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Toad Links, Photos, and Calls

Last Updated: 2/21/17

American Toad Photos
American Toad Videos
Toad Links

American Toad Photos

Photos of common, cane, and Western toads are on the toad species page. The photos below are either of known American toads or presumed American toads.

Photos are from most recent to oldest.

American toad in my garage on 12/1/16.

From 5/22/12:
Bulltoad - a male American toad amplexing a female bullfrog! Sometimes, they get confused!
Bulltoad - a male American toad amplexing a female bullfrog, close-up!

American toad at the Maryland Zoo on 8/19/10.

Jenny Gitlitz sent these great photos of American toads breeding on 5/3/10. They were taken on 5/2/10 at Warren Pond in Dalton, Massachusetts. I normally resize photos but these are so good that I left them full size.
American toads swimming around.
American toads in a large gathering.
American toad male calling
American toad male calling
American toads spawning. There are multiple pairs and eggs being laid.
American toads spawning.
American toads pair laying eggs. Notice how much larger the female on the bottom is and that the eggs are laid in long strings.

Carmen sent this photo on 4/18/09 of two toads amplexing (mating). She did not have a pond so I suggested putting out a water source for them. The eggs need to be laid in water. These are probably American toads.
Toads amplexing

Michelle sent these three photos of amplexing American toads in her pond in Michigan on 6/8/07. The male is on the top of the female.
Mating American toads
Mating American toads
Mating American toads

On 4/27/07, Daniel sent these photos of male toads calling in his pond. They are great photos of the males with their sacks inflated!! I think they are American toads.
Daniel said, "I took this photo two nights ago - one of two toads (I think this is a toad not a frog) who visited our home-made pond were in the pond chirrruping away at one another - we watched 'em for quite a while with flashlights - they were shameless and didn't care. After croaking at one another they had a little fight, then rested, then did it again - it looks as if each wanted the other one to leave the pond. I was surprised as I didn't know toads (or frogs) would do this. Their "fighting" was not sex (we've seen other shameless frogs and toads over the years) - more like wrestling and bumping and pushing and croaking at one another in skirmishes. I wonder if frog fighting is documented."
I told him that male toads often wrestle as he saw. They want the best spots to attract females.
Male American toad calling
Male American toad calling

I went to the zoo on 6/7/06 and took this photo of a group of American toads. They were in a glass tank so I was surprised the photo turned out.
American toads

On 2/2/05, Samantha sent these photos of her American toad which I finally linked into my site on 2/28/07.
American toad- top view
American toad- top view

Here are two photos of newly-morphed toads from Bill's pool cover that he sent on 5/16/04: toadlets and toadlets.

Male American toad on land, 4/18/04.
Male American toad in my 153 gallon pond, 4/18/04, different male than the above male as they were both out at the same time, and the photos were taken minutes apart. This male was calling.

David sent me many photos of toad eggs and toad tadpoles in March 2004. Here they are: toad eggs, toad eggs, toad eggs, toad tadpoles, toad tadpoles, and a few toad tadpoles close-up.

Toad eggs photo sent to me by Richard and Debi in April of 2003.

One-week-old toad tadpoles in my 153 gallon pond on 4/22/01.

A female American toad sat at the threshold of my garage door on 6/21/00.

In April, hundreds of "toadpoles" swim around eating algae so I think that is good! Here is a photo of two mating toads (left arrow) and the strings of eggs all over the pots (right arrow), taken 5/22/97 when the pond was still new enough that the water was clear (note that it became crystal clear again in 1999!). This is a photo of lots of toad tadpoles swimming around and a green frog on the left (arrow), taken 4/12/98.

American Toad Videos

I took these two videos on 5/7/09. It was dark outside so there is no picture but black. The gray tree frogs were calling as well as a single male American toad.

Gray Tree Frogs and American Toad Calling - 4459 KB, mpg movie.
In this one, the toad is calling for the first four seconds, and the gray tree frogs are calling throughout.

Gray Tree Frogs and American Toad Calling - 2148 KB, mpg movie.
In this one, the toad is calling for the first seven seconds, and the gray tree frogs are calling for two seconds at the end.

Toad Links

These links were last verified on 6/30/10.

Also, see the amphibian links page.

To see a photo of the American toad, hear a call, and get some info, go to this frog site .

To see another photo, hear a call, and get info, go to the Toronto Zoo site.

The Herps of Texas web site has a photo, call, and information on the American toad as well.

There is a photo and call of an American toad at this site too.

You can hear and see American, Fowler's, oak, Southern, and Eastern Narrowmouth Toads at Frogs & Toad of Virginia & Maryland - this is an archived version as the site is gone now.

The Frogs & Toads of Tennessee page has information, photos, and calls on the American toad, Fowler's toad, Eastern narrowmouth toad, and Eastern spadefoot.

The Frogs & Toads of Georgia has information, photos, and calls on the following toads: Americnan, Fowler's, oak, Southern, Eastern narrowmouth, and Eastern spadefoot.

If you are not sure which species of toad that you have, and you live in the USA, go to enature.com and enter in your zip code and then go to the amphibians guide to see photos, hear calls, and learn information on species native to your area.

Toadie Serenade and
Toad Calling in Aquarium - Videos of a male American toad calling in an aquarium.

Check out this page on Pond Showcase to see the cutest photo of toads on a waterfall in Texas.

This Pond Showcase page has two photos of toad tadpoles in a dirt-bottomed pond.

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