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Pond Care Page Two

Last Updated: 11/22/06

This page covers various issues and questions that I have received recently.

Magically Appearing Fish
Floating Liners
Dirt Ending up in Ponds - runoff and spilt plant pots

Other mystifying aspects of ponding are covered on other pages on my site. For example, on my health question page, I have answers to "Where did my fish go?," "Why did my fish die?," and "Why is my fish bent?" among other things. On my water chemistry page is a section on dealing with pond poisonings including oils.

Magically Appearing Fish

I have often got the question, "I found a [fill in the blank] fish in my pond but I didn't add that kind of fish. How did it get there?" Here are some possibilities.

Floating Liners

Sometimes liners may shift, float up, collapse, or otherwise cause headaches. If the liner is new, and the pond is not yet full of water, simply adding water may force the liner into position. The weight of water holds most liners down. If a full pond has a liner that floats up, there are a number of things to consider.

First, is there water or air under the liner. If it's air, then you may need to lower the pond level and slowly push the air along so you can work it out from under the liner. Most air is squeezed out when a pond is filled with water. If the liner is floating up because of water, you have to consider the causes. Here are some possibilities.

Dirt Ending up in Ponds

Most of us will have some dirt and associated debris and chemicals entering out ponds after a heavy rain. A little bit of dirt flushed into a pond usually does little harm. A lot can make the pond very cloudy or bring with it a toxic brew of pesticides, herbicides, oils, etc. from neighbor's yards, farms, and so on.

Dirt normally enters a pond when it rains. Here are some ways to prevent and treat that.



Dirt Entering a Pond from Other Sources:

Dirt may also end up in the pond when dirt/soil is used to plant up aquatic plants. Such pots can easily be tipped over by various animals in the pond. Raccoons love to knock over pots in my pond. Pots should be topped with pea gravel to prevent dirt entering the pond by fish rooting in the pots. If the pots are knocked over, the gravel may end up in the pond anyway. Heavier pots are less likely to fall over. If animals cannot be prevented from knocking over plant pots, consider potting with 100% pea gravel or using commercial aquatic plant soil which is a brown cat-litter like soil that makes less of a mess and will not cloud the water very much when spilt. It does not secure the plant as well though so when the raccoons knock over such pots in my pond, the plants are usually floating around free. Treatment for dirt from pots is the same as from runoff listed above.

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