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Zoo Photos

Last Updated: 8/27/08

We went to the Maryland Zoo (formerly The Baltimore Zoo) on 6/7/06. I took 100 digital photos. Here are the photos that I thought were relevant to various pages on my site. I did not include the animals that had no relevance to my site due to limited space on my site.

Green heron
Blue-billed duck
Screech owl
Copperhead snake
Black rat snake
American toads
Royal Palm domestic turkeys - male on left, female on right
Royal Palm domestic turkeys - male on left, female on right
African (or maybe Chinese) geese
Snapping turtle - this photo was taken from a good 500 feet away! The snapper was basking with snappers do a lot less often than other aquatic turtles.
Guinea fowl
Cormorants waiting to be fed
Bullfrog tadpoles
Bullfrog tadpoles
Mallard ducks - male top, female bottom
Cormorants drying their wings

I also took two movies, one of the cormorants and one of African penguins. Go to my videos page to see those.

On 9/14/07, we went to the National Zoo. You can go to this page to see 85 photos from that day.

There are photos from the Catoctin Zoo on 11/9/07 on this page.

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