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Last Updated: 10/21/13

Our bee hive on 4/29/07.

From the mid-80's to the mid-90's, we had a beekeeper keep honeybee hives on our land. I was glad when they were gone only because I could walk in the area where they used to be. My mother wanted them again and finally, on 4/28/07, she got a new beekeeper to put in hives. The guy gave me a bee suit so I could stand next to him when he released them. They were pretty docile for bees. I was maybe six feet away from them, and none even landed on me. By the next day, workers were taking water from my waterfall.

I will add more information here later about honeybees. Sorry, I never did (no time).

Here are some photos that I took on 6/23/07 of the honeybees at the bird bath:
Seven honeybees (I think) drinking at the bird bath.
Close-up of a honeybee in flight - from the previous photo.
Six honeybees (I think) drinking at the bird bath. This is also a close-up of the first photo.
Close-up of a honeybee at the side of the bird bath drinking.

I took this photo of the bee hives on the lawn of the White House in Washington, D.C., on 6/12/09:
The White House Bee Hives

My mother took this photo on 9/9/09 of a peacock that showed up on our land but the photo also showed our one beehive that we had at the time. The photo is dark because it was rainy.
Bee Hive and Peacock

Bee Hive in the snow on 1/31/10. Six days later, we got three feet of snow, and the hive vanished after more snow three days later.

Honey bee on flowering almond on 3/17/12.


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