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Last Updated: 3/1/10

Jose on 6/7/08.

My Firefish
Firefish Photos

I wish I had time to write about firefish. Instead, I will just tell you about mine.

My Firefish

On the way home from work on 6/6/08, I stopped at Petco and bought a firefish. I asked my niece to name him. She named him Jose. The first night, Jose hid in the live rock, in crevices I did not know were even there! By the end of the next day, Jose was out in the open most of the time. Nemo saw him at least a dozen times and only swam towards him a few times but Jose was too fast. So, they seem to get along. Both only want one thing - to eat. They are both begging for food!

On 6/14/08, I was dismayed to discover that Jose is now missing half of the end of his tail! I do not think Nemo did it or the crabs (although possible). Perhaps he got it sucked in to the filter intake? I hope he recovers! By early August 2008, Jose's fin was completely regrown as if nothing had happened! Jose is doing well.

Jose was doing well in 2009. But, now on 7/25/09, I am pretty sure that I have not seen him in a few weeks. It was not unusual to not see him for days as he hides in the live rock but I usually saw him every few days when I put food in the tank. I fear he may be gone. I do not know if I should get another firefish or not. I worry that maybe Nemo did him in, and the hermit crabs and other animals ate his body. Jose never reappeared so it was clear by August that he must have died and been consumed while hidden in the live rock.

On 10/24/09, I got a new firefish. This one is a purple firefish, Nemateleotris decora, named Pablo. Nemo seems to have a love/hate relationship with him. Sometimes they will "cuddle," and other times Nemo nips at him. Like Jose, Pablo can completely vanish in the live rock. He has so far been eating and appearing at least once a day for me to see him.

Pablo was doing great. I saw him for sure on 2/20/10 when I showed him to a relative. By 2/27/10, I realized that I had not seen him in a few days. He has vanished. With all the hermit crabs, snails, and worms in the tank, Pablo's body must have been quickly eaten. I do not know if he died from health issues or if Nemo attacked him. I will not put another fish in there just in case. Pablo was gorgeous, and I will really miss him.

Firefish Photos

Photos are listed from oldest to newest. There are photos of my reef on my reef photos page. Some of those photos may also show the firefish. I did not include all of those here on this page.

These two photos are from 6/7/08.

I took a video of the two fish (Nemo the oscellaris clownfish and Jose the firefish) on 6/7/08:
Movie - 1818 KB mpg movie of Nemo and Jose.

Entire reef on 6/13/08 - you can see Nemo the clownfish and Jose the firefish

Here is a photo of Jose on 6/14/08 showing half of his tail fin missing:

This photo of my new corals on 6/16/08 also showed Jose:
Jose - upper right of the photo

Jose was accidently in these photos of three hermit crabs on 3/2/09:
Jose's rear
Jose's rear
Jose's rear

I took these photos on 10/24/09 of my new purple firefish, Pablo.
Pablo in drip acclimation.
Pablo in the tank.

Here are some more photos of Pablo from 10/26/09:
Pablo - close up from the previous photo
Pablo and Nemo

Pablo on 1/26/10.

Here are links to photos and information about the regular firefish and also the purple firefish.

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