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Fishpondinfo You Tube Videos

Last Updated: 5/27/18

I bought a digital video recorder at the end of 2011 and set up a Fishpondinfo You Tube account. From now on, I will post videos over there instead of uploading them to my web site. I will provide links here and on the relevant pages on my web site. Since many videos are on the fly, many of them are using my old digital camera and not the good HD video camera.

The first link under each line below is the link to the You Tube video. The first few videos were test videos (hence the lack of date). I follow each video with a link to relevant pages on Fishpondinfo.

Current number of videos listed below (all videos that are on You Tube but NOT on my web site): 34

Videos are listed from newest to oldest.

5-week-old chicks on 5/26/18

Spring Peepers Calling from sometime in late April 2017.

Deer playing on 7/7/16.

Tinkie riding her Fast Cat wheel on 6/5/15.

Mice on 1/10/15. Go to my mouse page.

Peppermint Shrimp on 1/30/14. Go to my peppermint shrimp page.

Wood frogs calling on 3/12/13. Go to my wood frog page.

Frozen 1800 gallon pond on 1/23/13 and how I use the sledgehammer on the waterfall ice (not the main pond). Go to my big pond page.

Frozen 1800 gallon pond on 1/23/13. Go to my big pond page.

20 gallon freshwater tank on 1/23/13 showing my colony of longfin panda cories and celestial pearl danios. Go to my 20 gallon tank page, panda cory page, or celestial pearl danio page.

12 gallon nano reef tank on 1/23/13. Go to my 12 gallon reef tank page.

6 gallon nano reef tank on 1/23/13. Go to my 6 gallon reef tank page.

Tinkie and Gino in December of 2012. Go to Tinkie's page or Gino's page.

Barney, Emmy, Gino, and Tinkerbelle playing on 10/15/12. Go to my cats' page.

Gino Doing His Tricks on 9/17/12. Go to Gino's page.

Emmy playing on 9/10/12. Go to Emmy's page.

Emmy playing on 9/9/12. Listen to her purr at the end! Go to Emmy's page.

Eastern wild turkey and her six poults on 8/30/12. Go to my wild turkey page.

Nano reef tanks in May of 2012. Go to my marine pages.

Celestial pearl danios and panda cories around 5/24/12. At the beginning of the video, there is a not-to-bad view of one of the danios. Then, the camera kind of goes wild (I was shooting blind as the camera screen was all white). Go to my celestial danio page or my panda cory page.

6 gallon reef tank some time in late May, 2012. You can see my zooanthids, mushroom corals, green star polyps, sexy shrimp, and red clown goby (when I saw "Hey, Fireman" which is his name). The video ends on my 12 gallon reef tank. Go to my 6 gallon reef tank page or my clown goby page.

12 gallon reef tank some time in late May 2012. I took this video of my 12 gallon tank with my Oscellaris clownfish, Nemo. If you are wondering why the view finder is not aimed correctly, it is because the screen was white so I was shooting blindly. The camera would later "fix itself." Go to my 12 gallon reef tan page or my clownfish page.

Pond Flood - Video #1. On 5/23/12, we got four thunderstorms in the afternoon and almost 3 inches of rain. Here the area above my 1800 gallon pond flooded and then ran like a stream in to my pond. Mulch and dirt went in the pond which was not good. The reason this happened is that the new gutters (which were guaranteed to never need maintenance) clogged so water cascaded off the roof instead of being drained below the pond. Go to my 1800 gallon pond page.

Pond Flood - Video #2. This video is a little longer. It shows the gutters pouring off the side at the end. You can also hear a gray tree frog call at the end. Go to my 1800 gallon pond page.

Rosy Barbs and Leopard Cories. This is a video of the rosy barbs and leopard cories in my 50 gallon tank some time in April 2012. Go to my rosy barb page or my leopard cory page.

6 gallon nano reef tank, taken perhaps sometime in April of 2012. The green star polyps are the prevalent coral. There are also zooanthids and mushroom corals. Go to my 6 gallon reef tank page.

Male dark-phase Eastern gray squirrel taken around April of 2012. He was eating seeds at the window. Yes, he is black. The video ends with my cat, Tinkerbelle. Go to my squirrel page or Tinkerbelle's page.


By 5/29/12, I put all my web site videos on You Tube to share with more people but none of those were new except for these next two videos which I found that I never linked in to my site!

Wood frog eggs circa March 2007 (no information beyond that!). Go to my wood frog page.

Wood frogs hanging out circa March 2006. Go to my wood frog page.

Pond fish on 3/18/12.

Eastern newt that I found in my 153 gallon pond on 3/14/12 when I cleaned the pond out. Go to my Eastern newt section

Frogs - bullfrogs, green frogs, and wood frogs waiting in a bucket while I cleaned out the 153 gallon pond on 3/14/12. Go to my 153 gallon pond cleaning page to see photos.

Wood frogs - about a dozen wood frogs were calling and spawning on 3/1/12 in this video. The males quieted down once I approached but I got some of them on video. The video ends on batches of wood frog eggs. This video was taken with my old camera as the new one did not work when I went to use it (turns out the memory that it comes with only holds two minutes of video and was full!). Go to my wood frog page.

Guinea pig sliding board - my guinea pigs sliding down the ramp from their second floor to their first floor some time in February, 2012. They come down in the order of Avery/Lammie, Brownie, and Abby. Go to my guinea pig page.

Lammie - Lammie (aka Avery) in late January 2012 I think. I was just doing test videos and petting her to show her long hair. Go to Avery's page.

I also have mpg videos on my web site.
Go to the detailed videos index for videos that are on Fishpondinfo.

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