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Pond Fountains

Last Updated: 3/18/14

Article contributed and written by Will Ellerman, of Fountain Crafters, 3/31/08
Edited by Robyn Rhudy 4/5/08

Many ponds incorporate garden fountains. If your pond incorporates a garden fountain, you probably have replaced the pump at least once. Replacing a pump usually costs $15 to $20 per replacement and is a hassle.

There are some simple things you can do to insure your pump lasts for 10 20 years.

First and most importantly, make sure your fountain doesn't run out of water or get low on water while the pump is running. Water serves to cool the pump. If the water level is not high enough, the pump will overheat.

While placing your fountain on solid and level ground helps insure that spillage or splashing doesn't occur, water will still evaporate. Check your fountain at least once a month or more frequently in extremely warm weather to make sure the water level is high enough. If the water level becomes low, turn the pump off and add more water to the fountain pond before turning it back on.

Another way to insure long pump life is to treat the water for algae growth. Fountain pumps can suck up algae which can cause pump damage. Adding an algae-fighting chemical is cheap ($5-$10) per bottle and can save you from replacing your pump.

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