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Nano Reef and Saltwater Aquarium Books and Links

Last Updated: 7/8/10

Nano Reef Books

Nano Reef Links

Saltwater Aquarium Links

If you have a link I should add here, please contact me.

Nano Reef Books

This is the book that I bought, the "Nano Reef Handbook." I read the entire book, and it was very useful as my first fully read book on saltwater aquariums.

I later got these two books called Reef Invertebrates and Corals from Amazon which are really, really good! I am ready a page or two every night or two until I one day finish them since I have no time to read anymore! The Reef Invertebrates book is not really just about invertebrates. It covers almost every aspect of saltwater aquariums in detail except for corals and fish which are only covered in passing. It has full sections on live sand, live rock, water chemistry, algae, marine plants, refugiums, and invertebrates of all sorts (amphipods, snails, crabs, sponges, worms, starfish, urchins, anemones, and so on).

Nano Reef Links

Nanotank.com - a forum; I joined this one and posted my first question 4/22/08.

Nano Reef Forums

Reef Central

Xtal Reef - this site has a great page on the animals likely to hitchhike in on live rock.

Nano Customs - sell custom nano tank things

Nano Tuners - sell nano tank supplies and custom supplies

Live Rock Hitchhikers

Saltwater Aquarium Links

These are links which may not be reef-specific but are for saltwater.

The Reef Tank - site and forum on reef tanks.

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