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Comments on Robyn's Web Pages

Last Updated: 10/6/09

Positive Comments About My Web Pages in General and Miscelleneous - 2004 to 2009

"...I was just surfing the web when I came across your page. It's very interesting and informative, not to mention easy to navigate and read...." - Michelle, 1/31/04.

"...I am so pleased I stumbled upon your site, it was so informative about frogs....Thanks so much...." - Hollie, 2/7/04.

"...I really have enjoyed your website...." - Margene, 2/13/04.

"First let me say we do enjoy your web site, it is very informative and the mix of text/pictures is very interesting. We've kept your site in our 'favorites' since we first acquired our salamander....Thanks for a good web site...." - Dave & Regina, 2/?/04.

"Thanks for your info on frogs!...I found a great deal of useful info on your site. Thanks!!!" - Liz, 2/?/04.

"...I absolutely adore your site. Keep up the good work!..." - Sarah, 3/3/04 (regarding my aquarium frogs page).

"...Thanks for your great website. It is full of great information...." - Emma, 3/8/04 (regarding my mealworm page).

"I have enjoyed your website...." - Vicci, 3/19/04 (regarding my salamander page).

"Thanks for the link to your page. The info on the mealworms was interesting...thanks again for the info, a great page." - Kerri, 3/19/04.

"...Your site is great, have bookmarked it...." - Lesley, 3/25/04 (regarding my hedgehog pages).

"You have an interesting site and you are a talented and interesting person." - Jimmy, 4/11/04. (Robyn: Yeah, right (sarcastically)!)

"...I really like your web site. I also have [in addition to an aquarium] a dog, two elderly cats, three rabbits and a bunch of chickens, so I enjoyed large parts of your web site...." - Arlene, 4/17/04.

"...Thank goodness I found your page...." - Misty, 4/25/04 (regarding my mealworm page).

"Just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed your info on the site. Thanks!" - Kym, 5/14/04.

"...Great website!..." - Andie, 5/17/04.

"...Excellent site you have there!..." - Chez, 5/20/04.

"...Thank you so much for your effort of sharing info on your site...." - Victor and Margit, 5/29/04.

"...Your site is so full of great information...." - Rommie, 5/30/04 (with regards to my sailfin lizard pages).

"...I was looking at your web page on turtles and found it very helpful...." - Alan, 6/2/04.

"...I found your site interesting and helpful...." - Teresa, 6/5/04.

"...The website is totally amazing & extremely helpful." - Sal, 6/13/04.

"...Thank you very much for the info you posted; it helped me a great deal!!!!" - Brent, 6/14/04 (regarding my turkey page; I put in the semicolon in his quote since I am a stickler for grammar!).

"..I have just visited your website, and it's really lovely :)..." - Izzy, 6/27/04 (regarding my guinea pig pages).

"...Thank you so much I love your web page." - Unknown, 7/4/04 (regarding my African dwarf frog page).

"...You have a great web site. I felt it very informative and friendly...." - Robin, 7/6/04.

"...Thanks a lot! Your site is a good one!" - Ashis, 7/15/04.

"...Thank you for your very informative web page...." - Mike, 9/6/04.

"...Your site was so helpful and I really appreciate that you took the time to put it up there for folks like me." - Martha, 8/10/04.

"...I really liked your website! Congrats!..." - Julie, 9/15/04 (regarding my hedgehog pages).

"...Loved your webpage! Very helpful!..." - Rebekah, 9/18/04 (regarding my snail pages).

"...Very nice website. I am impressed....Your writing ability, collection of pets and knowledge about them is quite impressive. I am enjoying reading your website and will put it on my favorites list under pet info....Glad to know that there are other crazy overeducated people out there who have too many pets!...Keep up the good work...." - Geoffrey, 9/19/04.

"I have enjoyed your site for some time now...." - Jon, 10/4/04.

"...We like your web site and appreciate the hard and dedicated work it represents." - Valerie, 10/5/04 (or thereabouts).

"...I liked your website...." - Kevin, 10/13/04.

"Great web page! Thanks a bunch....I'm putting your site in my favorites and plan to frequent your site and links often...." - Mary, 10/15/04.

"...Your web site (is) full of info!..." - Pansy, 10/17/04.

"I would just like to take some time to say 'thank you.' I am a new owner of a precious ADF & am I happy! Some of my worries that I carried w/ me daily are now a thing of the past! Your web site is very educational & worthy to have in this big web!! I have loved frogs forever!..." - Nicki, 10/23/04.

"...Love your website and what an outstanding resume!...I absolutely loved the pond picture in your back yard....Can't believe with your resume you're not head of some department by now!" - Robin, 10/25/04.

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for your site. I have just finished my herpetology class as well as my ichthyology class and can not tell you how helpful your sites have been...I just wanted you to know how much all your information helped...." - Vicci, 11/7/04.

"...By the way...I really enjoyed your site. You have many cute animals....I love my animals and try to give them a good home and just wanted to compliment you on how happy yours all seemed to be in your care. Thanks for all the hard work!!" - Megan, 11/11/04.

"...Oh, by the way, your website is fantastic!!!" - Earl, 11/12/04.

"...I thoroughly enjoyed your journal. You are a lot of fun to read, despite the subject matter sometimes being a bit sad...." - Jan, 11/18/04 (regarding my dog page).

"...Neat site! Well, I'm now a snail lover. They're sooooo cute. I used to aggravate my friend about her 'snots in a shell' only now to be a convert...." - Tanya, 11/24/04.

"...I found your informative and nice website on the internet search for hedgehogs...." - Suzanne, 12/4/04.

"...Keep up the good work with your site. It is quite informative and I've enjoyed it...." - Mark, 12/16/04.

"...I've been visiting your site now of a while, and I think it's an awesome thing how you help people with pesky pet problems! (You're more important to 'pet people' than you know!)...." - Jay, 1/25/05.

"I came upon your site while researching ear infections in dogs....I love your story/records of Schmoozer....I hope he's alive and doing well, it really touched my heart hearing about him....I really enjoyed your 'dogpage,' you really captured the personalities of your pets and your love for them." - Heidi, 1/29/05. [Ironically, when she sent this, Schmoozer was dying. He died 5 am 1/31/05.]

"...I enjoy your site a lot...." - Jennifer, 3/4/05.

"...From your website, you seem to know what you are talking about!" - Bethany, ~3/17/05 (the date stamp says 8/22/04 but I just got it! Also, I do not know that I have the fainted clue about what it is that I am talking!)

"...Congratulations on a terrific site. I was very excited to see information about fairy shrimp...Thanks and keep up the great work." - Andrew, 3/22/05.

"...I found your website extremely informative...." - Joe, 4/14/05 (regarding my cricket page).

"...I want to thank you for your information....I like your web site very much...." - Barbie, 4/20/05 (regarding my turkey page).

"I have visited your website and I want to compliment you on how well your site is put together; I personally really like the pink background! I'm really impressed with all your neat animal links...." - Kim, 5/9/05.

"...Just read your page on mealworms. No questions from me, but wanted to say that it was the best I have read on the web to date. Lots of tips, which would seem logical which other sites are not stating...." - Chris, 6/4/05.

"...I love your web site. It is so interesting and informative....Thanks for all your hard work...." - Debbie, 6/10/05 (regarding my turkey page).

"...Thank you for posting your information on wild turkeys....Just wanted to say thank you for your web site...." - Gigi, 6/13/05.

"...All I can say is 'Wow!' You have a great site that I'll definitely be coming back to for help with other identifications...." - Harold, 7/1/05.

"...First off I love your attitude towards the questions asked of you! I still cannot understand why people get upset, irate, and down right rude to someone only interested in helping!...I also had the wonderful luck to come across your web site!!! I will definitely put you in my favorites, and keep you posted!! Thanx for the info!!!..." - Julie, 7/6/05 (regarding my wild turkey page).

"...I stumbled across your website while doing some basic search on fish ponds. I didn't expect to see information on chickens, turkeys, rabbits, and MEALWORMS even! This site is awesome and I never imagined there was some one out there that was just like my husband and I!...I found so much information on your site. Thanks for the great job and keep it up!...So as you can see we have a lot in common with our animals and I could see on your site that you care and love yours as much as we do ours. Once again keep up the good work on the site!" - Lisa, 7/13/05.

"...I really love your site and I like the bright colors and for the person who asked why your site is visually boring? I'd rather have information than a bunch of unnecessary graphics...." - Sandy, 7/27/05.

"...I just found your site and enjoy it...." - Pam, 8/18/05.

"...Keep up the good work on your web site, it's one of my favorite places to visit!" - Carol, 9/23/05.

"...Wanted to tell you how helpful your website has been for me over the years. It's a wonderful place to visit and learn...." - Margene, 3/10/06.

"I hope this isn't SPAM, but I would like to say how much your website touched my heart so much. I recently found it like 10 minutes ago, and reading your sad blog about your two recent guinea pigs, Fritz and Kylie, reminded me of my guinea pig....His name is Gizmo, and well, he recently died on Friday (March 10th) of a tumor. Sad...I know. I am coping with it. But for now, I am searching around for a great site where I can read more about guinea pigs and end my grief of my lost guinea pig, Gizmo. Thanks a whole lot! I will now bookmark your website. Thanks gain!..." - Unknown, 3/13/06.

"...This is just a thank you for your wild turkey page. Very helpful and very informative. Just what I needed. We found a wild turkey 'baby' this weekend and are trying to keep it alive. Your web page gave us all the basics we need until we can find a rehabilitator to give it a home. And yes, it is the ONLY page I found with enough immediate, practical information to help us keep it alive...." - Unknown, 7/2/06.

"...You must be an amazing person! I have been on your site many times for pond info. And then recently when I got into chickens and did a search, I found that you have a page for chickens too! Your information has been so invaluable to me since I put my pond in last summer and since I acquired chickens this past spring...." - Jill, 8/13/06.

"Robyn, you are just too bad! I've been on your web-site since this morning, looking at everybody's ponds and pics of all the animals my gosh I can't believe it. I've done absolutely no work today at all. I think I could stay on that site for at least a week, probably more. I'm so glad that I see more people like me, cause sometimes people think I'm crazy when I tell them about my raccoons and (I'm so excited - I saw your opossum I have a very old one, I'd say he weighs about 30 lbs and a small baby. I call them "my handsomes") my other animals, my frogs and my squirrels and that I feed them and watch for them. That you can have a real relationship with all of them! People just sort of roll their eyes when I talk to them about my animals. Anyway, I'm glad that I was able to see (through your sites) that I'm not such an oddball with my animals and things...." - Debi, 3/19/07.

"First, I'd like to say that your website is truly amazing. As it has been said in your guestbook, you've created a very useful, informative, yet interesting and entertaining resource for fellow animal and environmental enthusiasts. Importantly, your website stands out as a truly honest resource against thousands of DIY aquarium and pet care websites who don't back up what they say at all nor do I trust that they fully care that they are being honest...." - David, 11/13/08.

"I can only imagine how much information from your site has been used without permission by others. You have created such a wonderful resource that I can certainly see why unscrupulous folks would plagiarize your materials. As I was looking at your site, I was amazed at how large it is and how much information it contained. After looking through your pond information, I was shocked to see how much information you had about your pets - I had assumed that those pages would be more of a gallery than informational - along the lines of surely she wouldn't have this level of information about them too - should have known they would be more than just pictures...." - Michele, 1/19/09.

"I just stumbled on your huge group of nature related web pages. Do you maintain all that by yourself? You provide such a large amount of information and wonderful web links. Anyway keep up the great work, you are a real treasure." - Jerry, 3/8/09.

"...Either way, I'm sure we'll be spending some time on your site - it's great! I hope you realize what an incredible impact you can have on a family (people & animals)!..." - Debbie, 9/28/09.

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