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Greenbanded Goby

Last Updated: 1/1/10

Enrique on 11/15/09. Isn't he so cute!

My Greenbanded Goby
Greenbanded Goby Photos

I wish I had time to write about greenbanded gobies. Instead, I will just tell you about mine.

My Greenbanded Goby

On 10/24/09, I got a Live Aquaria order which included a greenbanded goby, Elacatinus multifasciatus. I named him Enrique. I had wanted a neon goby but they were out. Enrique is the tiniest adult fish I have ever seen! He was about half an inch long when I got him. He likes to walk on the vertical glass walls of the tank which are coated in pink coralline algae. He mostly hides in the back left corner of the tank. I hope he is eating something. There are plenty of microorganisms (worms of at least a dozen species, amphipods, isopods, etc.) in the tank.

On 12/16/09, I went in to the hospital, came home on 12/22/09 and could not function to do anything until 12/26/09 when I was finally able to change the water in the saltwater tanks. Since returning from my major surgery, I have not seen Enrique. So, as of 1/1/10, I am reporting him as deceased. I loved that little guy! He probably starved because, for two weeks, my father was feeding the tank instead of me, and he only put in pellets, none of the frozen foods on which Enrique depended.

Greenbanded Goby Photos

Enrique in drip acclimation. The photo is not good because he is so tiny!

Enrique at the front of the tank on 11/15/09. He usually hides in the back but came out this one time for a photo op!

This link will take you to the greenbanded goby page at Live Aquaria:

SW - Greenbanded Goby

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