth of info! This might sound strange but what I noticed most of all (was) the feeling that this was a page created by someone who really has a love and respect for their subject. There is a 'warmth' - for lack of a better word - and it made me feel welcomed as your visitor. Thank you so much!" - Janet, 5/23/02. (Thank you Janet! You made me cry!)

"Thank you for your informative and conservatively written pages...." - Malcom, 5/23/02.

"...Just wanted to commend you on your excellent website - it is really difficult to find good resources on panda cories, and it is particularly nice to see that you updated it this year - the main failing of many a web site...." - Alex, 5/26/02.

"...Your site is wonderfully informative. Thank you...." - Jamie, 6/1/02.

"...I love reading your web pages - they have great information on the aquatic animals I have recently started to keep...." - Unknown, 6/9/02.

"...I'm relatively new to the fiskeeping thing, but have enjoyed doing my research almost as much as I have enjoyed the fish themselves. Your site (sites) have been a great resource. Keep up the good work....Good luck and I will continue looking to your sites for interesting research and entertainment about your fish." - Matt, 6/12/02.

"I think your web pages are quite helpful. Thank you...." - Levar, 6/16/02.

"...Thanks for replying and for access to your web site. You have a good selection of articles on different fish, and overall a great website." - Randy, 6/16/02.

"...I was just at your website and found a lot of info on guppies. Thanks so much for your work! Yours was the first site not to overwhelm me in info that I didn't want....Thanks a bunch!" - Julie, 6/18/02.

"Hi there - just wanted to give you kudos for keeping such an excellent site up-to-date! This is the first page I've found that gives quality information about fish and aquariums. So, for that I thank you...." - Kelley, 7/5/02.

"...Your webpage has been an enormous help to me. I stumbled upon it and am now so grateful to have found it at all. THANK you for posting it. Abbi has a much nicer tank and array of foods, and Clarence has cucumbers and wood to suck on for roughage...and frankly I might not have ever found that information were it not for your page!!!! Thank your ever so...." - Hilary, 7/11/02. [Abbi is an African clawed frog, and Clarence is a plecostomus.]

"Fantastic! I was looking for some info on goldfish longevity, and found your site. It will take me a lot longer to read the whole thing, though." - Unknown, 7/12/02.

"...I very much enjoyed your website and I learned a few things while I was there...." - Donna, 7/13/02.

"...I have just recently viewed your website, and I found it to be fun and very informative...." - Don, 7/14/02.

"I just want to thank you for such a lovely web site. My favorite Oranda just died this evening....Most people don't realize what wonderful creatures these are, so they don't understand why anyone would care when their fish dies." - Jenn, 7/15/02.

"I think your page is really cool...." - Tim, 7/20/02.

"Hi there, I'm glad to have finally found your website. After 2-3 years of searching through websites about fish, etc. Yours is the best. I've only begun to go through it and it is just the best so congratulations to you...." - Kevin, 7/27/02.

"...I was looking at your website and it is just great and very informative....The people at the pet stores don't seem to know anything. Thanks very much. Your website is great...." - Marlene, 7/31/02.

"...Thanks for the great snail page. Very informative...." - Ray, 8/4/02.

"Just a quick note to tell you how helpful I've found your aquarium website. Thanks for the information!" - Kevin, 8/7/02.

"I'm a beginner, and yours is the best site I've seen for algae eating fish. Great chart. Thanks...." - Danny, 8/11/02.

"...Your site was very interesting, informative and looks great...." - Maureen, 8/14/02.

"...anyway, like you, I think they (rosy red minnows) are very nice & pretty fish and am not even going to try to look for other sites since you know probably as much as anyone else would....thanks so much & I enjoy your site...." - Claudia, 8/19/02.

"...Thanks so much for your wonderful web page about Rosy Reds. As a result of your excellent information I bought two rosy reds recently....I've been reading more of your wonderful web pages....Your web pages are a wonderful source of information....Thanks again and I will be visiting your web site more...." - Judy, 8/20/02.

"I just wanted to tell you the pictures with your explanations is a life saver. I didn't exactly find out what I was looking for but man this was neat...." - Jodi, 8/21/02.

"Hi, 1st u have a great page...." - Unknown, 8/26/02.

"...First, thanks for all the time and effort you've put into your pages! They are the best I've seen and read thus far re aquariums/fish....So anyway Robyn, thanks so much again. You've been a great help. Really appreciate the great work you've done and continue to do on your web pages. As I said in my initial email - your pages are the best that I've found...." - Austyn, 8/30/02 (two separate e-mails).

"...I really enjoyed your site/s and wanted to share, and ask you for some advice, because you're certainly an expert to me...." - Elaine, 9/8/02.

"...Thanks for your help - And I really enjoyed your very informative web site, by the way." - Len, 9/17/02.

"...I love your Pleco page and Mr. Plecy! I am a big lover of Plecos, as of recently...." - Curt, 9/18/02.

"...Your site about fish is the best I've found yet!! I love it!..." - Lori, 9/21/02.

"Hi. Just checked out your pleco webpage, good job!..." - Victor, 9/24/02.

"I'm really impressed with your level of details. I've been surfin your site for the past 2+ hrs. And it never seems to end. The info just keeps coming and I kept sifting through...." - Nigel, 10/5/02.

"...I first would like to say I thoroughly enjoyed your web page. I found it to be very interesting...." - Cassandra, 10/7/02.

"...I really enjoyed reading your information regarding the neon tetras. Of the sites I've visited, yours seems the most comprehensive...." - Nancy, 10/8/02.

"...I have been looking around for information on neon tetras and have found your page by far the most comprehensive...." - Jason, 10/12/02. (Note from Robyn: I know it's weird! I got almost the same sentence from two different people in the same week!)

"...Your pages are great." - Clarie, unknown date (received week of 10/7/02 but date says 1/24/02!!).

"I read your pages about rosy reds - very informative. Thanks...." - Eric, 10/17/02.

"...Just a note to say how much I have been enjoying your aquarium information....But thank you so much for all the great information...." - Lu Ann, 10/22/02.

"...Thought I would write a little note to say how informative and interesting your rosey red minnow site is...." - Sara, 10/23/02.

"...Thank you for your informative page and links. It's midnight and I'm awake and searching the web for advice because I've noticed something peculiar about Billy Bob and I was thrilled to find your site when I did a search at the aquarium hobbyist website...." - Barbi, 10/26/02.

"...Out of desperation I logged onto the internet to find out if my suspicions about my pleco were true. Your website was very helpful!!!! My beautiful catfish turned out to be a brute!...You have a great website. It's very difficult to find individuals with knowledge on fish care!..." - Michele, 11/10/02.

"...Thank you for the information on your web pages. It is really very interesting and informative...." - Linda, 11/19/02.

"I enjoyed your very informative web site on your Zebra Danios....Thanks again for your help so far through your web site...." - Tony, 11/20/02.

"After talking to several pet shops and looking up several sites on the internet, I finally found what I was looking for. Your site is excellent. My plecostomus became very aggressive toward my goldfish....I have told others about your site. Your writings are most informative and contain information not found elsewhere...." - Karen, 11/21/02.

"...I go to your website first each time I have a question. Thank you for being there...." - Diane, 12/19/02.

"Thank you, your web site is fantastic!!!!!...Keep up the good work I will be visiting again very soon." - Susan, 12/31/02.

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