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Photos of Fish with Dropsy

Last Updated: 8/30/07

These fish most likely have dropsy. Note that fish with dropsy may also have fish tuberculosis or other problems. Also, see the fish tuberculosis photos page. On the tumor page is a betta that may also have dropsy.

Goldfish with Dropsy

Bryan sent me these photos of a shubunkin goldfish around 7/15/04. I had never seen a goldfish with dropsy that had those bubbles before! This goldfish did not live long after the photos were taken. He sent me this link that shows another goldfish with a similar bubbling.

Rosy Barb with Dropsy

This poor old male rosy barb was lying on his side at the surface of the water in my 50 gallon tank on 10/9/04 and died the next day. Treatment had not worked. This fish very well could have been the same original male rosy barb shown earlier on the tuberculosis photo page with tuberculosis swelling. It is really hard to tell tuberculosis abnormalities from dropsy sometimes. Almost surely, this barb is carrying tuberculosis but he swelled up really fast, really big fast, and his scales stuck out so in this case, I decided dropsy was his predominant problem.

Betta with Dropsy

Sascha sent me this photo on 6/9/05. The male betta had a kinked spine and scales sticking out. He most likely had dropsy. The poor guy died about a week later.

Another Betta with Dropsy

Melissa sent these photos of her sick betta with dropsy on 7/24/07. His name was Guido and he died shortly after the photos were taken.

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