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Photos of Fish with Fish Tuberculosis

Last Updated: 7/12/10

These fish may have fish tuberculosis. Some of the fish on the dropsy photo page may have fish tuberculosis as well. Go to the tumor photos page to see photos of fish with other tumors.

Rosy barb with Tuberculosis

A male longfin rosy barb, 2/8/04. This photo is the left side view.

Also, here are the right side view and head-on view of the same barb on 2/8/04.

Tuberculosis has afflicted my fish since a sick goldfish came in in the early 1990's. I have not gotten good photos before but here you can see the version of tuberculosis where the fish becomes severely enlarged. I have tried treatment with antibiotics in the past. I added some MelaFix by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals after I took these photos. It is all natural and does no harm. To my utter amazement, this male (my original male barb and father to a few dozen of my other barbs) lost almost all of his enlargement! I do not know how it is even possible unless he fought off the bacteria, or it was really water weight gain or some other problem. I think this same fish later died on 10/10/04 from dropsy as well as tuberculosis. See here for a photo of him then. I am about 70% sure it is the same fish.

Zebra Danio with Tuberculosis

This is an old adult female longfin zebra danio with advanced tuberculosis tumors.

Additional photos: Rear view of danio and side view of danio.

These are three photos of one of my poor danios with advanced tumors. The photos were taken 8/11/04 in my 40 gallon tank. This fish lived only about another week before rupturing but had had tumors growing larger and larger over a few years. This is how many of my danios end up near the end but I had not seen a tumor quite this big before.

Zebra Danio with Tuberculosis

On 5/20/08, Lori sent these photos of an albino zebra danio with tumors and a bent spine. It is likely that the fish had fish tuberculosis.

Albino zebra danio with tumors and bent spine
Albino zebra danio with tumors and bent spine
Albino zebra danio with tumors and bent spine; a healthy danio for comparison can be seen in this photo.
Albino zebra danio with tumors and bent spine

Dead Goldfish with Ruptured Tuberculosis Tumor

Poor Frodo, my five-year-old male calico fantail goldfish, died on 10/17/09 after his tuberculosis tumor ruptured out his vent. Here are photos of his body. Warning: Do not view these photos if you have trouble looking at dead animals.
Frodo - back view
Frodo - left side view

Goldfish with Tuberculosis Tumor

I believe my indoor goldfish who are fantails have tuberculosis. These photos are from 7/3/10. Both fish have lesions. Aragorn has been anorexic for a while.
Aragorn with minor lesions along his back.
Legolas with an arrow towards his dorsal tumor.

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