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Ocellaris Clownfish

Last Updated: 5/26/16

Nemo on 5/31/08.

My Ocellaris Clownfish
Ocellaris Clownfish Photos and Video

I wish I had time to write about the various species and types of clownfish. Instead, I will just tell you about mine.

My Ocellaris Clownfish

I got my first saltwater fish ever on 5/21/08. I got one regular Ocellaris clownfish, also called a false percula clownfish and one black and white Ocellaris clownfish from Australia. The regular one is Nemo (for my 3 year old niece) and the other one was Crusty (as in Crusty the clown from the Simpsons). They were very active, like to swim in the current, and love to eat!

On 5/27/08, I noticed Crusty had a few little white things under his chin in the morning. By the time I came home, he had a white film on his right pectoral fin. I do not know if the skin was sloughing off or bacteria or fungus was involved. Since the tank has corals in it, I cannot treat the fish with any chemicals. I also noticed that Crusty wanted to eat but that Nemo would slam in to him if he tried. The morning of 5/28/08, I found Crusty's poor little dead buddy stuck to the filter intake. Crusty was a $50 fish, and I really was looking forward to enjoying him and watching him become black and white (he was only starting to change). I was told that two young Ocellaris clownfish that are added at the same time would get along but they did not. If I had known, I would NOT have gotten two of them. I am hoping Crusty died from Nemo though and not from poor water quality or something contagious. As of 6/7/08, Nemo is still fine.

Update 8/14/08: Nemo is fine. He does not do much except eat and swim in place.

Ocellaris Clownfish Photos and Video

Photos are listed from oldest to newest. There are photos of my reef on my reef photos page. Some of those photos also show the clownfish. I did not include all of those here on this page.

These two photos are from 5/22/08 after I added the two Ocellaris clownfish, four corals, and seven snails (who all died).
Nemo (bottom) and Crusty (top)
Nemo (bottom) and Crusty (top)

These two photos I was taking of the corals from 5/25/08 also have Nemo in them.

This is a photo of poor dead Crusty on 5/28/08. This was the first time I realized my digital camera had a macro feature so you can see him in detail, even veins under the skin. He was 1.25".
Dead Crusty

I took these photos of Nemo on 5/31/08:

I took a video of the two fish (Nemo the oscellaris clownfish and Jose the firefish) on 6/7/08:
Movie - 1818 KB mpg movie of Nemo and Jose.

Entire reef on 6/13/08 - you can see Nemo the clownfish and Jose the firefish

Nemo on 7/18/09 right before I cleaned the tank so there is pink coralline algae on the glass that is obscuring the view a bit.

These photos are from 10/17/09. Nemo can be seen.
Entire tank
Entire tank

Nemo on 10/24/09.

Pablo and Nemo on 10/29/09.

Nemo on 7/3/10.

Nemo in the glass fish bowl waiting along with the scarlet reef hermit crab (all you can see is the shell) while I did a 100% cleaning of the 12 gallon tank on 7/31/10.

Nemo on 2/28/12.

12 gallon reef tank video some time in late June, 2012. I took this video of my 12 gallon tank with my Oscellaris clownfish, Nemo. If you are wondering why the view finder is not aimed correctly, it is because the screen was white so I was shooting blindly. The camera would later "fix itself."

Nemo on 5/28/12.

Nemo on 11/30/12. This shows the entire tank and where Nemo always hangs out.

12 gallon nano reef tank video on 1/23/13. You can see the huge spaghetti leather coral, Nemo, a yellow hermit crab, green star polyps, macroalgae, and more.

I was taking photos on 9/13/13 of a starfish. Nemo photobombed them.
Starfish and Nemo
Starfish and Nemo
Starfish and Nemo

From 8/2/14:
12 gallon tank - view from above with Nemo, front part of the tank.
12 gallon tank - view from the front with Nemo.

On 2/28/15, I was taking a photo of my zooanthids but you can see Nemo in the photo.
Nemo in his cave.

Nemo on 10/18/15.

From 1/16/16, photos of Nemo in his cave with the zooanthid colony at the opening:


This site has photos and information about the clownfish too. The first photo is the regular one while the other is the black and white ones. Note that their affiliate program ended so that these photos no longer link to anything.:

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